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Victor Chen

Founder & CEO of Foodland Ventures

Victor J. Chow

Founder & CEO of 3 SQUARE

Mai Bach

Co-founder & CEO of Ooh Cha Cha

Yu-De Lee

Founder & CEO of Tsaitung Agriculture

Steve Tsai

Founder & Solutions Director of Kabob Cloud

Louis Lin

Co-founder & Enterprise Relations of Foodland Ventures

Daniel Hsu

Corporate Innovation Advisor

Julius Liu

Julius Liu, Former Senior IT Director of McDonald's (China)

John Purcell

CEO and President of Unfold

Sonalie Figueiras

Founder & CEO, Green Queen

Dr. Sandhya Sriram

Group CEO & Co-founder of Shiok Meats

Lennise Ng

Co-founder & CEO of Dropee

Taku Tanaka

Co-founder & CEO of Kamereo

Yong Joo Park

CMO & Executive Vice President of Farm8 Co. and PlanTFarm Co.

Jason Chen

Co-founder and CEO of Just Kitchen

Jonathan Weins

Co-founder and CEO of Pop Meals

Mario Suntanu

Co-founder & CEO of Yummy Corp

Nick Halla

SVP, International of Impossible Foods

Kelvin Subowo

Co-founder & CEO of DailyBox

Takashi Okutani

Chief Omni-Channel Officer of Oisix ra daichi Inc.

Agnes Wang

Co-founder & Managing Director of Foodland Ventures

Andy Lin

Founder & CEO of Yo-Kai Express

Sean Hsu

Co-founder & CEO of Botrista Technology

Steven D. Yang

Senior Vice President & Managing Director Asia of Focus Brands

Sean Fu

SVP Greater China of Global Payments

Bogi Huang

Co-Founder & COO of DOTDOT Inc.

Enzo Cheng

Marketplace Development Dept Director of Pi Mobile Technology Inc.

Christopher Albrecht

Founder & Editor of

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Foodland Ventures

Foodland Ventures is the VC & accelerator investing in the new generation of food tech founders changing the global food industry with technology. With operations in Asia and North America, we leverage our partnership with leading F&B brands, industry partners, mentors, and investors. Helping startups fundraise effectively while growing their business. Learn more about Foodland Ventures:

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Foodland Ventures

The VC & Accelerator Built for Food Tech Founders Taking on the Global Market.

Global Payments

亞太最大信用卡支付科技公司之一 環滙亞太


AIoT Smart Apps, terminal content, store operation, staff management: all new retail applications are in KABOB RETAIL CLOUD.


QuickClick Online Ordering System

Eatable Adventures

Building tomorrow's food companies


Making vegan oils perform like animal fat


Aibou helps F&B businesses grow and scale, with workforce management automation and actionable data insights that matter.

3T GDS Technology Inc.

The provider of technology that enables cross-border and cross platform clearance for e-commerce purchases


Bigspoon is a Multi-Brand Cloud Kitchen Company, minimizing the delta between Fine Dine Experience and Home-Delivered Food! We make great food accessible to the Tier 2 Cities of India.

Sophie's BioNutrients

Develop sustainable plant-based protein out of Microalgae.


At CRUST Group, we are passionate food waste fighters driving a more circular food movement. We upcycle food waste and loss into unique beverages and products for our food service and retail partners.We leave no CRUST behind!


Innovation, design, revolution—since 2012, OTFES has designed fabulous automated commercial pour-over coffee makers from its headquarters and main operation in Taiwan. Users may adjust elements such as water flow and temperature and deliver pour-over coffee at the touch of a button. OTFES, serving customers great coffee anytime, anywhere.

Zero Cow Factory

We are producing India's first milk & dairy products (certainly a world's first A2 milk protein) using bioengineering the microbes & microbial fermentation.

Food Market Hub

An AI-Powered, F&B Procurement SaaS.


VACAN uses AI/IoT to create a platform that allows you to check the immediate availability of places and people crowdedness.

The Modern Tea Company

Bringing Artisanal Tea Creations from Taiwan to the World

Modern Menu 寬泰食品

專注於植物肉硏發及調理的公司。透過『Veg Tech』的創新飲食,實現『以植為食』,吃得好也對地球好的永續願景!


Farmshelf builds smart indoor farms that automate the hardest parts of growing food.