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Welcome to ACX-PO
Welcome to the world's first Automated Customer Experience (ACX) Conference! Join Mike Murchison, CEO of Ada, to kickoff the conference and learn how automation delivered better brand interactions
Mike Murchison
2021-06-17T09:45:00Z 2021-06-17T10:15:00Z America/New_York Welcome+to+ACX-PO+ Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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ACX: The Category, Department, & Career
Curious about what makes ACX, ACX? Join Holly Vaughan, Vanessa Piacente, and Ashton Williams from Ada to learn the ins and outs of ACX.
Vanessa Piacente Holly Vaughan Ashton Williams
2021-06-17T10:15:00Z 2021-06-17T11:00:00Z America/New_York ACX%3A+The+Category%2C+Department%2C+%26+Career Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Backstage Pass to LiteBit's Bot: Ada Engage in Action
Get an exclusive look at how LiteBit, a cryptobroker, uses Ada to align their marketing, sales, and support teams through the customer journey.
Ben Hong Bas Lucieer
2021-06-17T10:15:00Z 2021-06-17T11:00:00Z America/New_York Backstage+Pass+to+LiteBit%27s+Bot%3A+Ada+Engage+in+Action Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Fostering Trust in a Digital World
This past year our world collectively invented and adapted to new ways of living and working digitally. Listen in as our panel of customer experience leaders share how they build relationships within their teams and with their customers in a digital world.
Lauren Steinberg Nir Galpaz George Alifragis Ruth Zive
2021-06-17T10:15:00Z 2021-06-17T11:00:00Z America/New_York Fostering+Trust+in+a+Digital+World Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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WISMO? Data + Automation = Solution
WISMO inquiries cost retail businesses lots of money, inundate call centers, and most of them are generally unnecessary interactions. Join us for a conversation with Michael Streitberger, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Convey and Ben Nachmani, Director of Partnerships at Ada to learn how data insights combined with automation can deliver a flawless customer experience AND reduce cost to serve in the process.
Michael Streitberger Ben Nachmani
2021-06-17T10:15:00Z 2021-06-17T11:00:00Z America/New_York WISMO%3F+Data+%2B+Automation+%3D+Solution Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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The Future of Automated Customer Experience is Social
To stay ahead of the competition, brands will need to be available on-demand. In this session, you’ll learn how leading brands are using Facebook Messaging and Ada to do just that!
Ben Nachmani Anuj Arora Jesse Garcia
2021-06-17T11:15:00Z 2021-06-17T12:00:00Z America/New_York The+Future+of+Automated+Customer+Experience+is+Social Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Unifying CX across the customer journey
Join us to learn how Mailchimp and Qapital are unifying CX across the entire customer journey, and the impact it has to both their brands and their customers.
Sarah Ricketts Nimrod Barnea Krystal McCann
2021-06-17T11:15:00Z 2021-06-17T12:00:00Z America/New_York Unifying+CX+across+the+customer+journey Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Best Practices for Launching ACX
Join Ada’s ACX Implementation Consultants as they share their formula to deliver successful automated customer experience launches.
Ksenia Lesko Arwin Chan
2021-06-17T11:15:00Z 2021-06-17T12:00:00Z America/New_York Best+Practices+for+Launching+ACX Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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How to build a CX strategy that is out of this world - Featuring Forrester
Learn how hyper-personalization is the new frontier in CX, how engagement is becoming the leading metric and why customer insights fuel the cycle of value.
Kate Leggett Elan Keshen
2021-06-17T11:15:00Z 2021-06-17T12:00:00Z America/New_York How+to+build+a+CX+strategy+that+is+out+of+this+world+-+Featuring+Forrester+ Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Featured Speaker: Daymond John ABC's "Shark Tank"
Daymond John is speaking on his hard-won, real-world lessons on leadership, innovations, entrepreneurialism, and what it takes to succeed.
2021-06-17T13:00:00Z 2021-06-17T13:45:00Z America/New_York Featured+Speaker%3A+Daymond+John+ABC%27s+%22Shark+Tank%22 Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Getting the go-ahead for software you know you need
Join us in conversation with SurveyMonkey, to learn how they aligned stakeholders to align with their ACX vision, secured budget, and how they plan to execute the ACX strategy
Josh Solomon Dan Henig
2021-06-17T13:45:00Z 2021-06-17T14:30:00Z America/New_York Getting+the+go-ahead+for+software+you+know+you+need Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Fireside Chat: Mike Murchison and Yasmin Razavi
Join Ada's CEO Mike and our newest board member Yasmin from Spark Capital for a conversation about what separates world-class businesses from the competition.
Yasmin Razavi Mike Murchison
2021-06-17T13:45:00Z 2021-06-17T14:30:00Z America/New_York Fireside+Chat%3A+Mike+Murchison+and+Yasmin+Razavi Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Three E's of Great eCommerce in CX
Rachelle Denver from Cricut, Anna Skidmore, from BFA, and Loren Kousaie from Indigo share the three e's of great e-commerce CX: effectiveness, ease, and empathy.
Aaron Spiro Rachelle Dever Anna Skidmore Loren Kousaie
2021-06-17T13:45:00Z 2021-06-17T14:30:00Z America/New_York Three+E%27s+of+Great+eCommerce+in+CX Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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From Theater to ACX Leader: A Marketer’s Path to ACX
Automated Customer Experience (ACX) is more than a strategy or software category - it’s also a new career path. Join Perri Maxwell, Director of Product Marketing at Ada, and Justin Gonzalez, Global Head of Customer Empowerment at Square, as they dive deep into Justin’s career progression and how his team uses automation to drive more meaningful interactions with customers.
Justin Gonzalez Perri Maxwell
2021-06-17T13:45:00Z 2021-06-17T14:30:00Z America/New_York From+Theater+to+ACX+Leader%3A+A+Marketer%E2%80%99s+Path+to+ACX Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)
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Featured Speaker: Ally Love , CEO & Founder, Love Squad, Peloton Instructor, and Host of Brooklyn Nets
BOSS UP with Ally Love as she talks about the importance of brand interactions, what customers care about the most, and brands interact with their customers
2021-06-17T14:35:00Z 2021-06-17T15:30:00Z America/New_York Featured+Speaker%3A+Ally+Love+%2C+CEO+%26+Founder%2C+Love+Squad%2C+Peloton+Instructor%2C+and+Host+of+Brooklyn+Nets Hosted virtually on Hopin (link in the description)


