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ATEC X 2020

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· Main Stage
Welcome to Europe's leading tech incubator
Dan Ram Prof. Dr. Malte Brettel
· Main Stage
Navigating our Event on Hopin
Dan Ram
· Main Stage
KEYNOTE: Dr. Carolin Gabor - Joonko
Dr. Carolin Gabor
· Main Stage
STARTUP_TOURNAMENT pitchbattle semi-finals part 1
Dan Ram
· Main Stage
KEYNOTE: Sven Schmidt - Machineseeker Group
Sven Schmidt
· Main Stage
Inside the RWTH Incubation Program
Benedikt Wiechers Andreas Schumacher
· Main Stage
KEYNOTE: Maximilian Tayenthal - N26
Maximilian Tayenthal
· Main Stage
KEYNOTE: Frank Thelen - Freigeist Capital
Frank Thelen
· Main Stage
PANEL DISCUSSION: Deep Tech Entrepreneurship
Jasper Masemann Prof. Wil van der Aalst Nicole Büttner Laura Tönnies
· Main Stage
STARTUP_TOURNAMENT pitch battle semi-finals part 2
Dan Ram
· Main Stage
Digital Gym Session #1
· Main Stage
Dan Ram Prof. Elisabeth Clausen Dr. Kristina Wagner Thomas Haehn
· Main Stage
KEYNOTE: Dr. Florian Heinemann - Project A Ventures
Dr. Florian Heinemann
· Theme Tables
Investor & Startup Speed-Dating
· Main Stage
Dan Ram Dr. Inga Noll Prof. Laura De Laporte Dr. Paolo Bavaj
· Main Stage
Evening Event
Dan Ram
· Main Stage
Welcome Back!
Dr. Oliver Grün Dan Ram
· Main Stage
KEYNOTE: Jan Frodeno
Jan Frodeno
· Main Stage
TechForFuture-Challenge - Intro & Showcase
Dan Ram
· Main Stage
TechForFuture-Challenge - Team Pitches
· Main Stage
KEYNOTE: Céline Flores Willers - The People Branding Company
Céline Flores Willers
· Main Stage
KEYNOTE: Fabian von Trotha - Dieter von Holtzbrinck Ventures
Fabian von Trotha
· Main Stage
STARTUP_TOURNAMENT pitch battle finals
Dan Ram
· Main Stage
KEYNOTE: Vera Futorjanski - Veritas Ventures
Vera Futorjanski
· Main Stage
Keynote: Dr. Marco Vietor - audibene
Dr. Marco Vietor
· Main Stage
TechForFuture-Challenge and STARTUP_TOURNAMENT Awards
Dan Ram
· Main Stage
Digital Gym Session #2
· Main Stage
Start NOW & Start SIMPLE
Dan Ram
· Main Stage
digitalHUB Showcase “Entrepreneurship in Aachen”
Iris Wilhelmi Jan Müller
· Main Stage
Alexander Hüsing Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart Matthias Notz Dr. Oliver Grün
· Main Stage
Closing Speech
Prof. Dr. Malte Brettel Dan Ram


Jan Müller

digitalHUB Aachen Manager

Iris Wilhelmi

digitalHUB Aachen Manager

Andreas Schumacher

RWTH Incubation Program Manager

Benedikt Wiechers

RWTH Incubation Program Manager

Nicole Büttner

Co-Founder & CEO - Merantix

Dr. Inga Noll

Trainee Innovation - Covestro

Jasper Masemann

Partner - HV Holtzbrinck Ventures

Vera Futorjanski

CEO & Founder - Veritas Ventures

Alexander Hüsing

Tech influencer and chief editor -

Prof. Elisabeth Clausen

Director at Institute for Advanced Mining Technologies (AMT) - RWTH Aachen University

Jan Frodeno

Olympic Champion & 3X IRONMAN World Champion

Dr. Paolo Bavaj

Head of Henkel Tech Ventures - Henkel AG

Prof. Laura De Laporte

RWTH Professor & Member of Scientific Board of the DWI - Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials

Dr. Florian Heinemann

Founding Partner - Project A Ventures

Prof. Wil van der Aalst

RWTH Professor & Head of Process and Data Science Chair

Thomas Haehn

CEO - HAHN Group

Maximilian Tayenthal

CFO & Founder - N26

Dr. Carolin Gabor

Co-Founder & CEO - Joonko

Dr. Kristina Wagner

Director RoX Program "The Robot X-perience" - KUKA AG

Dr. Oliver Grün

CEO - digitalHUB Aachen

Dan Ram

Moderator / MC

Sven Schmidt

CMO - Machineseeker Group

Céline Flores Willers

CEO & Founder - The People Branding Company

Frank Thelen

CEO & Founder - Freigeist Capital

Matthias Notz

CEO - German Accelerator

Dr. Marco Vietor

Founder - audibene

Laura Tönnies

CEO & Founder - corrux

Prof. Dr. Malte Brettel

Host / RWTH Professor & Entrepreneur

Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart

State Minister for Economic Affairs, Digitization, Innovation and Energy

Fabian von Trotha

Managing Director - DvH Ventures

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Hosted by

RWTH Innovation

Our vision is to build Europe's leading integrated tech incubator.

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RWTH Ideation Program

Our Ideation Program - Your chance to kick-start your business idea

RWTH Incubation Program

Join the new flagship program for deep-tech startups at RWTH! Deadline for Batch #2 is on Nov 8th.

RWTH International Entrepreneurship Office

Support of international founders in settling in Aachen

RWTH Technology Offers – Accessing innovation potential

RWTH Innovation - Business Relations

Offers and information for potential strategic partners of RWTH Aachen

KonSenT (RWTH Incubation Program)

Smart Shelves

H BOX (RWTH Incubation Program)

Revolutionizing the therapy of carbon monoxide poisoning!

