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Leah Hodge

Plenary Speaker

Suki Goonatilleke

Sabbath School Panel

Nick Kross

How to Give Bible Studies

Louis Torres


John Ashton

Creation Science

Henry To

Campus Outreach

Na Shen

Campus Outreach

Wayne Boehm

Digital Outreach & Media

Johnny Wong

Digital Outreach & Media

Aaron Koh

Modern Health Outreach

John & Naomi Kitevski


Allan Lindsay

Adventist Identity

Blair Lemke

Adventist Identity

The event is over

We are a grassroots movement, started by a collective of Adventist young people, from all around Australia with a mission.


Adventist Youth for Christ

A collective of Adventist Young People, with a mission!

Adventist Book Centre (ABC) Victoria

Books, resources, and food. Special discount for AYC registrants inside.

3ABN Australia

24-hour Christian Lifestyle TV & Radio

Adventist Medical Evangelism Network (AMEN) Australia

Jesus’ ministry involved the restoration of the body as well as the reclaiming of the heart. When He sent His disciples out to do ministry, He instructed them carry on this approach by preaching and healing.

ELIA Wellness

Wellness simplified


A 4-month Bible-intensive “Soul Winning And Leadership Training” program.


Christian streaming app. Connecting those who produce godly content to those that need it.

Fishers of Men Apparel (FOMA)

Christian clothing designed to elevate your faith and witness to others.


Your one-stop app for sacred music

Online Study Buddy (OSB)

A volunteer run program that looks to help University Students develop healthy study habits.