Dan Henig

VP Customer Operations, Momentive (formerly, SurveyMonkey)

Josh Solomon

Director of Enterprise Sales, Ada

Justin Gonzalez

Global Head of Customer Empowerment, Square

Yasmin Razavi

General Partner, Spark Capital

Nimrod Barnea

VP Customer Customer Experience & Business Development, Qapital

Sarah Ricketts

Senior Manager Software Operations & Business Insights, Mailchimp

Nir Galpaz

VP Technical Services and Support, 8x8

Lauren Steinberg

SVP, Loblaw Digital

Michael Streitberger

Head of Strategic Partnerships, Convey

Jesse Garcia

Product Partnerships Manager, Messenger & Instagram, Facebook

Anuj Arora

Director Solutions Consulting, Ada

Ben Nachmani

Director Partnerships, Ada

Arwin Chan

ACX Consultant, Ada

Ksenia Lesko

ACX Consultant, Ada

Ashton Williams

Revenue Enablement Manager

Holly Vaughan

Director ACX Success, Ada

Vanessa Piacente

Director ACX Implementation, Ada

Elan Keshen

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Ada

Kate Leggett

VP & Principal Analyst Forrester

Ben Hong

ACX Consultant, Ada

Anna Skidmore

VP Customer Care, BFA Industries

Rachelle Dever

VP Member Care, Cricut

Aaron Spiro

Account Manager, Ada

Perri Maxwell

Director Product Marketing, Ada

Krystal McCann

Manager, ACX Success

Ruth Zive

SVP Marketing, Ada

Loren Kousaie

VP Corporate Sales and Customer Service, Indigo

George Alifragis

Chief Customer & Innovation Officer, Altima

Bas Lucieer

Director of data and ACX, LiteBit

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As the market leader in Automated Customer Experience (ACX), Ada personalizes engagement across the customer journey by putting AI in the hands of the people who know your business best. Ada’s AI platform, non-technical teams can create personalized interactions for the customer, ultimately reducing support costs, improving CSAT, and driving revenue for the business. Ada solves more than 80% of customer inquiries with powerful automation that frees live agents to handle the most mission critical interactions.

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