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Zoran Slamkov

Project Manager, Platform at Voiceflow

Tara Panu

VP of Marketing at Voiceflow

Linea Svendsen

Manager at KPMG NewTech

Jasper Klimbie

Creative Director at Conversation Design Institute

Jan Jurjević

Senior CX Consultant at Infobip

Raj Raheja

Lead Member Of Technical Staff at AT&T

Wayne Nelson

Digital Optimisation Manager at NatWest

Martin Solgaard Andersen

Sr Conversation Designer at CDI Services

Jurgen Gravestein

Sr Conversation Designer at CDI Services

Jason Luna

Conversation Design Staff at Salesforce

Ilaria Di Donfrancesco

Product Owner at Vodafone

Marlinda Galapon

Conversation Design Senior at Salesforce

Pragati Shrivastava

Conversation Designer at Infobip

Tripti Nagpal

Conversation Design Manager at Jio Haptik

Michelle Parayil

Conversation Design Manager at Jio Haptik

Megan Hopkins

Principal Conversation Designer at Highmark Health

Gary Pretty

Principal Product Manager at Microsoft

Esther Horowtiz

Senior Content Designer at Microsoft

Rui Teimao

Conversation Design Lead at Accenture Song

Beverley Bartlett

Senior Product Owner at Vodafone

Willem Don

Conversational AI Trainer, Consultant at Conversation Design Institute Services

Kim Körber

Intelligent Process Automation Evangelist at IN BOT WE TRUST

Greg Bennett

Director of Conversation Design at Salesforce

Line Juul Nørgaard

Senior Consultant at KPMG Denmark

Helena Rodemann

Conversation Design Lead at Flo Health

Skander Garroum

Co-Founder at Airy

Maaike Coppens

VP of Design at OpenDialog AI

Fran Fish

Market Strategy Lead at Captia Consult & Transform

Ronald Ashri

Chief Product and Technology Officer at OpenDialog AI

Cobus Greyling

Conversational AI & Chatbot Analyst

Braden Ream

CEO at Voiceflow

Jason Fredric Gilbert

Multi-Modal Designer at Intuition Robotics

Benoit Alvarez

CEO at QBox

Rebecca Bright

Global Creative Business Partner, Consulting for Google

Guy Gadney

CEO at Charisma Entertainment

Brian Smith

Senior Product Manager, Conversational AI - Digital Assistants at Intuit

Martin Hill-Wilson

CEO at Brainfood Consulting

Austin Lacey

Manager, Chatbot Operations at Zendesk

Elissa Tikalsky

Senior Chatbot CX Designer at Zendesk

Paul Leeuwis

CEO at CDI Services BV

William Kearns

Machine Learning Manager at Headspace Health

Falene McKenna

Software Engineer at Intuition Robotics

Hans van Dam

Founder, CEO at Conversation Design Institute

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