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Canadian Virtual Music Expo for Musicians

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· Stage
Welcoming Comments by Marc Belaiche, President of the Canadian Music Expo
Marc Belaiche (
· Sessions
Round Table - Meet and chat with other musicians!
· Sessions
Round Table - Meet and chat with other musicians!
· Sessions
7:30 - 8:00PM, Elle Renee Music September Showcase 2020
Why I chose the music business, How it has changed my life, What i've learned in the business, & The importance of a support team
· Stage
7:30 - 7:50PM, John Harris, The Harris Institute
Sarah  Hagerman Marc Belaiche ( John Harris
· Sessions
7:30 - 8:00PM, A Conversation With Mikalyn Hay
Join Mikalyn for a chat about her career, her experiences as a young artist, tips for new musicians, and more!
· Sessions
8:00 - 8:30PM | Dave Woods Interview!
Join Dave Woods for an interview session with Aaron Allen
Dave Woods
· Networking
Networking, Meet and Chat!
· Expo
Expo area!
· Stage
8:00-8:30 p.m. - A Conversation with Gordie Johnson, Front Man of Big Sugar
(hosted by Michael Williams, Canadian Television Personality)
Gordie Johnson Michael Williams
· Stage
Concluding Comments by Marc Belaiche, President of the Canadian Music Expo


Gordie Johnson

Big Sugar

Elle Renee

Music September Showcase 2020

Sarah Hagerman

Unison Benevolent Fund

John Harris

The Harris Institute

Michael Williams

Canadian TV Personality

Dave Woods

Interview With Aaron Allens

Marc Belaiche ( [email protected]

President of Music Expo

The event is over

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Roland Canada

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Metalworks Institute of Sound & Music Production

Canada's Premier Entertainment Arts School

Presenters of the Music Expo

Harris Institute

Where minds and music matter and future leaders gather.

Humble & Hungry

This is a place where we can help each other through arts and health, a place for artists and community members to support and spread loving vibrations.

2021 Music Expo

A Promo for Our Annual Event!

Zedd Records

A One Stop Shop for Song Production, Home to Award-winning Songwriter and Producer, Mark Zubek.

"The Spoons" New Video

"New Day New World", Latest Release

Searching for a Job in the Greater Toronto Area?

Alessia Cohle

Country-Pop Artist & Songwriter

Kung Fu Karaoke Voice and Entertainment Productions

Sing Like Water, My Friends

Aaliy Chang

Bedroom Pop Artist

Jadyn Lamb

Join the #LambFam room!

Matt Zaddy

Singer Songwriter | Folk Rock | Rhythm & Blues

Heather Christine

Singer Songwriter | Fusion of Pop, Soul, R&B

Joe Chammas

Stories and Songs


Modern. Classic. Timeless. Cool School is back.

Elsa Hsieh

Let Love Arise


Experience the sounds of east-meets-west fusion music

Keys for COVID

How Your Song Request Could Help Feed a Family.

The Prof

Tropical Eclectic sounds of Latin and Caribbean rhythms

Shane Cloutier

Shane Cloutier releases new video for single ‘Red Wagon’

Hunter Sheridan

Hunter Sheridan Debut Album + Online Release Show

Mike Bern

Come listen to Indigenous Folk Rock

Gage Salnikowski

Brahms Symphony 3 Movemenber 3 Poco Allegretto


Down - By Beser

Cory M. Coons

Melodic Roots-Rock Recording Artist

Flower Music Canada

Flower Music Canada is the perfect choice for adding a touch of class and elegance to your special event.

Naoko Sakata

Award-Winning Pianist Naoko Sakata

Dawn Gibson

Dawn Gibson

Derek Lai

I make music that makes you feel.