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Acoutect End of Project Symposium

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Finnur Pind

Co-founder & CEO at Treble Technologies and postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Iceland

Raimundo Gonzalez

ESR 13, researcher in spatial audio in the context of room acoustics

Huiqing Wang

ESR 1, researcher in sound propogation in open-plan office spaces

Xiaoxue Shen

ESR 3, researcher in acoustic modeling of lightweight floors

Matt Edwards, PhD

ESR 4, researcher in rolling noise in buildings

Timur Mukhametkaliyev

ESR 10, researcher in acoustic meta-materials and additive manufacturing

Felix Egner

ESR 8, researcher in numerical modeling of vibro-acoustic systems

Baltazar Briere de La Hosseraye

ESR 16, researcher in acoustic measurement and modeling of non-locally reacting surfaces

Yue Li

ESR 15, researcher in room acoustic modeling

Antonio Sorrentino

ESR 9, researcher in equipment noise in lightweight structures

Raul Pagan Muñoz

Acoutect supervisor, researcher in numerical modeling of sound propogation in urban environments

Alessia Frescura

ESR 14, researcher in psycho-acoustic perception of impact noise in lightweight structures

Georgios Diapoulis

ESR 12, researcher is acoustic perception in open-office spaces

Nadia Dallaji

ESR 5, researcher in low frequency modeling in lightweight structures

Nicole van Hout

Acoutect demonstrator coordinator, acoustic consultant and co-owner at Level Acoustics & Vibration

Ze Zhang

Researcher in acoustic metamaterials for high absorption

Maarten Hornikx

Acoutect supervisor, full professor and vice-dean dept. of the built environment at Eindhoven University of Technology

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