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Central European Cannabis Forum - Online

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Joel Sherlock

Chairman/Co-Founder, Vitalis Extractions Tech.

Oscar Hausman

Director of Medical Cannabis Wundr Co.

Scott Olden

Consultant at Candour Ventures

Peter Vogel

CEO, Leafwire

Robert Jappie

Partner at Ince

Agnieszka Starzynska

Advocate annd Senior Associate in the Commercial and Regulatory Group in CMS

Agnieszka Sieniawska

Lawyer, Drug Policy Expert

Albert Jeznach

Hemp medicine doctor

Alexej Pikovsky

CEO and Co-Founder of Alphagreen

Alfredo Pascual

International Analyst @ MJBizDaily

Andrew Rosen

Head of Global Business Development at Cannatrek

Andrew Yates

Pharmacy Lead at Centre for Medicinal Cannabis UK

Anna Słocka

Founder, CEO Medicana Cannabis clinic and CannaCode CBD products

Anuj Desai

Commercial & Legal Affairs Consultant - Host of The Cannabis Conversation Podcast


CEO of VS listed companies in Poland

Barbara Zieniewicz

Foundering Director to Cannabis Patient Advocacy and Support Services (CPASS)

Bartłomiej Piasecki

Co-Founder and BoM representative at Swiss Cannabis Poland

Bartłomiej Sasin

Advocate in Tomasik Jaworski Law Firm

Beata Maciejewska

Member of Sejm, Poland

Boris Blatnik

President at KannaSwiss AG

Damian Sobczyk

Member of Audit Committee at Social Drug Policy Initiative

Dani Gordon

Medical Cannabis Specialist Physician

Deepak Anand

CEO and Director at Materia

Dorota Gudaniec

Founder, Max Hemp

Dorota Rogowska-Szadkowska

MD PhD at Medical University of Bialystok

Ewa Dołecka

Co-Owner of the first Warsaw Cannabis Clinic

Farzad Moshfeghi

CEO at Winchester MD

George Havaris

Partner at JSLegal

Greg Gorzkowski

VP of Global Business Development, Materia Ventures

Grzegorz Kazek


Hana Gabrielová

Consultant, farmer and advocate for cannabis

Hannah Skingle

COO, Dragonfly Biosciencesat

Ilya Reznik

Neuropsychiatrist at MaReNa Diagnostic and Consulting Center

Jacek Gawlowicz


Jacek Kramarz

Board member of EHIA, Director of HemPoland

Jarosław Stadnik

Founder of BioHemp

Jaroslaw J. Fedorowski

President of the Polish Federation of Hospitals

Jaroslaw Sachajko

Polish Politician, Entrepreneur

Jaspreet Grewal

Co-Founder & CEO, Knowde Group Inc.

jedrzej sadowski

Board Member of Wolne Konopie Association

Joanna Jakóbczyk

Pharmacist, Medicover Pharmacy Manager

Benedikt Sons

CEO and Co-Founder Cansativa

Jonathan Nadler

Group Managing Director at LYPHE GROUP

Kostas Ioannou

Vitalis Extraction Technology

Krzysztof Góra

Head of Medical Sector Relations at IMP&C, Pharm.D.

Lewis Olden

Co-Founder of Cannacares

Linus Weber

Founder and CEO at Nimbus Health

Maciej Konarowski

Lawyer specializing in pharmaceutical industry

Maciej Lorenc


Magdalena Wawrzyniak

Legal Advisor, Expert in Pharmaceutical Law

Marek Bachański

Pediatric neurologist, specialist

Matthew Nordgren

Founder & Managing Partner at ARCADIAN

Michał Różański

President of the Phytotherapy Development Foundation, medical cannabis regulatory expert

