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Adobe Developers Live: Commerce

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· Networking
Meet and Greet
Eager to start the event? Head to the networking area for speed networking or introduce yourself to the community in the main chat.
· Stage
Opening Keynote
Hear Magento product and roadmap updates including the latest tech advances and developer tools across Adobe Experience Cloud.
Jason Woosley Jonathan Roeder Matthew Zimmerman Sherrie Rohde
· Stage
Magento Innovations Lab: Seamless Sign-In Across Devices
Leveraging the new Credential Management API, Rafael at Le Site creates seamless credential management for Magento.
Rafael Corrêa Gomes Michele Miller
· Stage
Magento Product Previews
Join Magento Product Management leaders for a rapid-fire lineup of demos of upcoming developer and business capabilities to drive your business forward.
Nishant Kapoor David Uselton Ryan Manor Sandra Gonzalez Misha Kotov Chris Hedge
· Stage
Magento Innovations Lab: Optimizing Fulfillment through Geofencing Strategies
FortyFour helps Coca-Cola en tu Hogar fulfillers better manage their service areas with strategic geofencing strategies.
Jacob Sifuentes Michele Miller
· Networking
Networking Break
Take a break from your screen or head over to the networking area to connect with others in the community.
· Stage
Cloud Native Adobe Apps with Project Firefly
Build custom Adobe apps that extend the functionality of Adobe Experience Cloud. Firefly is a complete framework providing front and back end tools & services.
Meryll Blanchet Fahd Siddiqui Mihai Corlan Kanika Gera
· Stage
Magento Innovations Lab: PWA Point of Sale Solution with Multi-Source Inventory
Leveraging the Magento 2 tech stack, PWA, and MSI, Webkul streamlines the O2O approach to retail sales.
Ashutosh Srivastava Michele Miller
· Stage
Partner Roadmap Acceleration Program Panel
Hear from solution partners working with the Magento core team to combat tough economic times while delivering features across eight different areas.
Serhii Kovalenko Sam Cinquegrani Joie Caquicla Shikha Mishra Noah Oken-Berg Ben Marks
· Stage
Magento Innovations Lab: Pop-Up Autonomous Retail as a Service
This innovation from McFadyen Digital transforms last mile delivery by combining physical & digital (“phygital”) commerce.
Thomas McFadyen Michele Miller
· Networking
Networking Break
Take a break from your screen or head over to the networking area to connect with others in the community.
· Sessions
[Demo] Customizing asset processing in AEM Assets CS using Project Firefly
This session focuses on developer enhancements to rapidly create structure and content for engaging experiences with AEM.
Jamie Delbick
· Sessions
[Demo] Build immersive commerce experiences with AEM as a Cloud Service and Magento
This session focuses on the integration of AEM & Magento using the Commerce Integration Framework (CIF).
Markus Haack
· Sessions
[Demo] Reduce risk by proactively identifying security & stability​ issues
Learn how Adobe is enabling customers to monitor the overall health of their Magento Commerce environment and proactively address issues.
Megan Harron Barnet Hellman smita verma
· Sessions
[Demo] How to build and extend a lightning-fast PWA with PWA Studio
In this session, you’ll find out the latest on PWA Studio for Magento and learn how to create, extend, and optimize PWA with GraphQL in multiple languages.
Jimmy Sanford Eric Erway
· Sessions
[DevExchange] Magento Association - Community Discussion
Members of the Magento Association Board of Directors will be on-hand to discuss what we've heard as well as hear what you think.
Ben Marks
· Sessions
[DevExchange] Magento as a Service
Can Magento can be used as a service? How do we extend Magento in a way that modules stays independent and isolated? Lets share experiences.
Igor Miniailo Oleksandr Lyzun
· Networking
Networking Break
Take a break from your screen or head over to the networking area to connect with others in the community.
· Sessions
[Demo] Get hooked: Building a more accessible UI with React Aria and React hooks
This session we will look at how you can use React Aria to build highly accessible and device agnostic web UI components using our library of React hooks.
Eduardo Vargas Danielle Robinson Devon Govett
· Sessions
[Demo] Accelerate Time-to-Value for rich and engaging experiences with AEM
This session focuses on developer enhancements to rapidly create structure and content for engaging experiences with AEM.
Gabriel Walt
· Sessions
[Demo] Launch + Magento
Quickly and easily deploy and manage your client-site tags with Adobe Experience Platform Launch, learn how to customize, and write your own Launch extensions.
Jeff Chasin
· Sessions
[Demo] Unified Data Collection capability, underpinning AEP
Trusted, robust streaming platform that helps simplify customer experience data collection and streamline its delivery.
Aaron Hardy
· Sessions
[DevExchange] Securing Magento 2 in the age of PWA
Lets compare notes, share the strengths and record the shortcomings of securing PWA applications with Magento 2, GraphQL and Javascript SPA Frameworks.
Nathan Smith Cristian Partica Tommy Wiebell Talesh Seeparsan
· Sessions
[DevExchange] The Remote Table
Subjects will be discussed to illustrate how developers from all around the globe are collaborating across timezones while maintaining a good work-life balance.
Brad Garropy Miguel Ignacio Balparda
· Sessions
[DevExchange] PWA Studio Development Best Practices
Lets exchange development practices and collecting new ideas for extendibility framework with PWA Studio.
Stephen Rugh Revanth Kumar Annavarapu Lars Röttig Mudit Shukla
· Stage
Closing Remarks
Head back to the main stage to wrap up the event and discover what's next.
Jason Woosley
· Sessions
After Party
· Networking
Closing Networking
Not ready for the event to end? Head over to the networking area for speed networking or continue to connect with the community in the main chat.


