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BenevolentAI at Neurips 2020

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Dan Neil (BenevolentAI)

VP of Artificial Intelligence

Aaron Sim (BenevolentAI)

Lead Machine Learning Researcher

Nathan Brown (BenevolentAI)

Director of Chemoinformatics & Computational Chemistry

Rachel Hodos (BenevolentAI)

Lead AI Scientist for Target Identification

Aylin Cakiroglu (BenevolentAI)

Senior AI Scientist

Sam Coulter (BenevolentAI)

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Yasmina Rahiman [BenevolentAI]

Talent Acquisition Director

Craig Glastonbury

Lead Machine Learning Researcher

Harry Rose (BenevolentAI)

Machine Learning Engineer

Povilas Norvaisas (BenevolentAI)

Senior Bioinformatics Data Scientist

Benedek Fabian

Machine Learning Engineer

Georgiana Neculae(BenevolentAI)

Advanced AI Scientist

Thomas Edlich (BenevolentAI)

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Eirini Arvaniti (BenevolentAI)

Machine Learning Researcher

Angus Brayne (BenevolentAI)

Machine Learning Researcher

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BenevolentAI unites technology with human intelligence to re-engineer drug discovery and deliver life-changing medicines.