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Raymonde Weyzen

Consultant at Support Centre for Data Sharing

Jannika Aalto

Open Sustainability Lead at Platformable

Mehdi Medjaoui

Founder & Chairman at apidays conferences

Tapani Stjernvall

CEO at Bitcomp

Jonas Södergren

Product Manager and Programmer at JobTech unit, Swedish Public Employment Service

Sampo Savolainen

CTO at Spatineo

Shahriar Haque

COO at Integrella

Pia Erkinheimo

Director at The Finnish Climate Fund

Matthias Biehl

API Strategist at Software AG


Senior Director Amplify Customer Success at Axway

Joonas Tomperi

CEO & Co-Founder at Enable Banking Oy

Marco Panebianco

Chief of Data Architecture and Digital ecosystems unit at ARIA S.p.A. Lombardia

Jay Dembani

Sr. Product Manager at Avalara

Monica Posada-Sanchez

Project Manager of the API Study, Senior Researcher at European Commission Joint Research Center

Derric Gilling

CEO at Moesif

Miko Bautista

Product Manager, IoT at Twilio

Richard Lawrence

Distinguished Engineer at Solace

Lasse Lumiaho

Product Manager, Forecast Data and APIs at Vaisala

Fran Parras

Senior Advisory Systems Engineer at Boomi

Pawel Skrzypek

Chief Multi Cloud Architect at Sp. z o.o.

Phuong Pham

Open Economy Industry Analyst at Platformable

David Stottrup

Enterprise Executive at Auth0

Jamie Barton

Head of Developer Relation at GraphCMS

Ole Lensmar

CTO at Kubeshop

Robert Greenwood

Chief Product Officer at eXate

Nazia Hasan

Head of Design at Platform of Trust

Aiken Leung

VP Technology Partnership at Solace

Henrik Holst

Senior Sales Engineer at Solace

Pal Balint

Senior Sales Enginner at Imperva

Gunta Krumina

Systems Thinker at Osaango

Tessa Viitanen

CEO at Techie Stories

Veikko Koski

CEO & Founder at FinanceKey

Christophe Guilmart

API Designer / API Product owner at AXA

Omid Eidivandi

Lead Engineer at Groupe SeLoger

Dorian Blanc

Solution Engineer & Technical APIm Consultant at Gravitee

Ben Michel

Technical Evangelist at Datadog

Javier Trujillo

Senior Solutions Engineer at Auth0

Ori Bar

VP Customer Success & Presales at Open Legacy

Alex Butcher(IBM)

Development Lead for API Connect at IBM

Christian Holtfurth

Distinguished Engineer at Solace

Dan Temkin

Senior Product Manager API Connect at IBM

Ljubica Lazarevic @

Developer Relations at Gravitee

Chris Phillips

Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM

Ara Pulido

Senior Technical Evangelist at Datadog

Phill Brown

Global Head of Market Intelligence at Resource Solutions

Lebin Cheng

VP & API Security, Office of the CTO at Imperva

Kim Clark

Integration Portfolio Architect at IBM

Tommi Pystynen

Expert Developer, Lead Developer at OP Financial Group at OP Financial Group

Arlemi Turpault

Senior Developer Advocate at Postman

Sara Jakša

Software Engineer at LeanIX

Raheel Farhat

Digital Experience Platform Lead at Konecranes

Griffin Solot-Kehl

Developer Advocate at Dolby Laboratories

Erno Lahtinen

Head of Architecture at Unikie

Miimu Airaksinen

Senior Vice President, Development at SRV Group Plc

Michał Trojanowski

Product Marketing Engineer at Curity AB

Allan Knabe - Apiable

API Product Manager at apiable

Marjukka Niinioja

founder at Osaango, local organizer of apidays Helsinki & North

Janne Lautanala

Chief Ecosystem and Technology Officer at Fintraffic

Jeremy Glassenberg

Product Lead at Docusign

Sam Bellen

Developer Advocate Engineer at Auth0

Refael Lachmish

Product Manager at WIB

Sella Rafaeli

Group manager at WIB

Chuck Herrin


Merja Kajava

Founder at Aavista

Jonne Tuomela

Technical Solution Specialist at Cisco Solutions Finland

Rene Brakus

Developer at 46elks

Liam Forde

Founder and Head of Product at Hookie Solutions AB

Sauli Kukkonen

API consultant at Solita Oy

Erik Wilde

Catalyst at Axway

Jari Reini

Service Manager at National Land Survey of Finland

Claire Barrett

Director at APIsFirst

Olli Kilpelainen

Head of Innovation at Abloy Oy

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