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Innovating Forward in the Unknown | CEO Global Conference & Pitch Competition

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Harrison Hertzberg

Pitch Competition Finalist - AeroPest LLC

Brendan Wang

Pitch Competition Finalist - CAPNOS

Denali Dahl

Pitch Competition Finalist - Kalia Health

Madi Rifkin

Pitch Competition Finalist - Mount

Keyu Cao

Pitch Competition Finalist - SaniScanner, LLC.

Aneesh Sridhar

Pitch Competition Finalist - Speculor

Steven Howell

Pitch Competition Finalist -

Jace Smith

Pitch Competition Finalist - AltFair Solutions, LLC.

Mahdi Eghbali

Pitch Competition Finalist - VerdiLife

Ramzi Taim

Pitch Competition Finalist - Avodos

Dannaka White

Pitch Competition Finalist - DinK

Thomas Wrappe

Pitch Competition Finalist - Macillion

Adit Gupta

Pitch Competition Finalist - Lula, Inc.

Noah Fulk

Pitch Competition Finalist - E Wagers

Stephen Kalinsky

Pitch Competition Finalist - Augment Health

Katie Sowa

Future Founders

Kelly Ellenburg

Marketplace Simulations

Andrew Goei

Pitch Competition Judge

James Zebrowski

CEO HQ - Executive Director

Judi Eyles

Pitch Competition - Moderator

Eric Liguori

Pitch Competition - Moderator

Kieran Burns

Venture Valley - Player

Katie Linn

Venture Valley - Player

Jackson Night

Venture Valley - Player


Venture Valley Host

Nick Night

Venture Valley - Shout Caster

Efrain Alfaro

Venture Valley - Player

Ryan Snaadt

Video Marketer

Connie Pheiff

Committed advocate for transforming the human spirit through the power of creativity

Dr. Nancy J. Church

Pitch Competition Judge

Inaki Pedroarena

Pitch Competition Judge

David Ponraj

Pitch Competition Judge

Kyle Eddins

Pitch Competition Judge

Chuck Papageorgiou

Ideasphere Partners

Scott Issen

Future Founders

Giles Hertz

CEO Board of Directors

Bryce Reich

Pitch Competition Judge

Matt Wilson

Pitch Competition Judge

Sarah Glatt

Pitch Competition Judge

Jonathan Messinger

Pitch Competition Judge

Patricia Garcia

Pitch Competition Finalist - College Thrifts

Salvador Duenas

Future Founders

Leah Figueroa

Chapter Executive, CEO Iona College

Clinton E. Day, MBA

Entrepreneurship Adjunct Professor

Frank Kugel

Chapter President, CEO UW-Milwaukee

Andrea Solis

Chapter Executive, CEO UTEP

Riana Khan

Chapter President, CEO Iona College

Jonaie Johnson

Pitch Competition Finalist - Interplay

Lauren Franco

Pitch Competition Finalist - Lo West Golf Apparel

Alyssa Laughlin

Pitch Competition Finalist - Pulsez

Ben Grote

Pitch Competition Finalist - Vamose

Steve Kaplan

Serial Entrepreneur - President WAL Branding & Marketing - Author

Murtaza Bambot

Founder @ Heartbeat, prev Partner & Head of Community @ Georgia Tech's Create-X Accelerator

Alicia Waldner

CEO and Founder of ADventure Marketing

Cory Levy

Entrepreneur & Early-Stage Investor

Chris Wszalek

Executive Director, Graduate Admissions and Student Recruitment | Syracuse

Catherine Ross

Partner and art director at Ross Creative Works

Steve Rogers

Owner, Steve Rogers Outdoors LLC

Jeanette Smith

All Art Licensing, - Courses, Coaching, Consulting & Agenting

Virginia Edwards

Corporate Etiquette and Professional Development Consultant

Ernie Cadotte

Author & Founder, Marketplace Simulations

Mike Veny

Keynote Speaker and Author

Greta Pope

Founder of

Gary Lewis

Support Specialist, Marketplace Simulations

Zeb Styles

Support Specialist, Marketplace Simulations

Parker Van Hart

Director, Masters in Entrepreneurship Programs, University of Florida

Shannon Varcoe

Founder of Troublemaker LLC

Chloe Shauck

Sr. Program Manager, Team Resource Development @ Enactus

Becky Hoy

Program Manager @ Enactus

Ray Ruiz | Enactus

Director, Talent & Recruiting @ Enactus

Julienne Shields

Chief Executive Officer - USASBE

Amy Rogers

SEA Director

B.Jeffrey Madoff

Author "Creative Careers"

Jedidiah Weller

CEO, OpenForge

Dave Phillipson

Connector for Entrepreneurs & Investors.