PerAGraft GmbH (RWTH Incubation Program)

Delivering individualised implants in a fraction of the time.

CellEQ GmbH (RWTH Incubation Program)

Analysis Equipment for reactive plastics

EnergyCortex (RWTH Incubation Program)

SaaS-Lösungen für Energiedatentransparenz

InnoSurge AC (RWTH Incubation Program)

Medical Software for AI-Optimized Automated Surgical Planning

Terranigma Solutions (RWTH Incubation Program)

Digitally augmenting the geologist - anywhere, anytime.

Fibrothelium (RWTH Incubation Program)

Silk proteins for medical and tech applications!

SONAH GmbH (RWTH Incubation Program)

smart embedded vision sensor to solve urban problems

CISOSCOPE (RWTH Incubation Program)

by Synamic Technologies, GERMANY

Mindmotiv (RWTH Incubation Program)

Embedded QA Cloud

digitalHUB Aachen e.V.

digitalHUB Aachen

Gründerregion Aachen

We make business - Start-up consulting in the Aachen region

Collective Incubator

Hotspot for entrepreneurs in Aachen

German Accelerator

empowers German startups to scale globally.



The law firm that has advised on more VC deals in Europe than any other firm for an unprecedented 18 quarters in a row (PitchBook Q2 2020). Now, we want to share our insights with the tech ecosystem around the RWTH!

Early-stage venture capital


Axel Springer Porsche GmbH & Co. KG

Atlantic Labs

Early-stage venture capital investment fund based in Berlin


We accelerate growth.

Curious Capital

Seed and early stage investor

First Momentum Ventures

Pre-Seed funding for the next generation of technical founders 👨‍🔧_👩‍💻

FO Holding

Die FO Holding ist ein Single Family Office aus Düsseldorf.

High-Tech Gründerfonds

Germany's largest seed investor

HV Ventures

Please insert short description

JOIN Capital

Investment Analyst @ JOIN Capital

neoteq ventures

Venture capital for the Rhineland and beyond

Paua Ventures

Early-stage B2B Tech Investor based in Berlin

Picus Capital

Early-stage technology investment firm

Techvision Fonds

Venture Capital. We invest in people, ideas and solutions, not in products.

UVC Partners

UVC Partners is a Munich- and Berlin-based early-stage venture capital firm that invests in technology-based startups in the areas of enterprise software, industrial technologies, and mobility. The fund typically invests between € 0.5 – 4m initially and up to € 15m in total per company

Vorwerk Ventures

Independent Venture Capital Fund focusing on consumer enabling tech

German Indian Startup Exchange Program (GINSEP) by German Startups Association

Strengthening the economic ties between Germany and India in the field of startups.

Freigeist Capital

Business Angels FrankfurtRheinMain e.V.

Seit 20 Jahren aktiv -

Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Germany

Start-up <-> Investor Matching Platform run by HBS Alumni

Business Angels Club Berlin-Brandenburg

We are a network of 70+ Business Angels helping early stage Startups with know-how, contacts and network.


Serviced offices for your start-up

Voice Rooms for Remote Teams


SaaS for AI Robustness, Safety & Functionality.

Secure, simple and encrypted video conferencing


Design games online collaboratively

Global window shopping of insurances

Arkris AI

Arkris empower companies to reduce the administrative labor costs


A Hub for digital comics


The number one tool pr professionals love and use every day.

Lition Energy

The market place for renewable energies


eveon circular - testing and remanufacturing of used EV Batteries


AI - Restaurants & Bars Discovery


Discover the reality.

Introducing: KlikA

your intermodal buddy for all-day companion


Smart wireless charging for offices and hospitality venues

AUF Mobility

Schenkt Unabhängigkeit! / Gifts you independence!


phyphox - Your Smartphone is a mobile lab


Ohne Datenqualität – Keine Digitalisierung


Digital Twin in Biotechnology


Intelligent Process Digitalization

Human mobility & behavior insights from mobile location data


Enabling next generation mobile communications!


Making the future affordable



ACCURE Battery Intelligence

Empowering Batteries


Parship for trustworthy industrial credentials


Accessibility by Innovation

Cynteract GmbH

Gamification in Rehabilitation


Mathe. Richtig.

On-demand microelectronics printing

WEBSUMMIT Alpha Startup 2020 -



Social Recruiting Platform

R8 Digital Operator takes your building’s technical management to the next generation by ensuring highest indoor climate comfort and energy efficiency with artificial intelligence on top of the existing automation system.


Sonaris the autonomous ultrasound device – a user-independent, AI-powered solution enabling reimbursed medical ultrasound diagnostics anywhere anytime.


The smart office chair

AC.E Aachener Entrepreneurship Team - the smart way to book services

und Pohlen

Beratung, Gestaltung und Umsetzung


Our neural networks disassemble, recognize and analyze objects in 3D-Scans of real-world assets.


the intelligent way of searching

Cyrus Technology GmbH

Industrial Solutions 4.0

Bobbie Deutschland GmbH


Redefining the way we search.

415 Capital

Please insert short description

42 Cap

Please insert short description


Please insert short description

DvH Ventures

Please insert short description


Please insert short description

EQT Ventures

Please insert short description

Freigeist Capital

Freigeist Capital

Christian Edler

Please insert short description

Seed + Speed Ventures

Please insert short description


Please insert short description

TEV Team Management

Please insert short description

Wi Venture

Please insert short description

Aachen Building Experts

NRW Bank

NRW Bank