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Built with Biology - The Bioeconomy Summit

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John Cumbers, Founder of Built With Biology & SynBioBeta. How can we build a more prosperous, sustainable and equitable bioeconomy for all?
John Cumbers
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Michael Chiu (Partner, McKinsey) - 60% of the physical inputs to the global economy could be produced using biology, and 45% of the world’s disease could be addressed with bio innovations. Come learn about "The Bio Revolution" - a new report from McKinsey showing that the bioeconomy could grow to $4 trillion by 2040.
Michael Chui
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Vinod Khosla (Founder, Khosla Ventures) & Ro Khanna (Representative, D-CA 17th District) - “Science, The Endless Frontier”, the 1945 report by President Vannevar Bush, Director of the US Office of Scientific Research and Development laid the foundation of continuous investment for the modern world. Will the endless frontier continue and what role will biomanufacturing play?
Vinod Khosla Ro Khanna
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California as an Incubator of the Bioeconomy of the Future - Join Professor David Roland-Holst (UC Berkeley) for a discussion about California’s potential as a hub for the nation’s bioeconomy and why investment in this area is critical for global competitiveness.
David Roland-Holst
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What Role Can Emerging Economies Play in Our Biological Future? - Christine Gould (CEO, Thought for Food) will discuss the role that emerging economies play in our biological future, as well as the power and potential of democratizing biotechnology expertise in developing nations.
Christine Gould
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Life-Changing Science Education to Build a Better World - Natalie Kuldell (Founder & Executive Director, BioBuilder) will discuss what it will take to encourage and enable our existing school systems to provide all students with increased access to relevant programs. The USA’s 25,000 public (and 11,000 private) high schools have the reach and infrastructure to be the chassis for synthetic biology educational programming.
Natalie Kuldell
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2. What Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing Is Needed for Biomanufacturing? - Join Andra Keay (Managing Director, Silicon Valley Robotics) to discuss how to take advantage of the accelerating pace of AI and robotics innovation by bringing together innovators in biomanufacturing with innovators in robotics.
Andra Keay
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Pandemic Preparedness: Scaling up Production of Cheap and High-quality Biopharmaceuticals - Join Casey Lippmeier (Vice President of Innovation, Conagen) to discuss designing novel production processes to achieve the development of biopharmaceuticals which are cost-effective for the manufacturers and affordable for the patients, a necessity during the current economic struggle caused by the pandemic.
Casey Lippmeier
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Mapping Jobs of the Future - Join Mark Bunger (Director, Innovation Lab) to discuss how we can plan the future of large-scale workforce transition while keeping pace with the accelerating synthetic biology and technology sector.
Mark Bünger
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Synthetic Biology Innovation Pipeline - Julie Harness (Director, Innovation Services, California Life Sciences Association) and Jenny Rooke (Founder & Managing Director, Genoa Ventures)will explore some key ways in which SynBio companies’ needs and challenges differ from the status quo such that they require a new approach to best thrive. What is it that they’re not getting from our current ecosystem and how can we come together to provide the right support?
Julie Harness Travis Whitfill Jun Axup Jeanette Mucha Jenny Rooke
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Biomolecules for Superior Performance: The Next Frontier of the Bioeconomy - Zymergen founder and CSO Zach Serber will share insights and perspective from his journey in the bio-economy, a concept that was effectively born and raised by the biopharma and agriculture industries, and an area in which we continue to see tremendous opportunity for innovation and growth. Building on the legacy and lessons of these early bio-economy pioneers, new opportunities in domains like advanced materials are emerging, and a handful of young companies are making advances and building strong business with biology.
Zach Serber
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What is the Future of Biomanufacturing Vocational Training? - Join Lori Lindburg (President & CEO of the California Life Sciences Institute) and James DeKloe (Professor, Solano College). They will discuss the future of biomanufacturing and the impact that education and training can have on building a Bioeconomy for all.
Jim Dekloe Lori Lindburg
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California BioPreferred: A Stimulus to Kickstart a Global Biomanufacturing Revolution - Mary Maxon (Associate Laboratory Director, LBNL), Kate Lewis (Senior Analyst, USDA), and Eric Steen (Founder & CEO, Lygos) will discuss how a California BioPreferred policy can stimulate the global biomanufacturing industry.
Eric Steen mary maxon Kate Lewis
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Establishing a BioBelt Initiative - Kate Wildauer (Executive Director, FocusBio) will discuss how local economies should be assessed for bio-belt initiatives, the process of establishing an action plan for development, key components needed, and how to engage various stakeholders at all levels.
Omar Julian Perez Omar Julian Perez Jon Weaver Sam Nejame Kate Wildauer
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The Power of Bio-Based Supply Chains - Join Jim Lane (Founder, Biofuels Digest) and Joel Stone(President, ConVergInce Advisers) to discuss how bio-based supply chains can be utilized to transform petrochemical refineries into biochemical ones.