Samar Shah

Patent Attorney

Tina Hrabak

Director of Startups, Future Founders

Colin Jones

Entrepreneurship educator dedicated to helping others create opportunities for satisfaction

Kelly Bertog

Senior Director Marketing & Strategy, Future Founders

Gerry OBrion

Closing Sales in a Crowded Market

Thomas Pittz

Professor, The University of Tampa MS Program

Thane Ringler

Speaker, Writer, Development Coach, Podcast Host

Linda Kehn

Pitch Competition Judge

Phil Tafone

Founder, Dive Bar Nutrition

Leanna Lee

Content Writer, Podcaster, and Mental Health Advocate

John McDavitt

Artist, Designer and Show Host

Jeffrey Ross

Commercial Photographer

Jeff Goldblatt

Pitch Competition Judge

LaVonna Roth

Founder of Ignite Your S.H.I.N.E.® & CEO of Brain-Powered

Chris Joyce

Founder & CEO at Gusher

Sabah Ali

Founder, Brands that Sell

David Zamarin

Founder & CEO of DetraPel

Jeff Goldblatt


Garrett Takach

Business Obstacle Fitness Gym Owner/Competitor on American Ninja Warrior, Ninja Park

George Black

Strategist CFO ✦ Author

Neil Kane

Executive | Entrepreneur | Educator | Startup CEO | Author "The Innovator's Secret Formula"

Bob Roitblat

Founder, Mainsail Consulting Group

Brandon T. Adams

Co-Founder at Accelerant Media Group

Brad Chisum

CEO of Launch Factory

Zev Siegl

Co-Founder Starbucks Coffee Company

Mike Evans

Founder &

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Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization supports students at 250 universities. We focus on the development of any student that seeks to be a founder.

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The University of Tampa

Richly diverse and dynamic learning community

Marketplace Simulations

Bringing entrepreneurship to life

Launch Factory

We're building four startups in 2021! Want to lead one?

UNC Chapel Hill

A Graduate Program with an “Industry-Ready” Outcome

Rice Alliance – host of the Rice Business Plan Competition

Largest and richest graduate student startup competition

Syracuse University, Whitman School of Management

M.S. in Entrepreneurship & Emerging Enterprises

University of Florida, Warrington College of Business

M.S. in Entrepreneurship

Future Founders

Free programming to help launch and scale your business.


Platform-partner for the C-E-O Virtual Pitch Competition

Tampa Bay Economic Development Council 

Our team can connect you with the tools and resources you need.

Million Stories

Entrepreneur stories that will inspire.

Venture Valley Game

Venture Valley: Game that Pays Off in the Real World!

Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers

250+ university-based entrepreneurship programs

Startup Space

The Solution to Develop Your Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Sigma Nu Tau Entrepreneurship Honor Society

Start an Entrepreneurship Honor Society on YOUR campus!

Crowdsourcing Week

Powering Breakthroughs Together

Self-Employment in the Arts (SEA)

Turning Creative Dreams into Careers

Synapse Florida

Innovation Lives Here


A head for business. A heart for the World.

Entrepreneurs Organization

Global Student Entrepreneurs Awards

Association for Entrepreneurship, USA

Success by Association


Legal Documents for your business with LawCloud

Eastern Michigan University Center for Entrepreneurship

SESI 2021 Midwest Entrepreneurship Conference

Bryant University Northeast Entrepreneurship Conference (BUNEEC)

Learn | Network | Boost Your Mindset

Ashland University MBA Program

Online MBA Program Options

Entrepreneurship Education Consortium

Promoting entrepreneurship among college students