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thr33som3s .

Artist, Tezos Blockchain

Edan Yago

Core contributor, Sovryn

Meltem Demirors

Chief Strategy Officer, CoinShares

Jeremy Rubin

Founder, Judica/Sapio

Tycho Onnasch

General Manager, Trust Machines

Nolan Bauerle


Jude Nelson

Research Scientist, Stacks Foundation

Friedger Müffke

Core Contributor, Ryder

Gabriel Kurman

Co-Founder, RSK

Erick Gavin

Executive Director, Venture Miami

Kia Mosayeri

Product Manager, Balancer

Samantha Bohbot

Director of Platform, DCG

Mark McKenzie

Founder, Megapont

Ludo Galabru

Staff Engineer, Hiro Systems

Udi Wertheimer


Peter Young

Managing Director, Free Private Cities Foundation

Aaron Blankstein

Staff Engineer, Hiro Systems

Zhong Yang Chan

Head of Research, CoinGecko

Will Corcoran

Grants Program Manager, Stacks Open Internet Foundation

Kenny Rogers

Developer Advocate, Stacks Foundation

Xan Ditkoff

Founder, Daemon Technologies

Dan Trevino

Founder, Boom

Jason Schrader

Core Developer, CityCoins

LHexe .

Founder, SOLgods

Marvin Janssen

Tech Lead, Stacks Foundation

JakeBlockchain .

Host, Built on Bitcoin Podcast

Kelly Lannan

Author, Bitcoin Urbanism

Brice Dobry

Senior Software Engineer, Hiro Systems

Andrew Hayward

Senior Writer, Decrypt

Grace Ng

Artist, CrashPunks

Philip De Smedt

Founder, Arkadiko

Diwaker Gupta

Chief Technology Officer Hiro Systems

Kyle Ellicott

Partner, Stacks Accelerator

Mitchell Cuevas

Head of Growth, Stacks Open Internet Foundation

Patrick Stanley

Founder, Freehold and Contributor, CityCoins

Dan Elitzer

Co-Founder, Nascent

Jamil Dhanani

Founder, STXNFT

Sarah Satoshi


Chiente Hsu

Founder, ALEX

Brittany Laughlin

Executive Director, Stacks Open Internet Foundation

Muneeb Ali

Founder, Stacks and CEO, Trust Machines

Ryan Selkis

CEO and Co-Founder, Messari

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