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Blue Data Conference 2021

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Addressing the big marine questions
The UKHO’s Acting CEO, RAdm Peter Sparkes, will open with a welcome address, followed by an introduction from Chief Customer Officer, Cathrine Armour.
Peter Sparkes Cathrine Armour
2021-01-26T10:00:00Z 2021-01-26T10:15:00Z Europe/London Addressing+the+big+marine+questions Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Unlocking the potential of the blue economy
Learn about the potential of the blue economy and what it means for our daily lives – from emerging innovation to ensuring the sustainable use of our oceans.
James Bidwell
2021-01-26T10:15:00Z 2021-01-26T10:25:00Z Europe/London Unlocking+the+potential+of+the+blue+economy Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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How can spatial data help countries unlock the potential of the blue economy?
Learn about MSDI and the UKHO’s work in developing Marine Data Portals to support a thriving blue economy for countries across the globe.
George Huish
2021-01-26T10:25:00Z 2021-01-26T10:40:00Z Europe/London How+can+spatial+data+help+countries+unlock+the+potential+of+the+blue+economy%3F Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Marine Geospatial data and its role in supporting sustainable development
Join this discussion, led by the OECD, on the critical role marine geospatial data can play in building sustainable and resilient marine economies.
Claire Jolly
2021-01-26T10:45:00Z 2021-01-26T10:55:00Z Europe/London Marine+Geospatial+data+and+its+role+in+supporting+sustainable+development Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Working together to support sustainable development
Explore how, through collaboration, the world’s marine geospatial community can work together to increase the availability of marine geospatial data.
Sam Harper
2021-01-26T10:55:00Z 2021-01-26T11:10:00Z Europe/London Working+together+to+support+sustainable+development+ Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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How is the future of navigation being redefined by shipping’s digital and data transformation?
Join our panel of experts across shipping, regulations and manufacturers in discussing the future of navigation and shipping’s digital transformation.
Peter Broadhurst Richard Doherty Sanchay Srivastava Rakesh Pandit RAdm Rhett Hatcher Thomas Mellor
2021-01-26T11:15:00Z 2021-01-26T11:40:00Z Europe/London How+is+the+future+of+navigation+being+redefined+by+shipping%E2%80%99s+digital+and+data+transformation%3F Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Autonomous navigation: Will unmanned commercial vessels become a reality?
Find out how blue data could support the development of future unmanned commercial vessels in a discussion led by experts in autonomous navigation.
Dan Hook Katrina Kemp Alisdair Pettigrew Mark Casey
2021-01-26T11:40:00Z 2021-01-26T11:55:00Z Europe/London Autonomous+navigation%3A+Will+unmanned+commercial+vessels+become+a+reality%3F Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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What’s coming next?
The UKHO’s Chief Customer Officer, Cathrine Armour, will close with final thoughts on what the future holds for the UKHO and the wider marine community.
Cathrine Armour
2021-01-26T11:55:00Z 2021-01-26T12:00:00Z Europe/London What%E2%80%99s+coming+next%3F Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)


Mark Casey

Head of Research, Design & Innovation, UK Hydrographic Office

Alisdair Pettigrew

Managing Director, BLUE Communications

Katrina Kemp

Smart Ships & Automation Policy Officer, MCA

Dan Hook

Managing Director, Ocean Infinity

Rakesh Pandit

Nautical Policy Lead, UK Technical Services Navigation, MCA

Sanchay Srivastava

Technical Adviser, OCIMF

Richard Doherty

Chief Technical Officer & Deputy-Secretary General, CIRM

Peter Broadhurst

Senior Vice President Safety and Security, Yacht and Passenger, Inmarsat Maritime

Thomas Mellor

Head of OEM Technical Support and Digital Standards, UK Hydrographic Office

RAdm Rhett Hatcher

Director of Data Acquisition, UK Hydrographic Office

James Bidwell

Co-Founder Re_Set, Chair Springwise

Claire Jolly

Head of Unit, Innovation Policies for Space and the Ocean, OECD

Sam Harper

Head of Hydrographic Programmes, UK Hydrographic Office

George Huish

Product Manager, UK Hydrographic Office

Peter Sparkes

Acting Chief Executive and National Hydrographer, UK Hydrographic Office

Cathrine Armour

Chief Customer Officer, UK Hydrographic Office

Elinor Skelley

Head of New Data Acquisition, UK Hydrographic Office

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UK Hydrographic Office

The UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) is a world-leading centre for hydrography, specialising in marine geospatial data that helps others to unlock a deeper understanding of the world’s oceans. UKHO is an executive agency, sponsored by the Ministry of Defence.