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Autonomous & Urban Smart Mobility | Perspectives from Israel and Germany

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Wulf Schlachter

CEO | DXBe Management

Nir Zohar

Co-founder, Chief Customer Officer (CCO) | Chakratec

Ludmilla Derr

Managing Director | Elite Experts Conferences | EEC Technology Podcast Host

Stephan Dengler

Co-Founder | chargeIQ

Avi Bakal

CEO | TriEye

Doron Cohadier

VP Business Development | FORESIGHT AUTO

Cristina Rico García, Ph.D.

Head of Camera Perception ADAS & AD | Volkswagen AG CARIAD SE

Wiebke Fischer

Senior Trade Officer | Israeli Foreign Trade Administration in Germany

Charlie Levine

CMO | ElectReon

Andy Zurwehme

CEO & Founder | eRockit Systems

Simon Fürst

Principal Expert Autonomous Driving | BMW Group

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Israeli Foreign Trade Organization in Germany

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