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Alex Chizhik

Head of Listings, Okcoin

Sir Jonathan

CEO & Founder, Stacks Degens

Anatoly Kozlov

CEO, Stacks Force

Jessica Greenwalt

Web3 Strategist, UX Researcher

Marvin Janssen

Co-Founder, Ryder

Maxim Efremov

Developer Evangelist, Hiro

Tycho Onnasch

Co-Founder, Zest Protocol

Brice Dobry

Senior Software Engineer, Hiro Systems

Kyle Ellicott

Partner, Stacks Ventures & Co-Chair of Bitcoin Odyssey

Sami Kassab

Research Analyst, Messari

Will Corcoran

Grant Program Manager, Stacks Foundation

Louise Ivan

Co-Founder, Ryder

Kenny Rogers

Developer Advocate, Stacks Foundation

Ken Liao

CEO, Xverse

Muneeb Ali

Founder, Stacks, Trust Machines, Hiro

Brittany Laughlin

Executive Director, Stacks Foundation

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Stacks Foundation

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