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Opening Talk
Opening talk by Axeleo, organizer of B2B Rocks
Quentin Guignard
· Stage
Overcome the fear of getting big
- by Pascal Gauthier, CEO @Ledger
Pascal Gauthier
· Stage
Steering a $500 million company through shifting social and economic realities.
- by Hanno Renner, Co-founder & CEO @Personio
Hanno Renner
· Stage
How to design your start-up for accelerated growth in the Enterprise market
- by Germain Bourgeois @Delpha, and Dominique Gilles @Salesforce
Dominique Gilles Germain Bourgeois
· Stage
How to scale your sales team to go from 50 to 500 B2B customers
- by Frédéric Kingue Johnson @Contentsquare & Michael Wax @Forto
· Stage
Inbound vs Outbound: how to generate B2B leads in times of uncertainty?
- by Prelini Udayan-Chiechi @Zendesk, Roi Sorezki @Twik
Roi Sorezki Prelini Udayan-Chiechi
· Stage
Leveraging the French Tech ecosystem and landing in the US
- by Reza Malekzadeh, President, French Tech San Francisco / General Parnter, Partech Ventures and Marie Vilon, Head of Community, French Tech Mission
Réza Malekzadeh Marie Vilon
· Stage
Building a security-by-design software
- by Daniel Wesley, CTO @Stratum (ex-CTO @Workday)
Dan Wesley
· Expo
Meet B2B partners
· Stage
How can your startup be nurtured by its partners ?
Patrick Joubert @Ponicode, Karen Fortin @Microsoft
Patrick Joubert Karen Fortin
· Stage
Expanding to the US as a B2B European founder
- by Herve Brunet, Co-founder @StickyAds, Marie Giesbert @Axeleo
Herve  Brunet Marie Giesbert
· Stage
Healthy business: Corporate Culture, Wellness and Excellence
- by Jean-Charles Samuelian, Co-founder & CEO @Alan
Jean-Charles  Samuelian
· Stage
Managing cash flow as a SaaS company
- by Hannah Dawson, [email protected], and Catherine Birkett CFO @GoCardless, and Cayetana Hurtado @Balderton
Caye Hurtado Catherine Birkett Hannah Dawson
· Stage
Selling to SMBs? Get your SaaS ready for the NoCode revolution
- by Alex Delivet, Founder & CEO @Collect
Alex Delivet
· Stage
Moving Up the Curve: Selling to Large Enterprises and Late(r) Adopters
- by Franck Le Tendre, CEO @Finalcad, Emil Eifrem, Founder & CEO @Neo4j, and Michael Treskow, Partner @Eight Roads Ventures
Emil Eifrem Michael  Treskow
· Stage
5 Lessons from Agile for today and the New Normal
Mary-Christine Nolan @Wrike
Mary-Christine Nolan
· Expo
Connect with B2B Rocks partners
· Stage
How to scale your B2B Sales strategy using the AWS Cloud
- by Julia Barry @AWS, Amrita Sarkar @AWS, Maxence Drummond @Breega, Romain Gauthier @Didomi, Jean-David Chamboredon @ISAI, Benjamin Fabre @Datadome
Amrita Sarkar Benjamin Fabre Romain Gauthier Maxence Drummond Julia Barry
· Stage
How to scale an engineering organization up to 100+ engineers
- by Neil Turner @GoCardless, Sylvain Utard @Algolia, Paolo Negri @Contentful and Maxime Le Dantec @Balderton
Maxime Le Dantec Paolo Negri Neil Turner Sylvain Utard
· Expo
Visit the Expo and connect with Partners
· Stage
How to partner with tech giants to become a market leader
- by Mathieu Poupard @Klaxoon, Thomas Cottereau @SightCall
Matthieu Poupard Thomas Cottereau
· Networking
Network with peers
· Stage
How to industrialize SMB sales?
- by Jonathan Anguelov, COO @Aircall, and Kim Walsh VP Startup @Hubspot
kim walsh Jonathan Anguelov, Aircall
· Stage
The startup rollercoaster: Journey from 1,200 days from creation to exit
- by Marie Outtier, Co-founder & CEO, PM @Twitter
Marie Outtier
· Stage
Learning the hard way: how to scale a B2B startup
- by Francesco Simoneschi, Co-Founder and CEO at TrueLayer
· Stage
How is accounting shifting from a mere cost-of-doing-business to real-time metrics empowering CEOs in their decision-making process?
- by Arthur Waller, CEO @Pennylane, and Margaux Grégoir, CFO @Luko
Arthur  Waller Margaux Gregoir
· Stage
Adapting to the New Work Paradigm
- by Alonso Bustamante, Cloudflare
· Stage
From startup to scale-up: key learnings on scaling marketing
- by Ségolène Finet, CMO @Talentsoft, Maxime Baumard, CMO @iAdvize, Jonathan Nimrodi, Head of B2B @Facebook
