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Back to School 2021

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Andrew Jewell

Aaron Webb

Product Marketing Manager, Education

Neil Emery

Director, Trilby TV

Sari Lantto

Apple Distinguished Educator

Mat Pullen

Apple Distinguished Educator

Joshua Maddocks

UK/International Schools Manager, Kaligo

Mike Lawrence (he/his)

Education Leadership Executive, Jamf

Abdul Chohan

VP of Learning, Showbie

Emily McRoberts-Froese

Education Leadership Executive, Jamf

Sarah Olson

Training and Development Manager, Jamf

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Jamf School

We help schools succeed with Apple.

Explain Everything and Jamf School for greater engagement and learning ownership

Watch the replay of this session by Anastasia Procner.

Jamf Teacher

Helping teachers manage their class and keep students focused.

Jamf Student

Focusing students devices on the task at hand.

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Providing parents with management controls on student devices.


Department for Education approved Handwriting and Spelling application


Showbie is the hybrid learning platform empowering millions of educators to quickly and easily manage classroom workflow and deliver personalised feedback to students of all learning abilities on any device.

Trilby TV

Digital signage made for education

Customer Case Study - Scottish Borders

Digitising the learning experience with 10,000+ iPads

Customer Case Study - Griftland College

Transforming the learning experience

Jamf Rings Challenge

Get moving with our Jamf Rings Challenge!

Webinar italiano

iPad + Google: cambia le regole dell'apprendimento

Webinar italiano

Apprendimento accessibile per tutti con Apple

Webinar italiano

Tutti gli strumenti nelle tue mani ottieni il massimo da iPad e Mac

Webinar italiano

Migliora l'apprendimento su iPad con gli strumenti Microsoft