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AdMonsters Publisher Forum Virtual

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· Tech Hall
Reception and Tech Hall Open
Welcome to the Publisher Forum Virtual! Check out the Tech Hall and try out Ops Roulette
· Main Stage
PubForum Virtual Kickoff
A big hello from the AdMonsters content team, who will give an overview of the conference.
Gavin Dunaway Lynne d Johnson Rob Beeler
· Main Stage
Keynote: Resolving the Great Disconnect
Geer will document the powerful results of his own collaborative efforts and offer actionable takeaways for publishers looking to change the industry.
Walter Geer
· Main Stage
Top of Mind With Google
Deepti Bhatnagar will discuss how her team is thinking about the future of the platform, and what they’re doing to support publishers in our evolving ecosystem.
Rob Beeler Deepti Bhatnagar
· Tech Hall
Morning Networking Break
Grab some coffee, and check out Ops Roulette and the Tech Hall!
· Main Stage
Digital Media Drilldrown
The AdMonsters content squad gives a rapid-fire report on the issues most pertinent to publishers!
Gavin Dunaway Lynne d Johnson Rob Beeler
· Main Stage
Staying Secure While Embracing the Open Market
The pandemic-driven spend slowdown has forced publishers to lean harder on the open market for revenue—and all kinds of baddies would like to take advantage.
Louis-David Mangin
· Main Stage
CTV and Digital Video: Promised Land or Wild Wild West?
CTV: What are the most promising developments, and will this be another space ruled by walled gardens?
Alan Wolk John R. Osborn
· Main Stage
Cheat Codes for Gaming Monetization
How has online gamer behavior has changed, and what are the most effective strategies for monetizing games? As well as insights non-gaming publishers can use.
Julie Shumaker
· Main Stage
Birth of the Consent Economy
We will look at the IAB Europe’s TCF and why “consent is the new king” for programmatic under GDPR. Come learn what global and US companies need to know now.
Joseph Lospalluto
· Main Stage
Under the Hood With Prebid 4.0
CafeMedia's Patrick McCann dives into the most important changes with Prebid 4.0, including tools to gain more transparency into end buyers and prices paid.
Patrick McCann
· Tech Hall
Midday Break
Grab some food, and check out Ops Roulette and the Tech Hall!
· Breakout Sessions
Nickels and Dimes: Real Talk on Billing and Reconciliation
Media finance and reconciliation professionals talk about their biggest challenges while sharing best practices that have streamlined their often toilsome work.
Allen Singer Jonelle Lasala Nick Schifano Melissa Chapman Samantha Carola
· Breakout Sessions
Selling Programmatic
Publishers discuss what's essential in the programmatic seller's toolkit and offer tips and tricks for bringing home sales... That can actually be executed!
Lila Hunt Jessie Gruber Mahria Braithwaite Scott  Mulqueen
· Breakout Sessions
Streaming Video
The pandemic has taken streaming video to the next level... Join this breakout to to gain insight and strategies on this key revenue stream for many publishers.
Bill Condon Raoul Marinescu Jarred Wilichinsky Jon Rastrullo Tyler Fitch
· Breakout Sessions
The Sound of Podcasts and Audio Monetization
Major podcast and audio publishers gather! Join this breakout if your company wants to break in to the ripe world of audio monetization.
Courtney Greenspan Brett Robinson Jennifer Castillo
· Breakout Sessions
Vendor Relations
A virtual roundtable with publisher thought leaders on their best and worst provider relationships—and the steps publishers can take to ensure mutual success.
Monique Watford Marc Boswell Jacqueline O'Neill Amanda Gomez Rob Beeler Steve Shee
· Breakout Sessions
W3C and Privacy Sandbox—an Insider Pub Perspective
Publisher members assemble to clear the air about what's going on in group meetings and on github; explain the challenges and opportunities with W3C processes.
Jeff Burkett Joey Trotz Paul Bannister Robert Blanck
· Tech Hall
Afternoon Networking Break
Grab some caffeine, stop by the Tech Hall, but don't be late for the next round of sessions!
· Main Stage
Growing Audiences and Revenue in a Privacy-Centric World
Publishers on how they’re creating a fair value exchange for their users, privacy-centric data culture, and using first-party data to grow revenue.
Jason Schmidt Mark Wolly Julia Weinberg Daniel Papalia
· Main Stage
Tuesday Wrap-Up
All right, kids—what did we learn today?
· Breakout Sessions
Activity - Knife Skills Class
