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Vanessa Van Decker (She,Her)

Head of Event

Dana Kokoska (She,Her)

Ascension Marketing Lead

Dr. Tanya Harrison (She,Her)

Director of Strategic Science Initiatives at Planet

Dr. Kris Lehnhardt (He,Him)

Element Scientist for Exploration Medical Capability at NASA Johnson Space Center

Julie Claveau (She,Her)

Program Scientist in Space Astronomy at the Canadian Space Agency

Hira Nadeem (She, Her)

Student at Western University and Co-Founder of the Zenith Canada Pathways Foundation

Bethany Downer (She,Her)

Chief Science Communications Officer for the Hubble and James Webb Space Telescopes for the ESA

Dr. Shawna Pandya (She,Her)

Director Project PoSSUM/IIAS Space Medicine Group

Anna Voelker (They,Them)

Founder & Executive Director of the SciAccess

Nicole Mortillaro (She,Her)

Editor of the Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

Prof. Andrew Higgins (He,Him)

Professor of Mechanical Engineering at McGill University

Dr. George Zhu (He,Him)

Professor and York Research Chair at York University

Prof. Regina Lee (She,Her)

Associate Professor at the Department of Earth and Space Science and Engineering at York University

Dr. Parshati Patel (She,Her)

Science Communicator, STEM Educator

Stephen Matier (He,Him)

President and CEO of Maritime Launch Services

Jason Michaud (He,Him)

Founder of Stardust Technologies

Prof. Keith Vanderlinde (He,Him)

Experimental Cosmologist, Long-wavelenght Instrumentalist, Assistant Professor at the UofT

Dr. Hilding Neilson (He,Him)

Astronomer, Astrophysicist, and Assistant Professor at UofT

Clinton Senkow (He,Him)

Co-founder & COO of Influencive, CEO of Senkow Ventures

Dr. Cecilia Leung (She,Her)

NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellow at JPL

Dr. David Kendall (He,Him)

Faculty Emeritus at International Space University

Dr. Jamil A. Shariff (He,Him)

Astrophysicist at MDA

Éric Vachon (He, Him)

Director General for CSA’s Space Science and Technology branch

Dr. Farah Alibay (She,Her)

Aerospace Engineer at NASA

Dr. Matt Russo (He,Him)

Lecturer at the University of Toronto, Co-founder of SYSTEM Sound

Dr. Mariek Schmidt (She,Her)

Associate Professor of Earth Sciences at Brock University and Geologist

Aaron Rosenstein

SEDS-Canada Director at Large

Ishan Acharya

Conference Speakers Coordinator

Marieke de Korte

SEDS-Canada VP External

Megan Rose

CAN-SBX Assistant Project Manager

Chimira Andres

SEDS-Canada President

Benoit Saulnier

CAN-RGX Assistant Project Manager

Katie Gwozdecky

Mechanical Designer

Caitlin O'Brien

Mission: AstroAccess


Sinclair Interplanetary by Rocket Lab

Sinclair Interplanetary is a leading satellite hardware manufacturer.

Stardust Technologies

Empower the future through innovative technologies, science, and space exploration


Engineering Information Management (EIM) software that empowers engineers


Students for the Exploration and Development of Space / Étudiants pour l'Exploration et le Développement Spatial


Ryerson University’s multidisciplinary robotics team

UW Orbital

The University of Waterloo's CubeSat team, participating in the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge (CSDC)

Microgravity Experiment Modulus Establishment

Our team focus on conducting micro and hypergravity related experiments

Queen's Rocket Engineering Team

QRET: The Fastest Team On Campus


A student society from Polytechnique Montréal

Mission SpaceWalker

Investigation of the behavior of electroadhesive robots in a reduced gravity environment

Space Health Division at Space Concordia

Quebec's First Space Health Academia Research Group!

Oronos Polytechnique

Student Researched and Developed Sounding Rockets


Carleton University's Student Club that designs Radiation Sensors with Nanoparticles

The Sound of Space

A podcast brought to you by the University of Toronto Aerospace Team (UTAT)

Space Concordia - Spacecraft Division

Space Concordia Spacecraft Division - Canadian CubeSat Project Participants

UBC Rocket

We build cool rockets

Space Concordia - Rocketry Division

Canada's Most Advanced Rocketry Group

Queen's Space Engineering Team

Building the next generation of space engineering talent.

University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies