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Construction Acadmi

Construction Acadmi help reduce errors and risks on-site and increase efficiencies through building engaging Learning & Training Solutions and Content for companies.


Time to throw those foam earplugs away! Eave has developed a hearing protection system based on smart ear defenders which monitor the wearer's exposure to noise AND enhance their situational awareness.


Increasing Construction Productivity by Improving Project Visibility and Team Communications


92% of construction sites experience thefts regularly. Geospatex provides dynamic LiDAR and intelligent 3D security surveillance technologies.

Grayscale AI

Grayscale AI is enabling full automation at the edge. We provide businesses with actionable insights, thus increasing safety, lowering costs, and offering magnitudes more energy-efficient solutions.


Reactec helps to change the way people, see and evaluate workplace health risks using pioneering safety technology


PLINX's mission is to transform how the construction industry manages its workforces. Improving safety, security and lost time without compromising user privacy.


A construction intelligence company who has created a system to automatically measure the progress of a project from the movement of somone's head.

Robotiz3d Ltd

Let’s stop the pothole crisis via AI-enabled autonomous robots for road monitoring, prediction, and repair.


Advanced 3D computer vision software for smarter and safer sensing.

Sensing Feeling

We use advanced sensing technology to make safer workplaces; Our sensors perform real-time visual detection of humans and vehicles to track pathways, enable perimeter control, and provide live alerts.


SixSq is a scale-up software company delivering added value SaaS edge management platform & digital marketplace of business apps for all sectors


Quadible helps contruction companies mitigate risk, improve user-experience and increases safety for workers.