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Ruben Rincon

Developer Experience Lead

Padma Krishnamoorthy

Technical Product Manager

Sujai S

Senior Engineering Manager, Creative Cloud Extensibility

Kerri Shotts

Senior Manager, Product Management, Creative Cloud Extensibility

Erin Finnegan

Community Engineer, Creative Cloud Developer Platform & Ecosystem Team

Cory McIlroy

Engineering Manager, Photoshop

Patrick Palmer

Director, Product Management, Professional Video & Motion Design

Indranil Chakraborty

Engineering Manager, Creative Cloud Extensibility

Sharayoo Jog

Working Student & Community Expert, Platform & Ecosystem Team

Pablo Klaschka

(they/them) Autistic. A nerd, and happy about it. Working Student & Developer Advocate, Platform & Ecosystem Team

Ingo Eichel

Sr Manager, Adobe Creative Cloud Ecosystem Development

Martin Rauchwerk

Principal Product Manager, Adobe Exchange

Jesper Bache

Principal Scientist, Photoshop Engineering

Jonathan Tabak

Director, Platform Partnerships, Platform & Ecosystem Team

Amanda Huang

(she/her) Developer Advocate at Adobe

Anoop Valomkot

Sr. Computer Scientist, InDesign

Avanish Gandhi

Product Management - CC Platforms and Services

Ryan James

Founder Brandy

Shruti .

Sr Product Manager, InDesign

Pranjal Bhatnagar

Director, Product Engineering - InDesign

Rob Cohee

Director of Product Management | Adobe

Aubrey Cattell

VP, CC Developer Platform & Partner Ecosystem

Marichae Coleman

Partnerships @ Adobe Creative Cloud Extensibility

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Adobe Creative Cloud Platform & Ecosystem

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