Michael Dor

Senior Medical advisor to Israeli Ministry of Health

Nickel Dittrich

Managing Director German Institute for Medical Cannabis

Norbert Jamróz


Paddy Beiner

Partner at Bearstone

Paul Steckler

Managing Director- Canopy Growth Europe

Pavel Kubu


Pavel Pachta

Director for International Regulatory Affairs at ICCI

Paweł Dryżałowski

Medical Doctor at Medicana Clinic

Peter Homberg

Head of European Practice Group at Dentons Europe LLP

Piotr Merks

Advisor of the Management Board for Innovation and Research, MPharm

Przemyslaw Kapala

Reginal Director, LUX MED

Rafał Lachowski

Board Member at Plantalux

Raquel Peyraube

Endocannabinology & Cannabinoid Medicines

Rick Brar

CEO & Chairman at Brains Bioceutical Corp.

Ron Drori

CEO at IMP&C, Bazelett

Sebastian Blöte

Managing Director - Germany at Materia Ventures

Simon Tankel

President of Wundr

Stelios Alewras

Lawyer specializing in cannabis

Tomasz Dzitko

Founder of Delfarma

stephen verbeek

CEO of Hello Cannabis Corp

Steve Moore

Strategic Counsel & Director at Centre for Medicinal Cannabis UK

Tanya Hoke

Managing Director at Galen Diligence

Zlatko Keskovski PhD

CEO, PharmaCannn International

Tjalling Erkelens

Founder and CEO, Bedrocan

Tomasz Krześniak

Chief Legal Officer at PharmaCannn

Tomasz Witkowski

Country Manager, Member of the board at Canopy Growth Poland

Urszula Sara Zielinska

Economist and Politician, Member of Sejm - 9th Term

William Muecke

General Partner at Artemis Growth Partners

Stephen Murphy

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Prohibition Partners

Mariusz Żak

Founder of La Planta

Jacek Ciezkowicz

Medical Doctor, surgeon

Samia Al-Hameri

Pharmacist, Founder - Santa Herba

Sabrina Ramkellawan

Co-Founder & COO of Knowde Group Inc.

Marcin Marczak

CEO, Green Cube Solutions

Thimo Schmitt-Lord MBE

Director of Corporate Affairs, Aurora

Paweł Sawicki

Partner, NGL Legal

Christian Borys

Managing Director at Black Hawk

Mary Biles

Journalist, Educator and Author of "The CBD Book - The Essential Guide to CBD Oil".

Piotr Liroy-Marzec

Polish Politician, Entrepreneur

Andrew de Roy

Founder of CECF, Co-Founder Santa Herba

Janaki Mitrovski

Head of Macedonian Cannabis Association

Mark Pavey

Entrepreneur and Patient

Mike Wise

Owner, OG Labs - Patients over profits

Radzisław Elias

Managing Director at Aurora Poland

Andrzej Dołecki

President of Wolne Konopie

Mat Youkee

Latin America Analyst & Journalist

Andres Lopez

Drug Policy expert

Tom Ulanowski

President, Nextleaf Labs

Darko Kostovski

Macedonian Psychiatrist with decades of experience in the field of treating addictions

Ognen Janeski


Ewa Jakowiak


Aleksandra Olszewska

Business Development Manager at German Institute for Medical Cannabis

Witold Czeszak

Director of Program Konopny

Patryk Czech

CEO of Afori

Paul Pedersen

Co-founder and CEO of Nextleaf Solutions

Katarzyna Szulc


Peter Pottier

UK Managing Director of Materia

Maciej Bogucki

Partner at Cogno Medical

Erik Jurado

Chief Marketing Officer at ICCI

Tomasz Nawrocki

COO at Synoptis Industrial

Aspazija Sofijanova

Macedonian pediatrician at the University Children’s Hospital

Katarzyna Średnicka

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development

Tomas Sadilek

Director of Governmental Affairs at ICCI

Janaki Mitrovski

Head of Macedonian Cannabis Association

Natalia Janusz

Economist, Business advisor, entrepreneur, activist

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The CEE's premier medical cannabis event - gathering doctors and patients, as well as investors, entrepreneurs, business leaders and government.

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