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ArticulATE: The Food Robotics Summit

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Mark Chaney

CEO, WineCab

Aubrey Donnellan

Founder, Bear Flag Robotics

Suma Reddy

CEO, Future Acres

Khalid Aboujassoum

CEO, Else Labs

Kevork Sevadjian

CEO, Gastronomous

Pete Ashcraft

Senior V.P. Global Chain Development, TurboChef

Alex Barseghian

CEO, RoboEatz

Clayton Wood

CEO, Picnic

Louisa Burwood-Taylor

Editor, Agfunder News

Kevin Morris

CFO, Wavemaker Labs

Buck Jordan

CEO, Wavemaker Labs

Ram Vasudevan

Cofounder, Refraction

Andrew Benzinger

Business Development Manager, AutoStore

Surj Patel


Gunnar @ YPC Technologies

CEO, YPC Technologies

Brian Frank (FTW)

Founder, FTW Ventures

Glenn Mathijssen

CEO, Alberts

Christopher Albrecht

Editor in Chief, The Spoon

Covahne Michaels

Head of Marketing, Blendid

Massimo Noja De Marco

CEO, Piestro

Stacey Higginbotham

Stacey on IoT

Michael Wolf

Publisher, The Spoon

Ashley Daigneault

Head of Marketing, The Spoon

Andy Lin

CEO, Yokai Express

Jenn Marston

Senior Editor, The Spoon

Maggie Sprenger

Partner, Green Cow VC

Jules Tipler

Moley Robotics

Nancy Lee

Head of International Business Development, Pix Moving

Jamie Harkrider

Chief Strategy Officer, Sojourn

Trinh Le-Fiedler

CEO, Nomitri

Bobby Healy

CEO, Manna

Mara Behren

Head of Marketing & Design, Chowbotics at DoorDash

Rich Steiner

Head of Policy, Gatik

Sven Mesecke

CEO, Sojourn

Dmitry Shevelenko

Co-Founder, Tortoise

Jeff Wells

Reporter, Grocery Dive

Dibyananda Brahma

Vice President Growth, Mukunda Foods

Aaron Prather

Technical Lead, R&D, FedEX

Ben Winston

CEO, Rotender

Brita Rosenheim

Principal, Culterra Capital

Manuela Papadopol

Founder, Designated Driver

Ritukar Vijay

CEO, Ottonomy

Barney Wragg

CEO, Karakuri

Benoit Herve

CEO, Le Bread Xpress

Alena Tikhova

CMO, xRobotics

Ryan Walsh

CEO, Valqari

Mark Oleynik

Founder, Moley Robotics

Motilal Agrawal

CTO, Zippin

Lindsey Horvath

Mayor, West Hollywood

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The Spoon

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