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The Authentic Leaders Expo

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Shoya Bowman

Author, Entrepreneur, Educator, Blogger

Sherry James

Chief Experience Officer, Speaker, Author, Change Catalyst

Dr. Carol Jackson

Retired Lt. Colonel, Minister, Author, Speaker

Elizabeth (Betsey) Mitchell

Entrepreneur, Educator, Artist

Vera Giles-Norris

Empowerment Coaching, Influencer, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Grace Anderson

Film Television, Director, Producer, Cinematographer

Sarah Shaw

Motivational Speaker, Christian

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Royal Rainn

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The Authentic Leaders Day 1

The Authentic Leaders Expo | Panelist April 23, 2021

The Authentic Leaders Day 2 {Part 1}

The Authentic Leaders Expo | Panelist Saturday, April 24, 2021

The Authentic Leaders | Day 2 {Part 2}

The Authentic Leaders Expo|Panelist April 24, 2021 {Part 2}

Keya Trammell a/k/a Gifted Keys

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Elevate Your Spirit!

Artwork by Betsey Mitchell

Meet and Greet, Betsey Mitchell [ARTIST]

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Dedicated to touching lives via training, coaching, and developing futures.

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Behind The Front Desk Where the Real Drama Unfolds

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