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Welcome Address: Alex Gibson, ARVR INNOVATE Founder, and David Gardiner, TU Dublin Open Labs
David Gardiner Alex Gibson
2021-05-13T10:00:00Z 2021-05-13T10:05:00Z Europe/Dublin Welcome+Address%3A+Alex+Gibson%2C+ARVR+INNOVATE+Founder%2C+and+David+Gardiner%2C+TU+Dublin+Open+Labs Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Thursday Keynote: Cecile Tezenas du Montcel, Europe VR lead , HP Inc.: 'VR : the future of computing'.
Cecile Tezenas du Montcel, Europe VR lead , HP Inc
cecile tezenas du montcel
2021-05-13T10:05:00Z 2021-05-13T10:40:00Z Europe/Dublin Thursday+Keynote%3A+Cecile+Tezenas+du+Montcel%2C+Europe+VR+lead+%2C+HP+Inc.%3A+%27VR+%3A+the+future+of+computing%27.++ Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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AR in Manufacturing and Industry: Curated by AREA ( Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance ). Mark Sage, Exec Director, AREA; Jon Arnold, RealWear; Keith Russell, MagicLeap; Johan De Geyter, Iristick.
Difference between Augmented and Assisted Reality? Benefits of both? Cost of owning Hardware?
Jon Arnold Mark Sage Keith Russell Johan De Geyter
2021-05-13T10:45:00Z 2021-05-13T11:25:00Z Europe/Dublin AR+in+Manufacturing+and+Industry%3A+Curated+by+AREA+%28+Augmented+Reality+for+Enterprise+Alliance+%29.+Mark+Sage%2C+Exec+Director%2C+AREA%3B++Jon+Arnold%2C+RealWear%3B+++Keith+Russell%2C+MagicLeap%3B++Johan+De+Geyter%2C+Iristick. Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Immersive Tech and Marketing: Alex Gibson, TU Dublin & ARVR INNOVATE, Chair; James Watson, XR Tech Marketing UK Filippos Arvanitakis, Creative Director, Outhere, Sweden Cortney Harding, Friends with Holograms United States Rafa Pages, Volograms Ireland
Filippos Arvanitakis Alex Gibson James Watson Cortney Harding Rafael Pages
2021-05-13T11:30:00Z 2021-05-13T12:15:00Z Europe/Dublin Immersive+Tech+and+Marketing%3A+Alex+Gibson%2C+TU+Dublin+%26+ARVR+INNOVATE%2C+Chair%3B+James+Watson%2C+XR+Tech+Marketing+UK++Filippos+Arvanitakis%2C+Creative+Director%2C+Outhere%2C+Sweden++Cortney+Harding%2C+Friends+with+Holograms+United+States++Rafa+Pages%2C+Volograms+Ireland Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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State of Immersive Tech Today: Dr. Ann Mc Namara, Texas A+M University Dr Paul Sweeney, Salience Consulting, ( Panel Chair) Dr Brian Vaughan, TU Dublin Andy O’Sullivan, Liberty Insurances
Brian Vaughan Ann McNamara Andy O'Sullivan Paul Sweeney
2021-05-13T12:15:00Z 2021-05-13T13:00:00Z Europe/Dublin State+of+Immersive+Tech+Today%3A+Dr.+Ann+Mc+Namara%2C+Texas+A%2BM+University++Dr+Paul+Sweeney%2C+Salience+Consulting%2C+%28+Panel+Chair%29+++Dr+Brian+Vaughan%2C+TU+Dublin++Andy+O%E2%80%99Sullivan%2C+Liberty+Insurances Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Networking
ARVR INNOVATE After Party hosted by Eirmersive ( note this is taking place in Alt Space to register
Join the Eirmersive community in AltSpace
2021-05-13T20:00:00Z 2021-05-13T21:30:00Z Europe/Dublin Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Friday Keynote: Alan Smithson, Founder, MetaVRse: "XR By The Numbers"
Alan Smithson, B.Sc. - Co-Founder & CMO - MetaVRse, Inc.
Alan Smithson
2021-05-14T10:00:00Z 2021-05-14T10:40:00Z Europe/Dublin Friday+Keynote%3A+Alan+Smithson%2C+Founder%2C++MetaVRse%3A+%22XR+By+The+Numbers%22 Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Consumer Immersive Experiences: Retail and Tourism, Barry Rogers, Docklands Dublin, Panel Chair - Dr.Ramy Hammady ( Solent University) Leigh Davidson, (Marxent), Allen Wixted, ( Get Plop)
Allen Wixted Barry  Rogers Leigh Davidson Ramy Hammady
2021-05-14T10:45:00Z 2021-05-14T11:30:00Z Europe/Dublin Consumer+Immersive+Experiences%3A+Retail+and+Tourism%2C+Barry+Rogers%2C+Docklands+Dublin%2C+Panel+Chair+-++Dr.Ramy+Hammady+%28+Solent+University%29+++Leigh+Davidson%2C+%28Marxent%29%2C+Allen+Wixted%2C+%28+Get+Plop%29+ Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Immersive Tech and Healthcare: Niall O’Driscoll, vStream Health; Alistair Mc Bride, Pfizer; Dr. Adrienne Fleming, TU Dublin; Dr Naoise Collins, RCSI; James Hayes, Virtual Medical Coaching
Adrienne Fleming Niall O'Driscoll Dr Alistair McBride BSc, MB, BS, Dip. Pharm. Med (Ire)., DPM, FFPM Naoise Collins James Hayes
2021-05-14T11:45:00Z 2021-05-14T12:30:00Z Europe/Dublin Immersive+Tech+and+Healthcare%3A+Niall+O%E2%80%99Driscoll%2C+vStream+Health%3B++++Alistair+Mc+Bride%2C+Pfizer%3B+Dr.+Adrienne+Fleming%2C+TU+Dublin%3B++Dr+Naoise+Collins%2C+RCSI%3B++James+Hayes%2C+Virtual+Medical+Coaching Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Immersive Tech and Creative Industries: Chair - Camille Donegan, Solas VR, Dublin; Zoe Seaton, Big Telly, Belfast; Susan Cummings, Tiny Rebel Games , Newport, Jack Morrow, Retinize, Belfast
Jack Morrow Zoe Seaton Camille Donegan Susan Cummings
2021-05-14T12:30:00Z 2021-05-14T13:15:00Z Europe/Dublin Immersive+Tech+and+Creative+Industries%3A+Chair+-+Camille+Donegan%2C+Solas+VR%2C+Dublin%3B+Zoe+Seaton%2C+Big+Telly%2C+Belfast%3B+Susan+Cummings%2C+Tiny+Rebel+Games+%2C+Newport%2C+Jack+Morrow%2C+Retinize%2C+Belfast Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Sessions
India AR VR Roundtable Event
New for 2021 -Hosted by Sandeep Kannirasan, join our delegates from India to discuss how immersive tech is expanding in the sub-continent
Ankur Arora Prafulla Mathur Shabista Booshan Alex Gibson Sandeep Kannirasan
2021-05-14T12:40:00Z 2021-05-14T13:10:00Z Europe/Dublin India+AR+VR+Roundtable+Event Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Stage
Ones to Watch: David Gardiner, TU Dublin Open Labs & Co-founder Virtual Reality Lab - TU Dublin
‘Ones to Watch’ by TU Dublin Open Labs & ARVR Innovate, XR Tech companies that show high promise: Jackie Carroll, Genie in Headset; Dr Bernard Lillis, Simir
Bernard Lillis Jackie Carroll David Gardiner Alex Gibson
2021-05-14T13:20:00Z 2021-05-14T13:40:00Z Europe/Dublin Ones+to+Watch%3A+David+Gardiner%2C++TU+Dublin+Open+Labs+%26+Co-founder+Virtual+Reality+Lab+-+TU+Dublin Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
· Stage
Conference Closing Address
Conference founder Alex Gibson, TU Dublin, will formally close the event.
Alex Gibson
2021-05-14T13:40:00Z 2021-05-14T13:45:00Z Europe/Dublin Conference+Closing+Address Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)


Allen Wixted

Panelist - Retail and Tourism

Ramy Hammady

Chair - Retail and Tourism Panel

James Watson

Panelist - Marketing

Alex Gibson

Panel Chair - Marketing

Adrienne Fleming

Panelist - Healthcare

Shabista Booshan

India Roundtable Participant

Prafulla Mathur

Co-Founder - Vossle & Quepplin

Ankur Arora

Head - Digital Innovation - Sodexo - India

Keith Russell

Enterprise Panelist

Paul Sweeney

Panel Chair

Ann McNamara


Alan Smithson

Expert and Keynote Speaker

Zoe Seaton

Panelist - Creative Industries

David Gardiner

Opening Address

Jackie Carroll

Ones to Watch

Leigh Davidson


Sandeep Kannirasan

Roundtable Host

Jon Arnold

Panelist AREA

Filippos Arvanitakis

Marketing Panelist

Brian Vaughan

Panellist- Future of XR

Bernard Lillis

One to Watch

Mark Sage

Panel Chair - The AREA Enterprise Panel

Susan Cummings

Panelist - Creative Industries

Camille Donegan

Panel Chair - Creative Industries

James Hayes

Panellist - Healthcare

Naoise Collins

Panellist - Healthcare

Jack Morrow

Panelist Creative Industries

Johan De Geyter

AREA Panelist

Niall O'Driscoll

Panel Chair - Health

Andy O'Sullivan

Future Trends Panelist

Barry Rogers

Panelist - Tourism and Retail

Cortney Harding

Panelist - Marketing

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