Segolene Finet Jonathan Nimrodi Maxime Baumard
· Networking
Connect with B2B Rocks partners
· Stage
How to mimic the success of Salesforce to build your own B2B SaaS success
- by Brice Mallié @CrossTalent & Dominique Gilles @Salesforce
Brice Mallié Dominique Gilles
· Stage
OKRs implemented for engineering teams
by - Robert Salesas, CTO @Aircall, and Pierre Queinnec, Co-founder & CEO @Jenji
Pierre Queinnec
· Sessions
Connect with B2B Rocks partners
· Stage
Founders feedback after 25 years of experience in the enterprise software industry
by John Pestana, CEO @ObservePoint and Co-founder @Omniture
John Pestana
· Stage
Key learnings on building your pricing strategy
- by Armand Thiberge, Co-founder & CEO @Sendinblue, Adrien Menard, Co-founder & CEO @Botify
Adrien Menard Armand Thiberge
· Stage
Learnings on scaling from 0M€ to 20M€ ARR in 5 years
- by Fred Plais, Co-founder & CEO
Fred Plais
· Stage
How to launch in three new countries at the same time?
by- Alexandre Prot, Co-founder & CEO @Qonto
Alex Prot
· Stage
Debiasing tech : hiring without cognitive biases and debiasing the tech ecosystem
- by Camille Morvan, Co-founder & CEO @Goshaba
Raphaëlle Martin-Neuville camille morvan
· Stage
How to gain up to 12 months on runway thanks to public funding
- by Baptiste Hamel @iii Financements and Marc de la Fayolle, CFO @Brigad
Baptiste HAMEL marc de la fayolle
· Stage
Revenue Growth through recession - What we’re learning from 1,949 SaaS companies
- by Christian Owens, Founder & CEO @Paddle
Christian Owens
· Stage
How to align product development and business objectives?
- by Firmin Zocchetto, Co-founder & CEO @Payfit, and Alexis Fogel, Co-founder @Dashlane / Founder & CEO @Stonly
Alexis Fogel Firmin Zocchetto
· Expo
Connect with B2B Rocks partners
· Stage
How to scale your RFP-based sales
- by Pierre Queinnec, Co-founder & CEO @Jenji
Pierre Queinnec
· Stage
Decentralization as a key to faster growth
- by Rodolphe Ardant, Co-founder & CEO @Spendesk, and Jason Vande Boom Founder & CEO @ActiveCampaign
Jason VandeBoom Rodolphe Ardant
· Expo
Meet B2B partners
· Stage
How to grow from 50 to 250+ and open 4 offices in 3 continents, in 3 years
- by Laura Urquizu @Red Points
Laura Urquizu
· Stage
Data through change: how to thrive thanks to the data
- by Stijn Christiaens, Co-founder & CETO @Collibra, and Edouard Beaucourt, Country Manager @Tableau
Edouard Beaucourt Stijn Christiaens
· Stage
SaaS For Good: How to build a SaaS impact startup and what will it drive for your business and team?
- by Gulnaz Khusainova @EasySize, Henrietta Kekäläinen @CarboCulture
Henrietta Kekäläinen Gulnaz Khusainova
· Stage
Reboot HR: How should you manage your pool of talents to make the most out of it
- by Florent Rambaud @ToucanToco, Loic Michel, Co-founder & CEO @365Talents, Sandrine Meunier Chief People Officer @Aircall
Sandrine Meunier Florent Rambaud Loïc MICHEL
· Stage
Why choosing a CVC and how to benefit from their added value?
- by @Edenred Capital @Avrios
Norbert Furnion Andreas Brenner
· Stage
How to fight churn and get through uncertainty
- by Adrien Perrigault, CSM Lead @Dataiku and Gilles Bertaux, CEO @Livestorm, and Susie Meier
Susie Meier Gilles Bertaux Adrien Perrigault
· Stage
Go-to-market: How to leverage Verticalisation to become Must have Software
- by Anne De Kerckhove, CEO @Freespee, Fintan Lalor @Wrike
Fintan Lalor anne de Kerckhove
· Stage
Sales & Customer Success as a Science
- by Julie Weill Persofsky @Winning by Design
Julie Persofsky
· Stage
Fench Tech: interview with Kat Borlongan
- by Kat Borlongan, Director @French Tech and Déborah Loye, Journalist @Les Echos
Déborah  Loye Kat Borlongan
· Stage
How to best sell B2B software to a Procurement department
- by Bertrand Dufour, Partner @RSM France, Pierre Laprée, Founder & CEO @Per Angusta
Bertrand Dufour Pierre Laprée
· Stage
Scaling from Seed to C: What Founders Should and Should Not Prioritize Through Growth
- by Tamara Steffens, MD @M12, and John Lauer CEO @ZipWhip
John Lauer Tamara Steffens
· Stage
Closing Talk
- by Axeleo, organizer of B2B Rocks