Knife Skills Class - Join the chef-instructors at Home Cooking New York for a knife skills tutorial
· Breakout Sessions
Activity - Mindful Yoga
Join us for an uplifting mindful yoga experience! Have your yoga mat and bottle of water ready!
Lynne d Johnson
· Breakout Sessions
Activity - Virtual Trivia Quiz
Put your knowledge of book smarts and pop culture to the test and participate in a virtual pub quiz!
· Breakout Sessions
Activity - Beer Tasting Class
Bars may be closed, but you can still enjoy a few cold ones with other Monsters by joining our virtual beer tasting session!
· Tech Hall
Reception & Tech Hall Open
Welcome to Day 2 of the Publisher Forum Virtual! Check out the Tech Hall and try out Ops Roulette
· Main Stage
Welcome to Day 2!
This is where people stop being nice and start getting real! We'll kick off day 2 with a quick wrap of Day 1 and preview what's in store.
Gavin Dunaway Lynne d Johnson Rob Beeler
· Main Stage
Keynote: Recovery Is a Journey
Sharing her company’s experience, TripAdvisor VP Of Global Ad Revenue Christine Maguire will provide the ticket to leading and rebuilding amid a pandemic.
· Main Stage
The Present & Future of Audience Addressability
Let's talk about 3rd-party cookie alternatives—what's actually going to ensure we give advertisers the targeting and measurement they want?
Andrew Baron
· Tech Hall
Morning Networking Break
Grab some caffeine, stop by the Tech Hall, but don't be late for the next round of sessions!
· Main Stage
Operationalizing Inclusion
How do power dynamics between the front and back office epitomize the challenges of diversity and inclusion in advertising?
Melissa Bonnick Rachael  McCombs
· Main Stage
Are Your Ad Products Ready for the Holidays
Celtra takes you through common challenges and solutions to building a premium ad product suite that works for you this upcoming holiday season and beyond.
Greg Castro
· Main Stage
Leading Through the Crisis
How do we make the most of remote working situations and keep our teams motivated?
Reena Mehta Brooke Edwards-Plant Katie Pillich Megan Latham
· Main Stage
Efficiency Is King
Sovrn shows how new methods of audience segmentation and targeting bring more efficiency to the digital advertising supply chain.
Brian Bouquet
· Main Stage
CCPA: The Regulator's View
A California Deputy Attorney General speaks about what's happening now that CCPA is in effect.
Lisa Kim
· Tech Hall
Midday Break
Grab some food and check out the Tech Hall—we'll be right back with more content.
· Breakout Sessions
A Meeting of the Knights of Yield
This roundtable will focus on pandemic-based optimization tactics; enhancing holistic yield strategy; and demand partner evaluation.
Addy Atienza Jennifer Chau Jess Mason Rich Zeroth Samuel Youn Terry Guyton-Bradley
· Breakout Sessions
Are You Ready for CCPA 2.0?
We've assembled a group of privacy experts to guide you on the long and winding journey of CCPA.
Jessica Lee Ashley Tan
· Breakout Sessions
Data Strategies for a Cookieless World
The cookie is fading away; data teams are trying to keep ahead of what comes next. Do you need an identity solution? What happens to first-party segments now?
Jason Schmidt Josh Peters
· Breakout Sessions
Let's Talk Product Shop
A crew of ad product professionals gather to discuss hurdles, working with other departments, and their most exciting projects.
Sean Halbmaier Spencer Sloe Jessica Roelant Mike McLeod
· Breakout Sessions
Raising the Roof: Advancing Diversity in Digital Media and Advertising Technology
A group of BIPOCs and women in digital media will discuss their career trajectories and how diversity can work for the betterment of business and society.
Kerel Cooper Alicia  Ray Brenda  Salce-Garcia Reggie Hudson
· Breakout Sessions
Signing Up to Subscriptions
This session will explore the keys to launching and maintaining a quality subscription program and optimizing the revenue they draw.
Sonali Verma Carolina Fernandez Bryan Davis Brian Schneider Katie Pillich
· Tech Hall
Afternoon Networking Break
Take a spin around the Tech Hall and prepare yourself for what comes next!
· Main Stage
Who's the Buyer Now?
The buy side was undergoing a major shake-up before the pandemic hit. Now the makeup of the buy side and their motivations in the market need to be re-examined.
Joanna O'Connell Kelly Leger Amanda Martin
· Main Stage
PubForum Virtual Happiest Happy Hour
It's 5 o'clock somewhere. Grab a beverage and help us close out the Publisher Forum Virtual!
Gavin Dunaway Rob Beeler Lynne d Johnson


