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Afro Fashion Week Milano 2020

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Opening plenary: Diversity and inclusion in fashion
We open this year's event with a talk about diversity and inclusion in the fashion industry and in Italy in particular. This event is in Italian. 
Sara  Sozzani Maino edward buchanan Giada Graziano
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Afro Fashion Flashback
A video journey through past editions of Afro Fashion Week Milano.
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Watch party for Diversity and inclusion in fashion
Did you miss last night's plenary? Catch it now! In Italian.
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Fashion for Empowerment
How fashion can and is functioning as a lever for economic development and empowerment in Africa. This event is in Italian and English.
Mélody Thomas Bellamy Ogak Federica Dottori Louis Pisano Fnan  Teklay
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Interview: The future of Afro Fashion
A brief interview with Gianfranco Di Natale, General Director of SMI (Sistema Moda Italia), on fashion's relationship with Africa. This event is in Italian.
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Designer Showcase: Emeka Suits
Experience the just-launched debut collection from sustainable fashion innovators Emeka Suits, founded by Sydney Nwakanma in Kenya.
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The Art of Christopher Veggetti Kanku
Join us behind the scenes with celebrated Afroitalian artist Christopher Veggetti Kanku in this exclusive look at his creative process and latest works.
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Watch party for Fashion for empowerment
Did you miss last night's panel? Catch it now! In Italian.
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Heritage of African Fashion
Join us for a conversation with Antonio Mancinelli, senior editor of Marie Claire Italy, about how Afro fashion is changing the mindset of the fashion industry.
Antonio Mancinelli
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Fashion Show: Students of Laba Douala
Experience the most fashion-forward looks from the next generation of designers at Laba Douala Fine Arts Academy in Cameroon.
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Fashion and Education
What is the future of fashion? We’ll travel to the schools where the next generation of Afro designers is learning and creating to find out.
edward buchanan Adrien Roberts Paul-Henri Souvenir Assako Assako Charity Dago emanuela mora
· Sessions
Continui la conversazione assieme con i relatori dopo il panel di oggi!
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Fashion show: Other Couture
The latest swimwear from Rome-based fashion brand Other Couture, founded by Mozambique-born model and designer Helena de Jesus.
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Fashion show: Frida Kiza
New collections from Frida Kiza, based in Le Marche and led by Burundi-born fashion designer Fabiola Manirakiza.
· Networking
Virtual Fashion Winebar
A virtual mixer to which Afro fashion fans around the world are invited!
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Watch party for Fashion for education
Did you miss last night's panel? Catch it now! In Italian.
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Exquisite Beauty: Diversity in the beauty industry
A talk which addresses issues of diversity and inclusion in the beauty industry at large. This event is in Italian.
House of Rocem Jordan  Anderson
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We are made in Italy: The Fab Five Bridge Builders
A digital show of five POC designers scouted by the Afro Fashion Association founder Michelle Ngonmo, organized by the BLM-IF and supported by the CNMI.
· Sessions
Social Hour
Come connect with us about Afro Fashion, your experience in this year's event, issues of diversity and inclusion, or anything else!
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Designer Showcase: Otinguema
Standout pieces from Otinguema's recent collections, presented by Bordeaux-born Gabonese designer Jessica Nguema-Metoule. This event is in English. 
Jessica Nguema Metoule
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Afro Fashion Week Talent Show
Fashion show of student designers who have created pieces especially for this year's Afro Fashion Week Milano theme, #ExquisiteBeauty.
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Closing panel
Wrap up this year’s festival with a conversation that looks back on this year’s edition and where the world of Afro Fashion is going next.


House of Rocem

Rich, Organic Cosmetics Expertly Made

Jordan Anderson

Journalist, creative director, and editor of Twin Magazine

Paul-Henri Souvenir Assako Assako

Director of Laba Douala

Adrien Roberts

(International Director of Education at the Accademia Costume e Moda

Sydney Nwakanma

Founder of Emeka Suits

Sara Sozzani Maino

Head of Vogue Talents, deputy director of Vogue Italy, and International Brand Ambassador of CNMI

Mélody Thomas

Journalist at Marie Claire France

edward buchanan

Creative director of SANSOVINO 6

Bellamy Ogak

Cofounder of the platform Afroitalian Souls

Jessica Nguema Metoule

Otinguema founder and designer

Federica Dottori

Head of international promotion department at SMI (Sistema Moda Italia)

Giada Graziano

Forbes Under 30 Global Talent and Founder of Glam Observer

Charity Dago

Image consultant

Louis Pisano

Writer, activist and contributor at Harper’s Bazaar

Antonio Mancinelli

Senior editor of Marie Claire Italy

emanuela mora

Director of ModaCult / Università Cattolica Milan

Fnan Teklay

Personal brand strategist & contributor at Forbes Italia

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