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ALICE - Der LGBTIQ+ Jurist:innen Summit

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Marcel Heinen

Carola Reetz

Barbara Eversmann

Viktoria Moissiadis

Tabasom Djourabi-Asadabadi

Heinrich Knepper

Ludger Ramme

Sarah Ponti

Klaus Stein

Tatjana Meyer

Alexander Horn

Jan Schubert

Sascha Kuhn

Verena Haisch

Othmar Traber

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We are one of the leading LGBTIQ+ social businesses in Germany. Since 2009, the UHLALA Group has been advocating for LGBTIQ+ people in the workplace with various projects and brands worldwide. Through events, workshops, trainings, certifications, audits, consulting and PR, we support employers in promoting their LGBTIQ+ employees, recruiting new ones and credibly strengthening their employer branding in and outside the community. Our ultimate goal is to reach equal chances and opportunities for LGBTIQ+ people in the working world.