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Ere Santos

Senior Animator, Sony Pictures Imageworks

Nicole Cornute-Sutton

Lead Texture Artist, Sony Pictures Imageworks

Tyquane Wright

Look Development Artist, Sony Pictures Imageworks

Emmanuel Jr. Gatera

Senior Animator, Sony Pictures Imageworks

Joe Darko

Animation Lead, Sony Pictures Imageworks

Jabari Cofer

Senior Animator, Sony Pictures Imageworks

Bryan Dimas (MODERATOR)

Co-Founder & Co-Director of LatinX in Animation

Luis Gadea

Character Designer & 2D Animator

Steph C

Illustrator & Vis Dev Artist

Awuradwoa Afful

Artist, Designer & Animator

Trevor Pryce


Nompi Vilakazi

Managing Director of Buthano Pictures

Philip Solomon (MODERATOR)

Voice of Craig

Sonya Carey

CEO and Founder - Course Instructor / Developer, The Animation Lounge

Tendayi Nyeke

Development Executive At Triggerfish Animation

Alexis Jackson

Talent Acquisition Manager at DreamWorks Animation

Divya Gupta (MODERATOR)

President | CEO G.R.I.D.S. Consulting

Chaz Bottoms

Animation Director/Founder of CBA Studios; Story Artist, Netflix; Co-Director - Black 'n Animated.

Connie Nartonis Thompson

Producer, Cinesite

Fred Seibert

President and Founder, FredFilms

Joe Hughes

Sr. Talent Development Specialist, Warner Bros. Animation & Cartoon Network Studios

Ryan S. Smith (MODERATOR)

Manager, Global Diversity Recruitment and Programs - Lucasfilm

Dr. Lisa Coleman (MODERATOR)

Senior Vice President for Global Inclusion and Strategic Innovation, New York University

Victor Dandridge (MODERATOR)

Writer, Publisher, Graphic Designer, Educator

Fred Noland

Visual Storyteller

Chris Copeland

Director, Feature Animation at DreamWorks Animation

Justin Copeland

Director, Feature Animation at DreamWorks Animation

Carl Reed

President, Lion Forge Animation

Stevi Carter (MODERATOR)

Director of Development Production, Animated Film at Netflix

Trent Corey (MODERATOR)

Director at Disney Feature Animation

Rosa Falu-Carrion (JUDGE)

Award-Winning Writer

Shawn Martinbrough (JUDGE)

Author, DC Comics, Marvel & How to Draw Noir Comics: The Art and Technique of Visual Storytelling

Kwame Nyong'o (JUDGE)

Professor of Animation at Savannah College of Art in Design (SCAD), Georgia

Shawnelle Gibbs

Shawnelle Gibbs - Staff Writer ("Jessica's Big Little World")

Shawnee Gibbs

Shawnee´ Gibbs - Staff Writer ("Jessica's Big Little World")

Dashawn Mahone

Supervising Director ("Jessica's Big Little World")

Ashleigh Hairston

Former Writer ("Craig of the Creek") and Story Editor ("Jessica's Big Little World")

Nea Simone

CEO, Bespoke Media Marketing || CEO, Melanated Studios || CEO, NFT Atlanta-Con

Harold Hayes

Co- Founder and Creative Director at SunnyBoy Entertainment

Morenike Dosu

Director - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Business Partner at DreamWorks Animation

Adrian Rashad Driscoll

Filmmaker, Immersive Media Consultant

Adrian Bobb

VFX Artist/Director, Exocentric Productions

Allison Parker

Manager, Talent Acquisition, Pixar

Chris Leahy

Director of Global Talent Acquisition at Sony Pictures Animation

Vanessa Sinden (MODERATOR)

Producer, TriggerFish Animamtion Studios

Chekwube Okonkwo

Art Director, Magic Carpet Studios

John Kambites (MODERATOR)

Feature Producer at Netflix

Jinko Gotoh

Vice-President, Women in Animation

KyLee Evans

Writer, Walt Disney Television Animation

Marques Hardin

Co-founder @Artgence & Artgence3D

Eastwood Wong

Art Director, Disney Television Animation

Liz Cook Mowe

Senior Director, Film at Kickstarter

Keith F. Miller Jr.

Award-Winning Educator, Executive Producer And Author, Pritty: The Animation

Terrance Daye

Poet, Filmmaker, Director of Pritty: The Animation

Shabrayia Cleaver

Associate Production Executive at DreamWorks Animation

Camille Eden

VP, Recruiting and Talent Development, Nickelodeon Animation Studio

Keith Kellogg

Animation Director, Lucasfilm Animation

Joel Aron

Director of Cinematography: Lighting and FX, Lucasfilm Animation

Sterling Sheehy

Senior Storyboard Artist, Lucasfilm Animation

Justin Bruce Lee

Senior Storyboard Artist, Lucasfilm Animation

Paul Zinnes

Digital Assets Director, Lucasfilm Animation

Andre Kirk

Art Director, Lucasfilm Animation

Alex Spotswood

Producer, Lucasfilm Animation

April Rhee

Compositor, Industrial Light & Magic

Karessa Bowens

Associate Experience Designer, ILMxLAB

Alberto Martinez Arce

Senior Character Animator, Industrial Light & Magic

Andre Fenley

Supervising Sound Editor, Skywalker Sound

Marlon West

VFX Supervisor – Iwájú, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Ziki Nelson

Creator – Iwájú and Managing Director of Kugali Media

Dana Vasquez-Eberhardt

Executive, Production and Developmnent, Marvel Studios

Paige Johnstone

Production Department Manager at Pixar

Kelley Gardner

Vice President, Current Series Animation at Nickelodeon Animation Studio

Tanya Green

Head of Preschool at Mainframe Studios

Jan Hirota

Producer, Disney Television Animation

Charles Jones

Editor, Disney Television Animation

Layron Dejarnette

Character Designer, Disney Television Animation

Breana Williams (MODERATOR)

Production Coordinator, Disney Television Animation

Bruce Smith

Show Creator and Executive Producer, Disney Television Animation

Robert Frederick

CEO, Sirqul & Technical Adviser for

Rob Richardson

CEO of Disrupt Art

Shea Richburg

Co-CEO of Future Wise Group

Lex Randleman

Director, Artistic Recruitment at Disney Television Animation

Erika Becerra

Recruitment and Outreach, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Samantha Brown

Senior Recruiter, Marvel Studios Animation

Lori Beck

Senior Recruiter, Industrial Light & Magic

Greg Little

Senior Vice President, Content at Mainframe Studios

Latifa Ouaou

EVP, Movies and Global Franchise, Paramount Animation and Nickelodeon Animation Studio

Keith White

Founder and Co-Chair, AfroAnimation

Rio Cyrus

Co-Chair and Head of Programming, AfroAnimation

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AfroAnimation is the global online destination for African, Afro-American and Afro-European animators, comic book artists and Gamers to meet their cross continent counterparts, exchange ideas, learn, network and get deals done with senior media industry stakeholders. Our goal is to bring together the best animation, comic and gaming talent of color on the planet in a single online destination. When it's over we will have connected talent, showcased some of the most creative works, exchange ideas that move the community forward, increased the black animator talent pipeline, awarded student internships and be a active ambassador to industry deals closing.

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