Jim Lane Joel Stone
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The Carbon Tax Advocacy: Boost the Bio-Economy and Slash Emissions - Harold Hedelman (Founder, Climate Business Leaders) and Rick Knight (Research Coordinator, Citizens' Climate Lobby Research)will discuss the potential of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act to stimulate innovation and the economy, moving forward from Carbon pricing’s wide recognition as the most effective way to correct the market failure to include the costs of GHG emissions in their price.
Harold Hedelman Rick Knight
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Providing a Coordinated Federal Research Initiative Ensuring Continued United States Leadership in Engineering Biology - Led by Erin Smith at Twist Bioscience, participants will discuss coordinated federal research initiatives designed to ensure continued United States leadership in engineering biology. Themes include: 1) How US competitiveness will be increased by coordinated federal research initiatives, 2) What other policies will have the biggest impact on the US bioeconomy, and 3) What impact on regional economic development and jobs such initiatives will create. Who should attend this session: Those interested in federal policy for the US bio economy.
Erin Smith
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Changing the Conception of CRISPR in Plant Breeding - Join Henrik Simonsen (Founder, Mosspiration Biotech) to discuss the conception and regulation on CRISPR use in plant breeding, a process that is extremely relevant in order to secure a future food supply for the planet.
Henrik Toft Simonsen
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Mobile Biorefineries in California - Blake Simmons (Division Director, Biological Systems and Engineering, LBNL) will discuss the importance of advancing the California bioeconomy through mobile biorefineries; Advancing biomanufacturing approaches while lowering costs and increasing sustainability.
Blake Simmons
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Is Precision Fermentation the Transformational Technology for Cosmetics and Fashion? Description: Nature has given us a nearly infinite palate of materials to work with. Precision fermentation allows us to scale ingredients that nature only produces in minute quantities. Synthetic biology allows us to increase the performance of nature-based ingredients. Karl speaks with Geltor's Erin Kim and Polybion's Alexis Gomez-Ortigozo on the impact of their company's work on the personal care and fashion industries.
Axel Gomez Ortigoza Erin Kim karl schmieder
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Creating a Digital Backbone for California Biomanufacturing - Timothy Gardner (Founder/CEO, Riffyn) will discuss the importance of creating and maintaining digital infrastructure that is able to support and keep up with the rapidly growing California Biomanufacturing Industry.
Geoffrey Mann Loren Perelman Timothy Gardner
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The Future is Now: Integrating Biodesign Into the Beauty Industry Today - Join Alex Lorestani (CEO, Geltor) to discuss how and why brands and manufacturers serving the $500B global beauty market are increasingly turning to biology for solutions, and what that could mean for the future. While the promise of biotechnology has been speculated upon for applications in pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and nutrition, its foothold in beauty and personal care has been quietly gaining strength. The beauty industry has long been an early adopter of advancements in science and technology, and 21st century biodesign has turned out to be no exception – even in the midst of a global pandemic.
Christina Okubo Alex Lorestani Damien Perriman Dr. Robert Bianchini mikah coffindaffer
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11-1 - Networking, Expo, Lunch. Meet other attendees, partner up, learn about new technologies and applications in our partner expo booths.
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Direct and Transparent Conversations About GMO’s - Join Zack Abbott (CEO, Zbiotics) to discuss sales and consumer response to direct and transparent GMO conversations.
Zack Abbott
· Sessions
New Lamps for Old - Repurposing Old Capital Assets for the New Bioeconomy - Join David Dodds (President, Dodds and Associates LLC), Ben deVries (CEO, deVries Advisors), Murray McLaughlin (Executive Director, Bioindustrial Innovation Center Canada), and Christopher Wood (CTO, Applied Biorefinery Sciences) to discuss several scenarios/technologies that will speak to the requirements and experience of repurposing capital facilities originally built for one purpose in order to fill a new purpose in the bio-economy.
BEN DEVRIES Christopher Wood Murray McLaughlin David Dodds
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Open for Business! - Drew Endy (Stanford University, Moderator), Andy Marshall (Editor-in-Chief, Nature Biotechnology), Rick Johnson (Global Biofoundry Alliance, iGEM, BioBricks), Jenny Molloy (Director, Cambridge Open Bioeconomy Lab), Keoni Gandall (Lead Designer, Stanford FreeGenes Project). Ownership and sharing underpin both innovation and economic growth, enabling or delimiting how much can be built with biology (or not). From COVID19 rapid response to diverse existing biotechnologies, access to content, tools, and capacities shape the culture of biotechnology and how society-at-large considers, accepts, or rejects biotechnology. Diverse leaders will relate their experiences and best practices so that we can make sure that the future is open for building with biology!
Andy Marshall AspArgGluTrp GluAsnAspTyr Richard Johnson Keoni Gandall Jenny Molloy
· Sessions
