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Caregiving and Work Summit

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Blessing B Adesiyan
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Keynote: The State of Childcare and Work In America
Sarahjane  Sacchetti Blessing B Adesiyan
· Stage
The Pandemic And Its Impact On Your Career, Earning Potential and Long-Term Opportunities
Portia  Mount Celinda Farias  Appleby Christine Michel Carter
· Stage
The Childcare Crisis: How To Remove Barriers For Working Families
Katherine Goldstein Sara Mauskopf Shadiah Sigala
· Networking
Addressing The Setbacks To Gender, Racial and Economic Equalities Due To Covid-19
Ashley Reckdenwald Stephanie LeBlanc Michelle Silverthorn Katica Roy
· Networking
Virtual Networking Break
· Stage
The Caring Company: How Employers Can Support Their Employees Caregiving Responsibilities In and Beyond Crisis
Rob  Master Katelin Holloway Brea Starmer Karsten Vargner Cara  Brennan Allamano
· Stage
Resources and Support for Working, Parenting, and Crisis-Schooling In and Beyond The Pandemic
Mary Beth Ferrante Sarah Peck Katie Bethel Eve Rodsky
· Networking
Virtual Networking Break
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Family Mental Health Crisis: Managing parental depression, kids anxiety during COVID-19
Alison Orley Dr.  Mayfield Erica Djossa
· Stage
Caregiving Innovations: From Pods, to Microshools. Explore innovations and technological advances in caregiving designed to improve solutions for America's family caregivers in crisis and beyond.
Shauna Causey Nikki Adamson Avni  Patel Thompson Patrice Martin Amy Henderson
· Stage
The Sandwich Generation: Navigating Care For Parents and Children During Uncharted Times
Marti Bledsoe  Post Heather Ainsworth
· Stage
Breakthrough Innovation and Policies for a Future That Works for Working Mothers
Merritt Quisumbing  Anderson Dirk Doebler Brooke  Markevicius Liuba Grechen Shirley
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Closing Keynote
Blessing B Adesiyan


Rob Master

VP of Media & Digital Engagement, Unilever

Shauna Causey

CEO Weekdays Micro-Schools

Heather Ainsworth

CEO & Founder, Workable Concept

Marti Bledsoe Post

Founder & CEO, A'Parently

Merritt Quisumbing Anderson

Principal, Meritt Consulting

Blessing B Adesiyan

Founder & CEO, Mother Honestly

Dirk Doebler

Founder & CEO, Parento Leave

Nikki Adamson

Founder Hustle HUnters

Dr. Mayfield

LPC, Board Certified Counselor, and Founder and CEO of Mayfield Counseling Centers

Alison Orley

LMSW, Clinical Social Work/Therapist

Mary Beth Ferrante

Founder & CEO, Work 360

Sarah Peck

Founder & Executive Director, Startup Pregnant

Brea Starmer

Founder & CEO, Lions + Tigers

Karsten Vargner

VP, People at Maven Clinic

Ashley Reckdenwald

Founder, CEO at Working Mom Notes

Celinda Farias Appleby

Director of Talent Acquisition, VISA

Portia Mount

VP of Marketing, Trane Technologies

Cara Brennan Allamano

Senior Vice President of People, Places and Learning at Udemy

Sarahjane Sacchetti

CEO at Cleo

Stephanie LeBlanc

Global Head of Inclusion Programs for Women of Color at Google // Founder of Parenting Backwards

Liuba Grechen Shirley

Founder & CEO, Vote Mama

Brooke Markevicius

Founder & CEO, Allobee

Amy Henderson

Founder & CEO, Tendlab

Patrice Martin

Founder & CEO, The Holding Co.

Avni Patel Thompson

Founder & CEO, Modern Village

Erica Djossa

Founder, Happy As A Mother

Eve Rodsky

Author, Fair Play

Katie Bethel

Executive Director, Paid Leave + US

Katelin Holloway

Partner, Initialized Capital

Christine Michel Carter

Author, Mom AF

Katica Roy

CEO, Pipeline

Michelle Silverthorn

Founder & CEO, Inclusive Nation

Shadiah Sigala

Founder & CEO, Kinside

Sara Mauskopf

Co-Founder & CEO, Winnie

Katherine Goldstein

Host, The DoubleShift Podcast

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