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Catholic Dirt LIVE - Good Friday 2021

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Tim Rook

Entrepreneur & Speaker

Jeremy Van Winkle

Entrepreneur & Speaker

Will Figueroa

Host - Catholic Dirt

Dr. Michael Fagge

Co-Host Catholic Dirt | Theologian & Published Author

Ana Rodriguez

Wife to Camilo, Mother & Friend

Diana Renee Taylor

#1 South Florida Certified Life and Leadership Coach

Camilo Rodriguez

Former Director of Catholic Men Formation

Veronica Villa

Founder - Center for Peaceful Thinking

Dr. David Gelpi

Co-Host of Catholic Dirt

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Catholic Dirt

The Catholic Dirt Podcast is where we take the weekly Mass and learn a male perspective from the readings. We then take that theme and challenge ourselves from that lesson. Catholic Dirt is about taking men on their journey to become better SOIL for Christ to plant his seed of faith in. The Podcast was inspired by an Emmaus Retreat that Will Figueroa and Enio Araujo were both a part of. Together with Dr. Mike Fagge in Ohio and Dr. David Gelpi in New York, Catholic Dirt is now in 30+ Countries. With 3K+ total listens and growing every week, we look forward to getting dirty in our faith walk together. OUR STORY Enio called Will a week later after an Emmaus retreat. After a 3-hour phone call, Enio said to Will, "if from dust we came and to dust we shall return, then I don't want to go back as just dust. I want to be good soil so that when I go, my family can reap the fruits of my labor for generations." It was this moment when Will thought of "Catholic Dirt."

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