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Careers with impact: working in ML applied drug discovery meet-up

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Yuval Rubin [BeneveolentAI]

Senior Product Manager

Meltem Gurel [BenevolentAI]

Senior Bioinformatics Data Scientist

Andrea Martinez Vernon [BenevolentAI]

Bioinformatician Data Scientist

Yasmina Rahiman [BenevolentAI]

Director of Talent Acquisition & Learning

Páidí Creed (BenevolentAI)

Director AI Science

Saee Paliwal (BenevolentAI)

Lead AI Scientist

Aylin Cakiroglu (BenevolentAI)

Senior AI Scientist

Ana Leite

Lead Bioinformatics Data Scientist

Sam Coulter (BenevolentAI)

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Jessica Simpkin

Communication Executive

Qi Guo [BenevolentAI]

Principal Scientist

Tracy (BenevolentAI) Mak

Programme Manager

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BenevolentAI unites technology with human intelligence to re-engineer drug discovery and deliver life-changing medicines.


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