Los Angeles: California’s Emerging Hub for Biomanufacturing - Join Dave Whelan (BioscienceLA) moderating a panel featuring Kimberly Baker (Elemental Excelerator), Stephen Cheung (LAEDC/LAWTC), Pedro Coelho (Provivi), Arye Lipman (MarsBio), and Margeaux Sullivan (Syndicate 708) to discuss LA’s position as the largest manufacturing center in the US, with a strong history across multiple industries, from aerospace to apparel, agriculture to cleantech, and of course life sciences and pharma. With steady growth in biotech, including a significant push from local governments and over $1b in NIH research funding in 2018 alone, as well as a diverse workforce, LA has the potential to become the biomanufacturing hub of the future.
Stephen Cheung Margeaux Sullivan Arye Lipman Kim Baker Pedro Coelho Dave Whelan
· Sessions
Distributed Biomanufacturing as an Engine for Socioeconomic Equality: Join Ana Ibarra-Castro (Executive Director, Xinampa) to discuss how distributed biomanufacturing can be utilized as both a tool for scientific progress as well as breaking barriers in relation to socioeconomic equality.
Maria Chavez Rolando Perez Adam Briones Danny Beesley Ana Ibarra-Castro
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Join Tony Day (Managing Partner, Hawkwood Biotech Partners), Tim Dummer (Partner, Hawkwood Biotech Partners), Richard Kenny (Founder & Managing Partner, Hawkwood Biotech), Paul Hill (VP Process Development & Engineering, Amyris), and Genet Garamendi (Founder, Head of Strategic Relationships) to discuss how California is a major innovator in synthetic biology, yet scale-up, process development, and manufacturing largely take place outside of California (and often the US). Why and what can be done about it?
Genét Garamendi Richard Kenny Tim Dummer Tony Day
· Sessions
Can bio-opportunity zones create equitable and prosperous economies? - Christopher Bush ( President Catalyst Agri-Innovations Society, Chief Architect for the Symbiosis Centre), Dr. Orlando Rojas (Canada Excellence Research Chair in Forest Bioproducts and Scientific Director of the BioProducts Institute at the University of British Columbia) will discuss methods to gain increased stakeholder attraction, as well as key enabling technologies of the future bioeconomy.
Christopher Bush Orlando Rojas
· Sessions
Synbio Workforce Preparedness: Training the Next Generation During a Pandemic - Ally Huang (Program Lead, miniPCR) and Jessica Stark (PhD & NIH/NCI F32 Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University) will discuss strategies to grow the future of the synthetic biology workforce and the bio-economy in response to COVID-19, as well as the transition to remote learning and its effect on a student's ability and motivation to learn.
Ally Huang Jessica Stark
· Sessions
Crossing the Divide: Competitive Scale-Up in North America - Tim Staub (Managing Director, Oxford Advisory Services), will address the concept of assets and resources required to scale synthetic biology from pilot through demonstration-scale and ultimately on to commercial scale.
Timothy Staub
· Sessions
Overcoming Regulatory Barriers to COVID-19 Solutions: Innovation and Creativity Needed Now - Join James Schroeder (Managing Partner, BioInnovation Legal) to discuss what happens when First in Class/Best in Class solutions to the COVID-19 challenge are impacted by regulations and restrictions nearly a century old.
James Schroeder
· Sessions
Computer Aided Biology - Join Ross Kent (Core Contributor, Computer-Aided Biology Community) to explore the current state of affairs in close-loop experimentation using computational approaches for experimental design, execution and learning.
Ross Kent
· Sessions
Reimagining Biological Technology, From COVID-19 to the Climate Crisis - Isaac Larkin, (PhD Candidate, Northwestern University) and Kristin Ellis (Entrepreneur In Residence, Carbon180)will explore methods by which we can utilize biological technology to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and the climate crisis, which will both dramatically change human civilization in the coming years and decades.
Isaac Larkin Kristin Ellis
· Sessions
Bio-opportunity Zones to Seed Distributed Manufacturing - Marilene Pavan (Scientist, LanzaTech) will discuss how the COVID-19 crisis has exposed manufacturing vulnerabilities due to long global supply chains and manufacturing bases far from where essential goods are needed. Bio-opportunity zones could spark scalable, agile manufacturing infrastructure.
Mary Pavan
· Sessions
BD Zones and BDO Zones: Weaponizing Biomass to support a Bio-Fueled Economic Recovery - Jordan Solomon (President & CEO, Ecostrat), Ashleigh Ooi (Project Manager, Biomass Advisory Group, Ecostrat), Hannah Kirby,John May (Managing Director, HamiltonClark), and Mark Riedy (Partner, Kilpatrick Townsend) will discuss how relatively minor clarification to OZ Guidance would unlock billions of development dollars for bioeconomy manufacturing facilities in BDO Zones and present a 3 point plan for leveraging the Opportunity Zone Program to bio-fuel the economic recovery. Bioeconomy Development Zones (BD Zones) and Bioeconomy Development Opportunity Zones (BDO Zones) are shovel-ready, actionable initiatives that facilitate billions of dollars of institutional investment into communities where there is a surplus of biomass and where employment and bioeconomy development can be closely linked.
John May Hannah Kirby John May Ashleigh Ooi Jordan Solomon
· Stage
Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis - The Lt. Governor will share California’s vision for growing a healthy economy AND taking care of the environment, and will explore the key ingredients for a thriving bioeconomy, and how California and the rest of the world can educate and train the green collar workforce of the future.
Eleni Kounalakis
· Stage
The Startup Draft - The Bio Startup Draft is a 4-week funding event for bio startups. Innovators submit their pitches online to the leading investors in the space, who have earmarked $10 million to companies in The Draft. VCs meet with companies they are interested in, and the leading companies pitch during The Bio Draft Investor Day Sept 1, at SynBioBeta.
· Stage
Closing plenary session - Join us for the closing plenary as we discuss what lessons we have learned from the breakout sessions, and what actions will be taken forward from the day.
John Cumbers


