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Leaders Forum HealthTech Showcase benefiting the American Diabetes Association

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Information On American Diabetes Association

Prevent and cure diabetes and improve the lives of everyone affected by it

American Diabetes Association

We hope you will support this important cause with a tax-deductible donation of any amount

Lookbook 2020

The 2020 Healthtech Showcase Event lookbook

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DurVena, Inc.

Strengthening vein grafts to reduce graft patency failures in CABG, PAD, and AVF surgery patients.

Algorithmic Intuition, LLC

Wearable, comfortable vital-stat monitoring for our Elders. Always alert, always there. Live your best!

Candesant Biomedical

Candesant Biomedical is developing a novel, non-invasive energy device for sweat control.

Floragraph, Inc.

Rapid, low-cost technology enabling microbiome biomarker analysis in immuno-oncology and beyond.

SteriLux Systems, LLC

Reducing Pathogen Transmission Risk by Harnessing the Power of Germicidal UVC Light with SteriLocker

Evren Technologies, Inc.

Evren is advancing the treatment of PTSD through a medical device & digital therapeutic platform.

Hemorai Inc

Hemorai developed a device to assist in the early detection and prevention of acute hemorrhage.

EDP Biotech Corporation

EDP Biotech is a revenue-generating diagnostics and clinical testing company which detects disease early.


Sideways makes autonomous wheelchairs that solve transportation problems in many industries, starting with hospitals.

Avisi Technologies, Inc.

Developing a nanotechnology-enabled implant to treat open-angle glaucoma more safely and effectively

Lento Medical

Digitized Personalized Orthopedic Surgery to Help Restore the Native Joint

Steady Health Inc

A telemedicine-first Endocrinology clinic that specializes in CGM and remote care

Subtle Medical Inc.

FDA-cleared AI improving imaging quality and efficiency for radiology exams and clinical trials.

Temple Massager, Inc.

Temple Massager, Drug free noninvasive Integrated Pain Management therapeutic device for Whole Body Health Care.

Respirogen, Inc.

Respirogen Micro-Oxygen is a novel therapeutic delivering oxygen without the use of the lungs.

XOresearch: Cardio.AI

Cardio.AI - generic solution for automatic annotation and interpretation of any electrocardiograms.

Ziv HealthCare LTD

Digital Neuromodulation Wearable for Atrial Fibrillation with Closed Loop Monitoring and Machine Learning Therapeutic Algorithms

8chili, Inc

Democratising access to surgical training by enabling 3D live interactive and immersive experiential learning

BioInteractive Technologies Inc.

Efficient digital Physical Therapy, with fun and data-driven guidance and recovery monitoring via intelligent sensors.

Nodexus Inc.

Nodexus commercializes life sciences tools for making single-cell isolation 10X faster and 30X cheaper

Smartlens, Inc.

Revolutionizing eyecare for diagnosis and treatment of Glaucoma - the leading cause of irreversible blindness.

Inflammatix, Inc.

New class of rapid blood test that uses machine learning to classify the immune response.

Nasus Medical, Inc

Targeted Topical Intranasal Medication Delivery for Chronic Sinusitis

Pinpoint Science Inc.

Novel nanosensor-based technology for 30-second high-sensitivity Covid-19 test: universal low-cost coronavirus testing for anyone, anywhere.

AutoMedicus Corporation

AutoMedicus has developed a blood pressure "autopilot" for use in the O.R. and Critical Care arenas.


Endiatx makes tiny pill robots to do advanced diagnostics inside the human body.

Asha AI

Remote elder care that empowers elders to age in place and keeps caregivers informed

GoldenGait Ltd. (d/b/a GaitBetter)

Promoting healthy aging through motor-cognitive training for better mobility and falls prevention.

Spect Inc.

Spect built the stethoscope for the eye. Easy and portable device for nurses and MA.

Biovisics Medical

Home-use ophthalmologic device treating retinal diseases affecting 12M US/200M WW. 8 patents. Experienced team.

Iluria Ltd.

Digital health startup developing a SaaS ADHD monitoring solution using passive measurement of physiological vitals

Alessa Therapeutics, Inc.

Alessa is developing implantable drug delivery systems to treat solid organ tumors, initially prostate cancer.

Bioscan Research Private Limited

Point of care fast, portable and non invasive brain haemorrhage detector

Crystillane Medical

Crystalline is developing ultrasound guided needle placement technology

DayTwo Inc.

DayTwo is a precision nutrition solution that uses gut microbiome profiling, machine learning, tele-health and a digital app to enable a path to remission of metabolic disease.

Diatech Diabetes, Inc.

Diatech is developing technology that alerts of and educates patients about insulin pump infusion failure.

Empirical Spine, Inc.

Lumbar spinal implant providing dynamic spinal stabilization for patients otherwise requiring spinal fusion.

GraphWear Technologies Inc.

The first needle free continuous glucose monitoring system to empower diabetic patients

Healthy Quit Inc.

A pharmacy and digital health company that provides tobacco cessation utilizing machine learning

Hubly Surgical, Inc.

Hubly Surgical is a cranial/orthopedic drilling company designed to save lives and hospitals billions.

Lief Therapeutics (private c-corp)

Remote patient monitoring for mental health with a wearable ECG device & HIPAA-compliant clinician dashboard

MVRx, Inc.

MVRx is revolutionizing the treatment of mitral regurgitation by means of an innovative percutaneous device.

Orbit Genomics, Inc.

Our groundbreaking OrbiSeq platform enables us to diagnose, treat and ultimately prevent complex diseases.

Pacific Diabetes Technologies Inc.

Simplifying insulin therapy with devices that combine glucose sensing with insulin delivery

Pedra Technology Pte. Ltd.

Real-time, deep tissue perfusion monitoring, providing seamless information throughout diagnosis, intervention, into follow-up.


The PROTXX wearable sensor/machine learning platform enhances in-clinic and remote assessments of neurodegenerative conditions.

Relavo, LLC

Relavo is changing the way that kidney failure patients receive treatment by making home-dialysis safer.

Rhaeos, Inc.

Rhaeos has developed noninvasive wearable, wireless skin sensors that monitor shunts of hydrocephalus patients.

S2 Genomics, Inc.

Automated solid tissue processing for single cell genomic analysis

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