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Greg Cronin Ph.D.

President of the International Interdisciplinary Environmental Association

Kelly Poirier

CEO and Co-Founder, Footprint App Inc.

Miguel Sague Jr

Founder of Caney Indigenous Spiritual Circle

Shane Epting

Professor of Philosophy at Missouri University of Science and Technology

Pooja Kumar

Planner, City of Yellowknife.

Asli Guler

University of New York at Buffalo

Amy Erickson

Louisiana State University Shreveport

Elana Morchower

Birmingham-Southern College

Lois Gibbs

American Environmental Activist and Mother of Superfund

William Holt

Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Urban Environmental Studies Program, Birmingham-Southern College

Jeremy Robson

Founder, Executive Producer & Host at Future Focus Films

Cicely Sinclair

Graduate, University Autonoma Barcelona

Michael Reiter

Bethune-Cookman University

Cory Coehoorn

Professor of Kinesiology and Health Science, Louisiana State University Shreveport

Peter Siska

Professor of Biological Sciences, Louisiana State University Shreveport

Bryce Moulton

Tulane School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine

Annalise Wellman

Florida Atlantic University

Caroline Teal

Birmingham-Southern College

Kennedy Norris

Jacksonville State University

Raegan Wilburn

Rhodes College

Jackson Wheat

Louisiana State University, Shreveport

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Interdisciplinary Environmental Association

The Interdisciplinary Environmental Association, IEA, is an academic nonprofit committed to sharing scholarly research and fostering discussions between academics, researchers, civil societies, and institutions that are passionate about and have a stake in understanding today's biggest environmental threats.


Urban Environmental Studies Program

Go Green in the Big City!

Interdisciplinary Environmental Association

Using An Interdisciplinary Approach to Today's Most Wicked Problems

Alabama Rivers Alliance

#DefendRivers in Alabama

Future Focus Films

Filmmaking Empowering Society and Innovation


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