Dr. Robert Bianchini


Maria Chavez


Jenny Molloy

Shuttleworth Fellow, University of Cambridge

Jessica Stark

NIH/NCI F32 Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University

Timothy Staub

Managing Director, Oxford Advisory Services

Mark Bünger

Director, Innovation Lab

Isaac Larkin

PhD Candidate, Northwestern University

Arye Lipman

General Partner, MarsBio

Kristin Ellis

Entrepreneur In Residence, Carbon180

Dave Whelan

CEO, Bioscience LA

David Dodds

President, Dodds and Associates LLP

Kate Lewis

Senior Analyst, USDA

Casey Lippmeier

Vice President of Innovation, Conagen

Keoni Gandall

Head of FreeGenes Project, Stanford University

Andra Keay

Managing Director, Silicon Valley Robotics

James Schroeder

Managing Partner, BioInnovation Legal

Henrik Toft Simonsen

Founder, Mosspiration Biotech

Ross Kent

Core Contributor, Computer-Aided Biology Community

Kate Wildauer

Executive Director, FocusBio

Zack Abbott

CEO, Zbiotics

Natalie Kuldell

Founder & Executive Director, Biobuilder

David Roland-Holst

Professor, UC Berkeley

mary maxon

Associate Laboratory Director, LBNL

Lori Lindburg

President & CEO of the California Life Sciences Institute

Ally Huang

Program Lead, miniPCR

Mary Pavan

Scientist, LanzaTech

Erin Kim

Communications Director, Geltor Inc.

