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AirMiners 2021: Carbon Removal Taking Flight

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Joe James

Founder & President, Agri-Tech Producers, LLC

Antti Vihavainen


Nathalie Casas

Head of R&D, Climeworks

Chris Coleridge

Founder and CEO, Carbon13 | Sr Faculty, Strategy/Entrepreneurship, University of Cambridge

Heloise Buckland

CEO and Co-Founder, HUSK

Daniel Cano

Founder, Carbon Power Mexico

Madison Savilow

Chief of Staff at Carbon Upcyclin Technologies | Venture Lead at Expedition Air

Evan David Sherwin

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Stanford University | Programs Chair of Climate Change AI

Volker Sick

Professor University of Michigan | Director Global CO2 Initiative

Erin Burns

Executive Director, Carbon180

Romany Webb

Associate Research Scholar, Columbia Law School | Sr Fellow, Sabin Center for Climate Change Law

Christine Harada

former Federal Chief Sustainability Officer | VP, Heliogen

Joe Hezir

Principal, Energy Futures Initiative

Marcius Extavour

Vice President, Energy & Climate

Chris Neidl

Co-Founder, OpenAir Collective

Wizipan Little Elk

CEO of the REDCO Ecosystem

Pete Smith

Professor at University of Aberdeen | Fellow of the Royal Society (London)

Patricia Silva

Co-Founder, Carbon Removal Centre

Sabine Fuss

Professor, Humboldt University of Berlin | Member, European Academy of Sciences

Hannah Davis

Program Director, Techstars

Alex Kopelyan

Partner, Indiebio

Jason Grillo

AirMiners Event Director

Tito Jankowski - AirMiners

Co-Founder, AirMiners

Eli Mitchell-Larson


Meghana Rao (she/her)


Siobhan Montoya Lavender


Grant Faber


John Sanchez


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