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Peter Hödl

Enterprise Architect at atwork

Marc Müller

Principal Consultant @ 4tecture GmbH

Martina Grom

CEO atwork, Microsoft MVP, Microsoft RD

Stephan Bisser

Microsoft MVP (AI) | Book Author

Liji Thomas

Manager, Modern Application Development, Valorem Reply

Gerwald Oberleitner

Azure Application Development & DevOps Specialist @ Microsoft

Martin Ullrich

Senior Consultant at TietoEVRY Austria

Peter Paul Kirschner

cubido business solutions GmbH, Software Architect

Manuel Fitz

Microsoft 365 Developer, Julius Blum GmbH

Zaid Zaim

Microsoft MVP & Metaverse Party Enthusiast

Christian Glessner


Tiago Costa

Cloud Architect and Advisor | Trainer | International Speaker | Author | Independent Contractor

Ankit Rao

Senior Software Engineer, Zscaler

Stacy Cashmore

Tech Explorer DevOps, Omniplan, Netherlands

Nina Pollak

Azure Enthusiast

Markus Ehrenmüller-Jensen

BI Architect

Christian Nagel

Training, coaching, consulting, development

Jürgen Etzlstorfer

Developer Engagement Lead, Microsoft

Henk Boelman

Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft

Paul Latzelsperger

Developer at the Eclipse Dataspace Connector project

Peter Koen

Principal Cloud Standards Architect, Microsoft Corporation

Georg Binder

Sr. Partner Tech Architect, Microsoft

Andreas Jakl

Always exploring the latest in Mixed Reality, Voice Assistants and Cloud

Emanuele Bartolesi

Microsoft 365 & ASP.NET Core Ninja

Christoph Wilfing

atwork gmbh - powershell master

Bernd Schickerbauer

ANDRITZ, Solution Architect, love for cloud-native stuff

Rainer Stropek

software architects

Jose Luis Latorre Millas

Microsoft MVP & International Speaker, Software developer and architect at Swiss Life

Thomas Goelles

Head of Modern Workplace Solutions @ Solvion

Toni Pohl

CTO atwork, Microsoft MVP

Laurent Bugnion

Microsoft Cloud Developer Advocate

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Coding Club

The Coding Club Linz is a volunteer-driven, non-profit community of people who are passionate about IT and electronics. Together with partner communities like cloudusergroup Austria, Female Coders Linz, and Innovationshauptplatz Linz, we organize free meetups and community conferences. Examples are the local CoderDojo Linz (programming club for kids), Rust Meetup Linz, Global Azure Austria, Austrian Developer Community Day, and Linz hACkT.

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