John Cumbers

CEO and Founder, SynBioBeta

Jordan Solomon

President & CEO, Ecostrat

Ana Ibarra-Castro

Executive Director, Xinampa

Blake Simmons

Division Director, Biological Systems and Engineering, LBNL

karl schmieder

CEO, Messaging Lab

Omar Julian Perez


Timothy Gardner

Founder/CEO, Riffyn

Loren Perelman

VP Science, Riffyn

Geoffrey Mann

JMP Product Manager Health and Life Sciences, SAS

Harold Hedelman

Founder, Business Climate Leaders

Murray McLaughlin

Executive Director, Bioindustrial Innovation Center Canada


CEO, deVries Advisors

Christopher Wood

CTO, Applied Biorefinery Sciences.

Richik Mukherjee

Scientific Innovation Officer, Conagen

Ana Arakelian

Head of Public Relations, Conagen

Julie Harness

Director, Innovation Services, California Life Sciences Association

Omar Julian Perez


Zach Serber

Chief Science Officer & Co-Founder, Zymergen

Margeaux Sullivan

Venture Partner, Syndicate 708

Stephen Cheung

Executive Vice President, LAEDC

Alex Lorestani

CEO, Geltor

Christine Gould

CEO, Thought for Food

Jim Lane

Founder, Biofuels Digest

Ro Khanna

Representative, D-CA 17th District

Vinod Khosla

Founder, Khosla Ventures

Michael Chui

McKinsey Partner, Author "The Bio Revolution" report

Eleni Kounalakis

Lieutenant Governor of California

Ashleigh Ooi

Project Manager, Biomass Advisory Group, Ecostrat

Hannah Kirby


Erin Smith

Senior Vice President of Government Affairs and Policy, Twist Bioscience

Eric Steen

CEO & Co-founder, Lygos

Tony Day

Managing Partner, Hawkwood Biotech Partners

Tim Dummer

Partner, Hawkwood Biotech Partners

Richard Kenny

Founder & Managing Partner, Hawkwood Biotech Partners

Genét Garamendi

Founder, Head of Strategic Relationships, Checkerspot

Rick Knight

Research Coordinator, Citizens' Climate Lobby Research

Jenny Rooke

Founder & Managing Director, Genoa Ventures

AspArgGluTrp GluAsnAspTyr

Stanford University

Jim Dekloe

Professor, Solano College

John May

Managing Director, HamiltonClark

Richard Johnson

Global Biofoundry Alliance, iGEM, BioBricks

Christopher Bush

President Catalyst Agri-Innovations Society, Chief Architect for the Symbiosis Centre

John May


Orlando Rojas

Canada Excellence Research Chair in Forest Bioproducts & Scientific Director of the BioProducts Institute @ UBC

Joel Stone

President, ConVergInce Advisers

Kim Baker

Director of Water Innovation, Elemental Excelerator

Pedro Coelho

Co-Founder & CEO, Provivi

Andy Marshall

Editor-in-Chief, Nature Biotechnology

Jun Axup

CSO and Parner, IndieBio

Travis Whitfill

CSO, Azitra

Axel Gomez Ortigoza

Founder & CEO, Polybion

James Guenther

Crescent City Biotechnology Consultants

Christina Okubo

Managing Director, Odepartment

Jon Weaver

President & CEO, Massachusetts Biological Institute

Sam Nejame

CEO, Promotum

Jeanette Mucha

Co Founder & CEO at SciBac

Damien Perriman

Senior Vice President, Specialty Products, Genomatica

mikah coffindaffer

Co-Founder, Each and Every

Rolando Perez

Chair, Xinampa

Adam Briones

Economic Equity Director, Greenlining

Danny Beesley

Founder & Principal, Idea Builder Labs

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