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Knut Giersch

Impact Finance Consultant

Alexandra Pelka

Founder at AP projects

Payal Ghosh

Industrial and Technological Solutions Manager at Verra

Anne Rostaing

Directrice de la Coopérative Carbone

Thibault de Gaulejac

CEO et Co-Founder at

Amauric Guinard

Cofondateur de SOFUB (Colisactiv')- Responsable de service chez SONERGIA

Michele Patierno

CO-Founder at AxessImpact

Zokama Sakanga

CEO at SmartB

Mathieu Pesin

CO-Founder at SmartB

Agnes Kwek

Founder & CEO at Mindthesystem

Yves Carnazzola

CEO at AxessImpact

Alexandre Borde

CEO at Cibola Partners

David Mazaira

Carbon Impact Specialist at responsAbility Investments AG

Marianne Schörling

Head of Stakeholder Engagement at Geneva Macro Labs

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We use technology, design and systems thinking to tackle global sustainability & financing challenges.



Connecting impact finance with projects


The Path to Transparency, Traceability and Trust


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