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ArmadilloCon 2020

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· Expo
Dealer's Room (Expo)
Remember the Dealers' Room? You'll find many of your favorite artists and vendors in the Expo area!
· Sessions
Gather in the Bar! (Video Sharing Active in this Room!)
It's Friday night at the Con! Pull up a drink, put on a nice shirt (?), and join us for a chat!
· Sessions
Book Launch: Donna Dechen Birdwell's Song of All Songs
Join the online fun at Malvern:
· Sessions
Spin Art with Hugo-Nominated Artist Sara Felix!
Sara Felix creates spin art, then receive the piece afterwards! Submit your color choices for consideration:
· Stage
So You Want to Write Fiction (Featuring Tade Thompson)
A session for unpublished writers covering matters of craft and living.
Vida Cruz Tade Thompson
· Sessions
Reading by Usman T. Malik
Reading by author who has won the Bram Stoker & British Fantasy Awards, and been nominated for the World Fantasy Award and Nebulas.
Usman Malik
· Sessions
Tiara Creation with Sara Felix!
Two-time Hugo Nominee Artist Sara Felix talks about tiara creation, gives tips and demos the creation of one.
Sara Felix
· Sessions
Salam Award: Speculative Fiction in Pakistan
Come hear stories from 4 Salam Award honorees Akbar Shehzad, Maira Asaad, Zain R. Mian & Laila Kasuri!
Akbar Shahzad Zain R. Mian
· Sessions
Speculative Poetry For Speculative People (Reading)
Thought poetry was dead? Out of the current bleakness come the literary heroes to save you from boredom! Enter The Speculative Poets!
· Sessions
Cadwell Turnbull Reading
His work was on the best of 2019 lists for Pub Weekly, Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews & on the Locus‘ 2019 Recommended Reading List for First Novel.
· Sessions
Van Show Interviews S.G. Wilson
The Austin Public Library's Van Show interviews S.G. Wilson, author of ME VS. THE MULTIVERSE: PLEASED TO MEET ME!
· Sessions
Reading by Nicky Drayden
Nicky Drayden (Escaping Exodus, Hero of Numbani) will read. Her newest, Escaping Exodus: Symbiosis, comes out in February!
· Sessions
Tea Party with Tea Punk Teas
Drop by, most illustrious friends, as we enjoy afternoon tea! A civilized hour with Tea Punk Teas & Melissa, Grande Dame of the Con Suite!
· Sessions
Worldbuilding for Masochists Podcast
Come sit in with the always-fun Worldbuilding for Masochists team!
· Stage
SCREENING: All Hail the Popcorn King (Joe R. Lansdale Documentary)
A screening of Hansi Oppenheimer's 2020 documentary about Texas author Joe R. Lansdale!
Joe R. Lansdale
· Sessions
Van Show Interviews Rudy Ruiz
The Austin Public Library's Van Show interviews Rudy Ruiz, award-winning author of THE RESURRECTION OF FULGENCIO RAMIREZ!
· Sessions
Q&A: Filmmaker Hansi Oppenheimer & Author Joe R. Lansdale
Filmmaker Hansi Oppenheimer & Author Joe R. Lansdale talk about the film, and answer questions.
Joe R. Lansdale
· Sessions
Van Show Interviews Juan Manuel Perez
The Austin Public Library's Van Show interviews Juan Manuel Perez, Poet Laureate of Corpus Christi, Push Cart Nominee and El Chupacabras Poet Laureate.
· Stage
SCREENING: Squee Fu: Fans Celebrate the Return of Joe Bob Briggs
2018 documentary about the drive-in king. Includes an appearance by Joe R. Lansdale!
· Sessions
Talking About Food and Talking About Dreams
Marshall Ryan Maresca Libia Brenda
· Sessions
A Reading by Joe R. Lansdale
Joe R. Lansdale will read from his new novel MORE BETTER DEALS!
Joe R. Lansdale
· Sessions
Van Show Interviews Sara Felix
The Austin Public Library's Van Show interviews Hugo-Nominated Artist Sara Felix!
· Sessions
Flash Fiction for Fun & Prizes!
Join the Space Squid crew for our annual flash fiction contest! Winner published in Space Squid. Other prices to be announced!
· Sessions
Gather in the Bar! (Video Sharing Active in this Room!)
