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Sarah Beale

The Renegade Mum

Savorian Smith

Momprenuer @Mommy Do Yo Thang

Lainie Liberti

Transformative Mentoring for Teens/Project Worldschool

Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan

Luminous Education

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Ten Toad

We help families transition to a school-free life with a solid foundation of knowledge and the tools to get started with confidence.

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Ten Toad

Helping families transition to a school-free life!

3StoryFilms, LLC

Movies that make a difference

3StoryFilms, LLC

Movies That Make A Difference

Pacific Sands Academy

PSP valuing freedom and play. Mentoring, Accreditation possible.

Dr. Edith, Luminous Education Revolution Summit

Raising the new generation of Luminous Kids!


Help For Moms Who Don't Have All The Answers

Transformative Mentoring for Teens

Mentoring & Courses designed to transform teens lives (and yours).

The Renegade Mum

I support mums to live in freedom by supporting the inner work required to embrace an unschooling life and explore options for long term financial sovereignty.

QuantumCamp Inc

Hands-on, Online STEM Courses for Middle Schoolers

Our Crafty World

Around-the-World Art and Enrichment Classes for Children ages 10-15, available via Zoom or In Person (Bay Area)

The Liberated Child

Creating a New Educational Paradigm with Conscious Homeschooling

Asé Arts

A community arts provider, in service to Black and Brown communities. Utilizing the arts as a catalyst to provoke thought, conversation & change. Creating spaces that fosters self expression, skill building, and access to working artists and their practices through our classes, workshops, and events.


Creating the world we want for our children

Angela Wuerz

Live healthy, go green, loose weight, save money

FIT2B Breast & Body Thermogaphy

Proactive Holistic Whole Body Health Screening, No Radiation No Contact No Pain