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Launch of the C3 Centre for Creative Industries and Creative Communities

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Staffordshire University has a thriving research and innovation environment, with areas of established internationally recognised expertise.

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About: The Portland Inn Project

Anna Francis: Creative Placemaking and co-creation in Stoke-on-Trent

Documentary: Film Makers in Sierra Nevada

Agata Lulkowska: Transcultural practice-based research

About: The Hawthorn Crater Project

Fiona Graham: An investigation using film and audio (Production House)

Performance: Heatwork

Marc Estibeiro, Dave Payling and Team: An Audio Visual Composition themed around our Place

Documentary: The Philip Astley Project

A Heritage Lottery Project led by Staffordshire University

About: Arts, Culture 3.0 and Diversity

Carola Boehm: A 15 min presentation exploring Culture 3.0.

About: Platform - the Moving Image Cluster

Peter Rudge: A cluster for Film, TV, Animation and Games for Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire

In Discussion: Keep Talking - A Participatory Action Research Project

Nic Gratton interviewed by Janet Salmons: Keep Talking/Get Talking

Composition: Neon Vibration

Dave Payling: An Audio-Visual Composition

Composition: Synthetic Electro Replicant

Dave Payling: An Audio-Visual Composition

Documentary: The Voice of Sierra Nevada (30min)

A film by A. Lulkowska about indigenous filmmaking collectives.

About: Film on Demand

A Lulkowska & P. Sluda: A 30 min presentation from May 2020 exploring film on demand.

About: Emotional Design

Dan Lewis: How to make people fall in love with your products

Short Video Excerpt from Contemporary Witness

Michael Branthwaite: In 2020, Michael explored the place of Falstad and the layers of history.

Film: National Treasure (2014)

Neil Brownsword: Responses to global change in the UK Ceramics Industry

Short Film: Beyond Preservation (2021)

Neil Brownsword: Re-evaluating Intangible Cultural Heritage in the UK Ceramic Industry

Short Film: Marl Hole (2009)

Neil Brownsword: A site specific project curated for BCB 2009.

Film: Taskscape (2020)

Neil Brownsword: A project illuminating moments of material transformation associated with UK China Clay production