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Rachael Nakaye

Operations Manager, CBF & Project Manager @ Coding Black Females

Tanya Powell

co-CTO @ Coding Black Females

Efua Akumanyi

co-CTO @ Coding Black Females

Charlene Hunter

CEO @ Coding Black Females

June Sarpong OBE

TV Presenter, Diversity Expert & Award-Winning Author

Chi Onwurah MP

Shadow Minister Science, Research & Innovation

chi onwurah


Alice Hawash


Leke Abolade

Getting the best out of Pull Requests

Jennifer Cox

Honest Career Development. Progressing in your career without losing your identity.

Dominika Malinowska

Build your first data pipeline

Shaquilla Evelyn Johnson

Accessibility: Building the Mindset

Renny Fadoju

Getting Good with Code (No C.S required!)

Danni Youziel

If You Want To Deploy Quality Code You'll Need A Few GateKeepers

Tracy Kimani

The use of virtual avatars

Samson Onyekchukwu Anene

How AI is revolutionising Healthcare

Amber Shand

Introduction to Agile Methodologies

Ekua Cant

3 Tips to move beyond Cultural Identity for Career Success!

Benjamin Mmari

Building Tech Products 101: Lessons learnt from running an IT consultancy

Cheryl Obiakpani

Head of Partnerships @ Coding Black Females

Tafana Caesar

From Tracking to StoryTelling: The art of effectively evidencing and communicating your tech journey to others

Folora Duang - Arop

How to finesse your way into a new developer job

Charlene Badibanga

A Series of Fortunate Events: My Journey Into Tech

Emma Donery

The art of storytelling with data


Technology, Community and Growth

Hauwa Ottun

You are superstar not an impostor - actionable steps for unshakeable confidence towards your career

Asia Sharif

Tech Newbie to award winning engineer in 12 months

Bukola Johnson

DevOps RoadMap - Understanding the fundamentals

Hillary Juma

Crowdsourcing for better Voice Technology: gender, languages and you

Jemima Abu

Defining a Career Path in Technology

Ursula Paul

A Journey Through Tech

Taye Johnson

A Human Centered Design Approach to Cultivate Inclusive Software Development

Riyanat Shittu

From Basic to Baddie: How we built out a fully automated CI/CD pipeline on AWS with Kubernetes.

Michael Ndon

Securing Secret Keys in Frontend Applications

An exciting new tech fest by Coding Black Females for everyone!

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Empowering the next generation of tech talent


Chat with someone from codebar - a charity running free weekly programming workshops for minority group members in tech.

Genesis Global

Build Faster. Build Better. Transform how you develop software.


The world's first quantum computing engineering company. We are hardware obsessed and commercially driven.


Amazon Web Services- Come Build with us!

Niyo Network

Upskilling Black Women Through Technology

Black Girls in Tech

Black Girls in Tech | For Black Women by Black Women