Déborah Loye

Journalist, Les Echos

Susie Meier

VC, Notion Capital

Sandrine Meunier

Chief People Officer, Aircall

Kat Borlongan

Director, La French Tech

Edouard Beaucourt

Country Manager, Tableau Software

Christian Owens

Founder & CEO, Paddle

Maxime Le Dantec

VC, Balderton

Emil Eifrem

Co-founder & CEO, Neo4j

Roi Sorezki

Founder & CEO,

Bertrand Dufour

Partner, RSM France

Brice Mallié

Co-founder, Crosstalent

Jason VandeBoom

Founder & CEO, ActiveCampaign

Baptiste HAMEL

Co-founder, iii Financements

Herve Brunet

Co-founder, StickyAds

Julie Persofsky

Managing Director, Practice Lead Customer Success, Winning by Design

Laura Urquizu

CEO, Red Points

Henrietta Kekäläinen

Co-Founder & CEO, Carbo Culture

John Pestana

CEO @ObservePoint / Co-founder @Omniture

Pascal Gauthier

CEO, Ledger

Ella Maman

Program Manager, Axeleo

Paolo Negri

Co-founder & CTO, Contentful

Marie Giesbert

Program Manager, Axeleo

Pierre Laprée

Founder & CEO, Per Angusta

Réza Malekzadeh

GP, Partech Ventures

Marie Vilon

Head of Community, French Tech

Amrita Sarkar

Sr VC Business Development Manager, AWS

kim walsh

Global VP, Hubspot for startups

Raphaëlle Martin-Neuville

VC, Aster

Benjamin Fabre

Co-founder, Datadome

marc de la fayolle

CFO, Brigad

Caye Hurtado

VC, Balderton

anne de Kerckhove

CEO, Freespee

Fintan Lalor

Regional Manager, Wrike

Armand Thiberge

Founder & CEO, Sendinblue

Adrien Menard

Co-founder & CEO, Botify

Alex Prot

Co-founder & CEO, Qonto

Michael Treskow

Partner, Eight Roads Ventures

Maxence Drummond

Senior Associate, Breega

Romain Gauthier

Founder, Didomi

Catherine Birkett

CFO @Gocardless

Marie Outtier

Director of PM, @Twitter, Co-Founder

Hannah Dawson

Co-founder & CEO, Futrli

Patrick Joubert

Co-founder & CEO, Ponicode

Florent Rambaud

Business Line Manager, ToucanToco

Adrien Perrigault

Head of CSM, @Dataiku

Karen Fortin

VC & Incubator, Business Development Manager, @Microsoft

Fred Plais

Co-founder & CEO,

Mary-Christine Nolan

Senior Director Professional Services, @Wrike

Julia Barry


Dominique Gilles

Regional VP, ISV & OEM, EMEA @Salesforce

Germain Bourgeois

Founder, Delpha


VP Sales Europe, Contentsquare

Segolene Finet

CMO, Talentsoft

Alex Delivet

Founder & CEO, Collect

Matthieu Poupard

GTM Director, Klaxoon

Neil Turner

CTO, GoCardless

Gilles Bertaux

Co-founder & CEO, Livestorm

Jonathan Nimrodi

Head of B2B @Facebook

John Lauer

CEO @‎Zipwhip

Thomas Cottereau

Founder & CEO, SightCall

camille morvan

Co-founder & CEO, Goshaba

Arthur Waller

Co-founder, Pennylane

Maxime Baumard

CMO, iAdvize

Prelini Udayan-Chiechi

VP Marketing EMEA, Zendesk

Margaux Gregoir

VP Finance, Luko

Alexis Fogel

Founder, Stonly / Co-founder & ex-CPO, Dashlane

Pierre Queinnec

Co-founder & CEO, Jenji

Firmin Zocchetto

Co-founder & CEO, Payfit

Jean-Charles Samuelian

Co-founder & CEO, Alan

Stijn Christiaens

Co-founder & CTO, Collibra

Shefali Roy

COO, Truelayer

Sylvain Utard

VP Engineering, Algolia

Jonathan Anguelov, Aircall

Co-founder & COO, Aircall

Hanno Renner

Co-founder & CEO, Personio

Michael Wax

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Forto

Andreas Brenner

Founder & CEO, Avrios

Norbert Furnion

Managing Partner, Edenred Capital Partners

Gulnaz Khusainova

Founder & CEO, Easysize

Rodolphe Ardant

Founder & CEO, Spendesk

Catherine Birkett

CFO @Gocardless


Co-founder & CEO, 365Talents

Dan Wesley

CTO @Stratumn (ex-CTO @Workday)

Tamara Steffens

General Manager/Managing Director at M12 - Microsoft's Venture Fund

Quentin Guignard

B2B Rocks Organizer

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