Serhii Kovalenko

Magento Practice Lead at ObjectWave Corporation

Sam Cinquegrani

CEO at ObjectWave Corporation

Nathan Smith

Sr. Software Development Engineer at Adobe

Eduardo Vargas

Software Engineer at Adobe

Cristian Partica

Sr. Software Engineer at Adobe

Revanth Kumar Annavarapu

Software Development Engineer at Adobe

Stephen Rugh

Front End Software Engineer at Adobe

Brad Garropy

Frontend Developer at Adobe

Tommy Wiebell

Full-Stack Engineer at Adobe

Igor Miniailo

Chief Architect, Commerce at Adobe

Joie Caquicla

Backend Magento Developer at Above The Fray Design, Inc.

Oleksandr Lyzun

Magento Team Lead at comwrap

Mudit Shukla

Associate Director at CedCommerce Inc.

Lars Röttig

Sr. Software Engineer, E-Commerce at TechDivision

David Uselton

Sr. Solution Consultant at Adobe

Nishant Kapoor

Product at Adobe

Meryll Blanchet

Engineering Manager, Project Firefly Developer Experience at Adobe

Miguel Ignacio Balparda

Product Manager at Nexcess

Talesh Seeparsan

Founder at Bit79

Fahd Siddiqui

Sr. Manager, Data Services at Adobe

Mihai Corlan

Group Product Manager for Adobe I/O Extensibility at Adobe

Gabriel Walt

Product Manager, Web Experience Management at Adobe

Jimmy Sanford

Lead Developer, PWA at Adobe

Shikha Mishra

Senior Software Developer at CedCommerce

Megan Harron

Product Manager, Magento Commerce at Adobe

smita verma

Sr. Product Manager, Magento Commerce at Adobe

Barnet Hellman

Sr. Manager, Magento Customer Engineering at Adobe

Thomas McFadyen

Founder at McFadyen Digital

Jeff Chasin

Sr. Evangelist at Adobe

Ryan Manor

Product Manager at Adobe

Ashutosh Srivastava

Technical Project Manager at Webkul Software

Jacob Sifuentes

Lead Engineer at FortyFour

Rafael Corrêa Gomes

IT Director at Le Site

Aaron Hardy

Sr. Computer Scientist and Developer Advocate at Adobe

Misha Kotov

Sr. Product Manager at Adobe

Michele Miller

Head of Solutions Innovation at Adobe

Devon Govett

Sr. Software Engineer at Adobe

Markus Haack

Technical Lead AEM Commerce & Cloud Integration Framework at Adobe

Jason Woosley

VP, Commerce & Developer Experience at Adobe

Danielle Robinson

Engineering Manager at Adobe

Noah Oken-Berg

CEO at Above The Fray Design, Inc.

Sandra Gonzalez

Product Manager at Adobe

Gabriel Jaquier

Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Adobe

Eric Erway

Sr. Manager, Product Management, Magento Commerce at Adobe

Jamie Delbick

Software Development Engineer at Adobe

Kanika Gera

Product Manager, Adobe I/O at Adobe

Ben Marks

Magento Evangelist at Adobe

Chris Hedge

Director of Product, Adobe Commerce at Adobe

Jonathan Roeder

Director of Developer Experience at Adobe

Matthew Zimmerman

Sr. Director, Product Engineering at Adobe

Sherrie Rohde

Developer Relations at Adobe

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