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Kleber Bacili

CEO & Co-Founder at Sensedia

Marcilio Oliveira

Chief of Growth & Co-Founder at Sensedia

Fabio Rosato

Solutions Director at Sensedia

Adilson Cavati

Business Director at Sensedia

Fabio Gonsalez

CEO at Torq

Marcelo Duarte

Product Manager at Sinqia

Leandro Scripiliti

Director of Technology at Sinqia

Iván Enrique Juscamaita

Innovation & Transformation Director at AmbideXtro

Gabriel Alzate Tobon

Innovation & Digital Transformation Manager at Sophos Solutions

Roey Eliyahu

CEO and co-founder Salt Security

Luis Urrelo

Corporate Architecture Leader at Intercorp Retail

Cristiano Bezerra

Enterprise Architecture and Development Automation Manager at SulAmérica

Ramón Heredia

Executive Director at Digital Bank Latam

Claudio Rodrigues

Head of Technology at Banco Ripley Chile

Rodrigo Bornholdt

Founder & CTO at

Fábio Levi

Executive Director at BTG Pactual

Wijnand Machielse

European Markets Director at SRC Security Research & Consulting

Masego Mbaakanyi

Fintech Association Botswana Founder

Mark Boyd

Writer & analyst at Platformable

Rocio H. Robles

Socia at Tenet Consultores S.C.

Leandro Estrada

Architecture Manager at Elo

Sam Taussig

Vice President of Product Development & Special Projects at American Express

Richard Prior


Bruno Diniz

Region Director for FDATA LatAm

Alexandre Gomes

Director Of Operations And Business Development LatAm at Sensedia

Victor Rivera

VP LatAm at Open Banking Exchange

Lucas Tempestini

Global Marketing Manager at Sensedia

Jose Gómez Amador

Country Manager Colombia at Sensedia

Rafael Rocha

Head of Solutions and Technical Sales Engineering

Natalia Cruz

Consulting Manager | Open Banking Specialist at Sensedia

Carlos Henrique Rodrigues de Sousa

Gerente de Engenharia de Governo Digital

Pablo Augusto

Founder & CTO at

Lucas Montanini

Founder & CEO

Lucas Ferrari

Manager of Customer Success Business at Sensedia

Luiz Queiroz

Superintendent of Corporate Architecture at MAG

Volmar Machado

Volmar Machado IT Director at Sicredi

Daniel Freire

IT Director at BMG Bank

Filipe Torqueto

Software Architect at Sensedia

Robisson de Oliveira

Software Architect at Sensedia

Gustavo Domingues

Product Manager at AME Digital

Juliana Simões

Product Manager at AME Digital

Raphael Monteiro

Head Of IT Architecture at Grupo Dimed / Panvel

Renzo Petri

Head of Cloud Platform Engineering & DevOps na Natura&Co LATAM

Mayra Puntillo Rodriguez

Solutions Architect LatAm at Sensedia

Renato Teixeira

Executive Director at VR Benefícios

Gibson Pasquini Nascimento

Head of Solutions at Sensedia - EMEA

Henrique Puccini

Innovation and Partnerships Manager at Ânima Educação

Luzia Sarno

CIO at Fleury

Mike Amundsen

Author, Speaker, Trainer Advisor at, Inc

Sangeet Paul Choudary

Author, Platform Revolution | C-level advisor

Cleber da Silveira

Developer and Enterprise Architecture Specialist at Sicredi

Randy Heffner

Software Industry Analyst

Vladimir Bacvanski

Distinguished Architect - Senior Director at Paypal

Marius Galdikas

CEO at ConnectPay

Federico Benitez

New Business Project Director at Grupo Sura

Thiago Saldanha

CTO at Sinqia

Ricardo Matos

CIO at Afya Educação

Rodrigo Camurça

Gerente Executivo de Sistemas e Projetos na Arco Educação

Cintler Santos

Technology & Innovation Head at Athena Saúde

Fernando Wanderley

CIO at Ancar Ivanhoe Shopping Centers

Samantha Martins

Diretor de TI at Iguatemi

Fabio Moraes

Diretor de TI at Aliansce Shopping Centers

Antonio Padua

Gerente de TI at Unimed V. dos Sinos

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