Kelly Leger

Head of Growth and Solutions at Merkury, Merkle

Joanna O'Connell

VP, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Bryan Davis

Senior Director, Acquisition and Retention, The Atlantic

Carolina Fernandez

Director, Customer Success Ad Operations, Advance Local

Sonali Verma

Senior Product Manager, Analytics, Globe & Mail

Brenda Salce-Garcia

Cofounder, TechBae

Alicia Ray

Founder, AdTech Collective

Kerel Cooper

SVP, Global Marketing, LiveIntent

Spencer Sloe

Global Head of Ad Product & Innovation, Bloomberg

Jessica Lee

Partner, Co-Chair, Privacy, Security & Data Innovations, Loeb & Loeb LLP

Gavin Dunaway

Editorial Director, AdMonsters

Lisa Kim

Deputy Attorney General, CIPP/US, CA Department of Justice

Rachael McCombs

Senior Director, Ad and Media Operations, Digital Trends

Julia Weinberg

Head of Strategic Partnerships, Google Ad Manager

Mark Wolly

Head of Data & Privacy Solutions, Publisher Solutions, Google

Jason Schmidt

VP of Data Strategy & Partnership, Condé Nast

Amanda Gomez

VP, Revenue Operations, NY Post

Jacqueline O'Neill

Executive Director, Ad Operations, Vox Media

Marc Boswell

CRO, Love to Know

Monique Watford

Executive Directory, Revenue Delivery, Spiceworks

Courtney Greenspan

Head of Ad Ops, North America, BBC

Jarred Wilichinsky

SVP, Global Video Monetization & Operations, CBS Interactive

Raoul Marinescu

VP, Revenue, Pluto TV

Bill Condon

SVP of Advertising Partnerships, XUMO

Mahria Braithwaite

Director of Programmatic Partnerships, Vox Media

Jessie Gruber

VP of Programmatic, Everyday Health

Melissa Chapman

Principal, Part Two Consulting

Nick Schifano

Director, Programmatic Strategy & Analytics, NY Post

Jonelle Lasala

Executive Director, Digital Sales Planning and Revenue Solutions, Mansueto Ventures

Allen Singer

Principal, Optimal State Operations Consulting

Louis-David Mangin

CEO and Cofounder, Confiant

Sean Halbmaier

Director, Advanced Advertising at PGA Tour

Brian Bouquet

Senior Director of Product, Sovrn

Katie Pillich

VP, Ad Operations & Programmatic Strategy, The Daily Beast

Brooke Edwards-Plant

Sr. Director of Ad Ops and Ad Tech, The Atlantic

Deepti Bhatnagar

Group Product Manager, Google Ad Manager

Julie Shumaker

VP of Revenue, Operate Solutions, Unity Technologies

Lynne d Johnson

Senior Editor, AdMonsters

Walter Geer

Executive Creative Director, Experience Design, VMLY&R

Tyler Fitch

VP of Ad Partnerships, Tubi

Terry Guyton-Bradley

Head of Ad Operations & Programmatic Yield Management, Stack Overflow

Steve Shee

VP, Ad Performance, Fox

Scott Mulqueen

VP, Programmatic and Data Product Operations, Trusted Media Brands

Samuel Youn

Director, Programmatic Revenue Strategy, Chegg

Samantha Carola

Head of Campaign Management, US, Financial Times

Robert Blanck

General Manager Advertising & Ecommerce, Axel Springer

Rob Beeler

Chair, AdMonsters

Rich Zeroth

VP, Programmatic Monetization, Meredith Corporation

Reggie Hudson

Director of Digital Operations, Northstar Travel Group

Reena Mehta

Senior Director of Digital Ad Operations, Fox

Paul Bannister

Chief Strategy Officer, CafeMedia

Patrick McCann

VP, Data Science, CafeMedia

Mike McLeod

Director, Ad Product and Technology, PGA Tour

Melissa Bonnick

SVP, Client Results, Dentsu Aegis Network

Megan Latham

VP, Campaign Management, Comcast Effectv

Lila Hunt

Head of Advertising Strategy, HowStuffWorks

Josh Peters

Director—Data Partnerships, Buzzfeed

Joseph Lospalluto

EVP, Americas, Smart

Jon Rastrullo

Director, Global Ad Operations, Twitch

John R. Osborn

Co-founder and CMO, Turnstil

Joey Trotz

Global Head of Advertising Technology, IBM Watson Advertising

Jessica Roelant

Associate Director, Digital Ad Product, Meredith Corporation

Jess Mason

Sr. Director, Yield, The Atlantic

Jennifer Chau

Director of Revenue, Hive Media

Jennifer Castillo

Sr. Director, Ad Operations, Slate

Jeff Burkett

VP of Product, Display Media, Gannett

Greg Castro

SVP, Sales & Business Development, Celtra

Daniel Papalia

VP, Programmatic Revenue & Strategy, Dotdash

Brian Schneider

Revenue Strategy and Operations, Morning Brew

Brett Robinson

VP, Ad Operations, NPR

Ashley Tan

Assistant General Counsel, Buzzfeed

Andrew Baron

VP of Marketplace, PubMatic

Amanda Martin

VP of Enterprise Partnerships, Goodway Group

Alan Wolk

Founder, TVREV

Addy Atienza

Associate Director, Programmatic and Ad Tech Partnerships, Motorsport Network

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