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BioTEC 2020 Conference

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Opening Remarks
Welcome to BioTEC! We are excited to have you join us for a day of engaging presentations and discussions with top leaders in the biomedical field.
Pascal Michel
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Hear from Dr. Vivian Lee as she discusses advancements in digital health at Verily Life Sciences, and the future of biotechnology in the ongoing pandemic.
Vivian Lee
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Start talking! Introduce yourself, talk about your findings, discuss your interests and exchange contact information.
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Research Breakout Session: Dr. Pawan Jolly
Dr. Pawan Jolly will discuss novel electrochemical sensors (eRapid) for high-accuracy biomarker detection and its versatility in rapid multiplexed diagnostics.
Pawan Jolly
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Research Breakout Session: Dr. Molly Shoichet
Dr. Molly Shoichet will discuss the novel injectable hydrogels engineered in her lab to combat incurable vision loss from macular degeneration in the retina.
Molly Shoichet
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Research Breakout Session: Dr. Dena Shahriari
Dr. Dena Shahriari will discuss a bioelectronics approach to curing nerve injury with optogenetic scaffolds, and its impact on advancing neuroengineering.
Dena Shahriari
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Research Breakout Session: Dr. Fiona Brinkman
Dr. Fiona Brinkman will discuss tools and initiatives in infectious disease control research, highlighting the Canadian COVID-19 Genomics Network (CanCOGeN).
Fiona Brinkman
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Sponsorship Exhibits
Visit Expos to interact with our sponsors LIVE. Learn about potential co-op opportunities and gain insight into the exciting work these companies are pursuing.
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Pitch Competition
Tune in as five student-run health technology ventures pitch their business visions to a panel of top Canadian biomedical investors.
Adrien Cote Nikhil Thatte Frederic Lemaitre Auger Dr. Linda Maxwell
· Networking
Start talking! Introduce yourself, talk about your findings, discuss your interests and exchange contact information.
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Fireside Chat
Join us for a discussion between Dr. Fortney and Dr. Sarwar on applying AI to develop anti-aging therapies, and how to transition from academia to industry.
Nadeem Sarwar Kristen Fortney
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Closing Remarks & Pitch Competition Prize Ceremony
Thank you for attending BioTEC. We hope you had a great time! Before the day ends, we want to share final remarks and announce the pitch competition winners.
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More networking? You bet! Take this time to connect with fellow biotech fanatics, discuss your interests, and share your learnings from the conference.


Nadeem Sarwar

Founder & President, Eisai-G2D2

Adrien Cote

Executive Director, Velocity

Molly Shoichet

Professor - University of Toronto

Vivian Lee

President, Health Platforms - Verily Life Sciences

Dr. Linda Maxwell

Executive Director of Biomedical Zone

Frederic Lemaitre Auger

Managing Partner at adMare BioInnovations

Nikhil Thatte

Principal at Lumira Ventures

Kristen Fortney

Co-Founder & CEO - BioAge Labs

Pawan Jolly

Senior Staff Scientist - Wyss Institute, Harvard University

Dena Shahriari

Assistant Professor - University of British Columbia

Pascal Michel

Chief Science Officer - Public Health Agency of Canada

Fiona Brinkman

Distinguished Professor, Simon Fraser University

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