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Audio Recess from PRX and Google Podcasts creator program

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Event Help Desk
Have questions about this event? Our staff members are here to help answer questions and get oriented with the Hopin platform. Drop by to say hi!
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Developing Your Inner Host
With so many dynamic podcast hosts out there, it can be hard to figure out how you’re supposed to sound. Get tips from Jonquilyn on developing your host voice.
Jonquilyn Hill
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Originalidad en el ecosistema de los podcasts en español
La industria de los podcasts en español está creciendo. En esta sala exploraremos cómo encontrar la originalidad en el ecosistema de los podcasts en español.
Juan Serrano Miguel Reyes
· Stage
Community Conversation
Being a part of a community is important now more than ever. How do we find ways to support and advocate for each other in this new normal?
Josephine Karianjahi Melissa Mbugua Rhea Chedid
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(Don’t) Quit Your Day Job: How to Start Strong in Podcasting
From finding your audience and testing out your idea to asking yourself “Why me? Why now?”, Kristen will discuss her key steps before launching a podcast.
Kristen Meinzer
· Expo
Meditation Room with Ten Percent Happier
Need to relax and recharge? Join us for an hour of live meditation. You can also listen to a playlist of audio meditations throughout the day.
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Owning Your Idea
You’ve worked hard on your podcast and people are starting to notice. How do you partner with a company/network while maintaining creative control of your work?
James Kim
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Stay Inspired & Resist the Grind
Burnout is real, especially in a pandemic! How can we slow down and strengthen our community to increase our impact instead of working ourselves to the bone?
Phoebe Unter
· Sessions
Feedback is a Gift (@ 3pm ET)
We love learning about new podcasts and helping producers navigate hard development decisions! Join us for feedback and tip-sharing!
Stephanie Kuo
· Sessions
Food Podcasts...But Make Them Spicier
Food podcasts is a genre that can get stale real fast. How do we find new stories and tell them in ways they haven't been told before?
Katy  Osuna Soleil Ho
· Sessions
Storytelling for Podcasting
Learn strategies and best practices for how to find and tell compelling stories on your podcast.
Nichole Hill (She/Her)
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How to Scale Up
You’re ready to grow your podcast but you’re at capacity. What now? Come hear about the small, feasible ways you can scale up your podcast.
Jocelyn  Gonzales Sandra Lopez-Monsalve
· Stage
After Party!
Got dance moves?! We want to see them at our After Party in the Stage area! Don’t let DJ Jelisa Osouna down!


Stephanie Kuo

Senior Manager, PRX Training Team

Katy Osuna

Creator and Host, Copper and Heat

Rhea Chedid

Podcast Producer / Host / Manager

Melissa Mbugua

Co-Director, Africa Podfest

Josephine Karianjahi

Head of Partnerships, Africa Podfest

Nichole Hill (She/Her)

Podcast Producer

Sandra Lopez-Monsalve

Audio Engineer and Producer, PRX Productions

Jocelyn Gonzales

Director, PRX Productions

Soleil Ho

Restaurant critic

Phoebe Unter

Artist and audio producer

James Kim

Podcast creator

Miguel Reyes

Executive producer, La No Ficción

Juan Serrano

Executive producer, La No Ficción

Kristen Meinzer

Cohost, By The Book, Movie Therapy with Rafer & Kristen | Author, So You Wan to Start a Podcast

Jonquilyn Hill

Producer of WAMU’s 1A and Through the Cracks

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