Saturday afternoon and evening at the Con! Grab a snack, something cold and join us to shoot the breeze!
· Sessions
Stina Leicht Reading (PERSEPHONE STATION, forthcoming)
Hugo award–nominated author Stina Leicht has created a take on space opera for fans of The Mandalorian and Cowboy Bebop in this high-stakes adventure.
Stina Leicht
· Sessions
Marshall Ryan Maresca - Maradaine Readings
Marshall will read from THE VELOCITY OF REVOLUTION (Coming Feb 2021) and other tasty Maradaine morsels!
· Sessions
Van Show Interviews Filmmaker Hansi Oppenheimer
The Austin Public Library's Van Show interviews filmmaker Hansi Oppenheimer
· Sessions
It's All Just a Draft - Writing Wisdom from TOBIAS S. BUCKELL!
New York Times Bestselling and World Fantasy Award-winning author Tobias S. Buckell reads from IT'S JUST A DRAFT!
Tobias Buckell Tobias Buckell
· Sessions
Perseverance Mars 2020 Mission
On July 30th, an Atlas 5 carried the Perseverance Rover into space. Learn more about this exciting mission!
John K Gibbons
· Sessions
Queer Fantasy and Science Fiction Romance
SFF and romance have collided in recent years, as romance writers dive deep into worldbuilding and speculative writers develop rich romantic storylines!
· Sessions
Tachyon Publications 25th Anniversary Extravaganza!
Marie Brennan, Daryl Gregory, Joe R. Lansdale, Michael Swanwick, Kimberly Unger and Carrie Vaughn join Tachyon editors to celebrate!
Carrie Vaughn Kimberley Unger Marie Brennan Daryl Gregory Jill Roberts Joe R. Lansdale Michael Swanwick
· Sessions
Fannish Feud!
Pros vs Fans
· Sessions
Bad Roll Models
Playing and podcasting the not-QUITE-forgotten role playing games of the 1980s. It's playing games and having fun around the kitchen table...
S.G. Wilson Matthew Bey Nicky Drayden
· Sessions
Vida Cruz - Reading
Filipina fantasy and science fiction writer, editor, artist & tarot reader. 2018 Tiptree Fellow. Her fantasy short story collection is Beyond the Line of Trees.
Vida Cruz
· Sessions
Con Suite at Home! How to Throw a Great Party (from the Queen of the Con Suite)
Melissa Tolliver, legendary Con Suite runner, tells you how to run a big party (because the Con Suite is a really big party)!
Melissa K. Tolliver
· Sessions
ConSuite at Home! ArmadilloCon's Basket Surprise "Cooking" Competition
Sign up in advance! You'll get a list of common ingredients, combine them & get you or someone you are sheltering with to take a bite!
Melissa K. Tolliver
· Sessions
Christopher Brown will read from his new novel FAILED STATE!
"As tense and thrilling as any of Brown's work, and as full of rage and hope!"
Christopher Brown
· Sessions
Reading by Amber Royer
Amber Royer writes the CHOCOVERSE comic telenovela-style foodie-inspired space opera series.
Amber Royer
· Sessions
The Joy of Writing: Getting Into the Kitchen (COPING)
Inspiration can be elusive. We'll discuss effective writing tips to sit down in front of a blank page, such as brainstorms, outlines & procrastination busters.
Clayton Hackett Patrice Sarath Aaron DaMommio Kat Patrick
· Sessions
The Joy of Writing: Get Cooking (DRAFTING)
Successful methods of creating content, including writing sprints, word count goals & free writing. Research vs cultural appropriation. Writing what you know.
Jessica Reisman Holly Walrath Marshall Ryan Maresca Aaron DaMommio Kat Patrick
· Sessions
Covering Up: How an Artist Approaches the Cover Process (4 PM)
Priscilla Kim will share a selection of her work while talking about her career and her processes in working with publishers and authors.
Priscilla Kim
· Sessions
The Joy of Writing: Bringing It to the Table (EDITING)
Authors discuss successful methods of revision, self-editing, and taking ego out of the mix.
Aaron DaMommio Kat Patrick Joe McDermott William Ledbetter Michelle Muenzler
· Networking
· Sessions
The Joy of Writing: Networking
The Joy of Writing panel series concludes with a networking opportunity.


