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BlockSec Conference LIVE

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Michelle Tsing

Futurist, Entrepreneur, Founder, Attorney

Silvan Jongerius

GDPR compliance, DPO and Product Privacy

Robin Lam

Founder, CEO at BlokTech Network

Corey Shapiro

Air Force Veteran & Cyber Security Specialist

Darrell Coleman

Army Veteran & Co-founder of CTEXMarkets

Robert Spalding

National Security Policy Strategist

Stefan Fouant

Juniper Ambassador | Author & Public Speaker | 5xJNCIE | JNCI | 2xVCP| CISSP | PCNSE | PCNSC | CYBERFORCE Hero

Talia Boiangin

CIPP/US, Technologist, and Graduate of University of Miami School of Law

Rolf Versluis

Co-Founder and Executive Advisor of the Privacy Oriented Crypto-Currency Horizen

Dmitry Lavrenov

Blockchain Architect | Cryptographer

Paul Foley

CEO/CTO of CTEX Markets

Gabriela Ariza

Cyber Security Specialist @ Motorola

Kenneth Cunningham


Angeleen Wilson

Technology Leader | Full Stack Developer | Marketing Strategist | Blockchain Professional

Dean Rakic

Chief Blockchain Officer bei Blockcontrol

Stefan Beyer

CEO @ Cryptonics | Blockchain Consultant | Smart Contract Auditor

Michael Owens

Senior Executive Leader | Cybersecurity Expert | Security Policy | National Security | International Speaker

Corey Petty

Chief Security Officer at Status

Tracy Fox

Cyber Security and Compliance Services to Protect Assets

Payton Jonson


James Woodall

State President at Georgia NAACP

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This conference will provide groundbreaking insight into the security use cases and mechanisms with technologies leading the Web 3.0 evolution.

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Transform Group

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The Blockchain Education Network (BEN)

The Blockchain Education Network (BEN) is the largest and oldest network of blockchain students, alumni, and professors across the world.