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Christina Dewey

Pediatrician and founder and CEO of PedsMamaDoc, LLC.

Mamta Kumar

Integrative Physician

Christine Severance

Family Physician

Nishi Bhopal

Sleep Medicine Specialist

Erkeda DeRouen

Family, Diversity, and Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Meghan O'Rourke

Author and Journalist

Lian Ryan-Hume

Mighty Well Patient Ambassador

Martina Ziegenbein


Kathy Stepien

Physician, Coach, Educator

Shannon Sims

Aila Health Coach and Mind-Body Specialist

Sarah Dillingham

Founder, Grace and Able

Alissa Zingman

Musculoskeletal/Orthopaedic Physician

Jenna Green

Multiple Sclerosis Advocate

Alison Shmerling

Aila Health Primary Care Physician

Sumaira Ahmed

Founder, The Sumaira Foundation

Sandra Boek Werness

Executive Director, The Global Autoimmune Institute

Sarah Boyles


Chrissy Thornton

Executive Director, The Myositis Association

Cheryl Crow

Founder, My Arthritis Life

Hannah Olson

Co-Founder and CEO, Chronically Capable

Jenifer Tharani

Aila Health Nutritionist

Anne Kennard

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

Mariah Leach

Founder, Mamas Facing Forward

Lauren Freedman

Founder, Uninvisible Pod

Kara Wada

Allergist and Immunologist

Nitika Chopra

Founder, Chronicon

Racquel Dozier

Founder, Lupus in Color

Rory Stanton

Founder and CEO, Aila Health

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Aila Health Inc.

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