Jessica Reisman

Author | Writing Workshop

William Ledbetter

Author | Writing Workshop

Joe McDermott

Author | Writing Workshop

Holly Walrath

Author | Writing Workshop

Patrice Sarath

Author | Editor | Writing Workshop

Clayton Hackett

Author | Writing Workshop

Kat Patrick

Author | Writing Workshop

Aaron DaMommio

Author | Writing Workshop

Priscilla Kim

Illustrator and Concept Artist

Amber Royer

Amber Royer writes the CHOCOVERSE comic telenovela-style foodie-inspired space opera series .

John K Gibbons

Solar System Ambassador

Nicky Drayden

Author Hero of Numbani, Escaping Exodus, Prey of Gods

Cameron Stewart


Matthew Bey

Space Squid | Esteemed Country Gentleman

d chang

Space Squid

Joi Chevalier

Senior Product Strategist, Technical Product Management Director; Entrepreneur

Tobias Buckell

New York Times Bestselling Author, Futurist, Speaker, and Blogger

Tobias Buckell

New York Times Bestselling and World Fantasy Award-winning author

Joe R. Lansdale

Winner of the Edgar Award, 8 Bram Stokers, the Horror Writers Association Lifetime Achievement Award

Christie Lauder

Salam Award, Non-Fiction Editor of New Delta Review, Director of the Delta Mouth Literary Festival at LSU

Cadwell Turnbull

Author of the science fiction novel The Lesson

Michelle Muenzler

Author of the Weird, Sometimes Poet

Marshall Ryan Maresca

Fantasy and science-fiction writer, author of the Maradaine novels from DAW Books

Nur Ibrahim

TV producer, writer, Salam Award finalist

Sara Felix

Two time Hugo designer and jewelry artist, president of ASFA, the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists

Vida Cruz

Writer-editor-artist-tarot reader. BSFA longlisted. Tiptree Fellow. Clarion '14.

Melissa K. Tolliver

Writer, Con Suite

Marie Brennan

Award-winning author of the Memoirs of Lady Trent and other fantasy series

Maira Asaad

Speculative Fiction Writer, Salam Award for Imaginative Fiction Honourable Mention 2017 & 2018

Lyssandra Gallup

Functional Ceramics

Libia Brenda

Editor, Writer, Translator, Co-founder of the Cúmulo de Tesla collective

Laila Kasuri

Speculative Fiction Writer, Salam Award for Imaginative Fiction Honourable Mention 2017

Kimberley Unger

Debut sci-fi novel "NUCLEATION" out in 2020 from Tachyon Publications | Oculus+indie gamedev+ex-CEO+Lecturer at UCSC

Juan Manuel Perez

Poet Laureate of Corpus Christi | Push Cart Nominee | El Chupacabras Poet Laureate

Zain R. Mian

Speculative Fiction Writer, Salam Award for Imaginative Fiction Honourable Mention 2017

D.L. Young

Author of intense, SF thrillers, Pushcart Prize nominee, winner of the Independent Press Award

Walter Jon Williams

Times and New York Times best selling author of over 30 novels, world traveler, and a black belt in Kenpo Karate

Usman Malik

Pakistani-American writer and doctor | Winner of the Bram Stoker and British Fantasy Awards

Tade Thompson

Reader, writer, medic | He/Him

Stina Leicht

Feminist. SFF author. PERSEPHONE STATION coming Jan 2021. Agent: Hannah Bowman

S.G. Wilson


Scott Zrubek

Art Show Director (ArmadilloCon, World Fantasy, Worldcon)

Rudy Ruiz

Award-winning American author, advocate and social entrepreneur | THE RESURRECTION OF FULGENCIO RAMIREZ

Michael Swanwick

Writer of fantasy and science fiction novels and short fiction. Winner of various awards

Jonathan Leal

Scholar-Musician, Co-Creator Futuro Conjunto

Jill Roberts

Managing Editor at Tachyon Publications

Irenosen Okojie

Writer.Caine Prize. Betty Trask Award. Afro-naut. Liminal griot. Genre Bender. New York Times,The Observer, The Guardian

Genevieve Dodd

Tea Punk Teas!

Denman Glober

Writer, reader, city planning, policy research, geographic information systems, land use, grant writing

Daryl Gregory

Award-winning Writer of Genre-mixing Novels, Stories, and Comics

Christopher Brown

Writer | Lawyer | John W. Campbell Award finalist | World Fantasy Award nominee | FAILED STATE

Christie Lauder

Salam Award, Non-Fiction Editor of New Delta Review, Director of the Delta Mouth Literary Festival at LSU

Charlie Vela

Recording Engineer- Producer'Director, Futuro Conjunto, Borderlands music history documentary

Cassandra Rose

Author of Forget This Ever Happened (coming Sept 1)

Carrie Vaughn

New York Times Bestselling Author of Over 20 Novels | Hugo Award finalist

Alexandra Rowland

Author of Finding Faeries (coming Oct 20), Co-host of the Hugo Award nominated podcast Be the Serpent

Akbar Shahzad

Speculative Fiction Writer, Salam Award for Imaginative Fiction Winner 2018

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