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Agile100 - May 2020

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Joanna Kim

Retrospective Facilitator

Gabrielle Benefield

Founder & CEO at

Cliff Hazell

Flight Levels Academy

David Hopley


Riccardo Mariti

Founder of Riccardo's Restaurant

James Priest

Co-Founder of S3.0

Peter Beck

Co-Founder of DasScrumTeam

Markus Andrezak

Inventor of Portfolio Kanban

Andreas Schliep

Co-Founder of DasScrumTeam

Melissa Boggs

Chief ScrumMaster at Scrum Alliance

Darrell Rigby

Partner & Director at Bain & Company

Klaus Leopold

Founder of Flight Levels Academy

Diana Larsen

Founder of Agile Fluency

Pete Behrens

Thought Leader in Agile Leadership

Jef Cumps

Co-Founder of iLean

Alex Osterwalder

#4 on Thinkers50... Global Thought Leader on Innovation!

Joe Justice

Thought Leader on Scrum @ HW

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Agile Academy

Make society more productive, more humane, and more sustainable!

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Jef Cumps (iLean)

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