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Nick Agar

Founder at AXIA Project

Kimberly Adams

Head of Marketing at XDB Foundation

Valerian Bennett

CEO at POP Network

Raoul Milhado

CEO at Elitium

Sergey Kononykhin

o-Founder at NetBox Global

Abdul Rafay

Co-Founder & CFO at Zignaly

Nikita Inshakov

Founding Member at FreeTON DeFi Alliance

Ethan Ng


Kevin J. Meredith

Founder and CEO of Global Sports Initiatives, Inc

Joel Dietz

Founder at Art Wallet, Fellow at MIT

Suha Askary

Regional VP at Alpha Sigma Capital

Chetan Mehta

CEO at WAMI Capital

Mustafa Al Hasan

Al Hasan Family Office

Andrew Kiguel

CEO at

Kyle Chasse

Founder of Master Ventures and PAID Network

Zak Taher

COO at MEX Digital

Susan Han

Investment Manager at OKEx Blockdream Ventures

Jehan Chu

Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Kenetic Capital

Jean-Luc Gustav

Vice President of Asia at GDA Capital

Michael Gord

Co-Founder and CEO of GDA Capital & Managing Director at the XDB Foundation

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GDA Group

The GDA Group is one of the first and most established blockchain firms in North America. In addition to hosting community events, GDA is focused in diverse areas of the blockchain and digital asset industries including capital markets, digital asset offerings & capital formation, trading & liquidity, consulting, development and other related services.

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