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Kara Herrnstein

Partner, Energy and Utilities, Bricker & Eckler LLP

Diana Rhoten

Managing Director | Purpose Venture Group

Aubrey Newton

Director, LECET

Lauren Wallig


Peggy Shepard

Executive Director, WE ACT for Environmental Justice

Donna M. Wilson

President, Strategic Intersections

Zoe Berkery

Chief Operating Officer, CleanCapital

Michelle Bissonnette

President, Antler Bay Environmental Consulting, LLC

Jocelyn Brown-Saracino

Offshore Wind Energy Lead, US Department of Energy

Sage Briscoe

Director of Federal Policy, Rewiring America

Amanda Bybee

CEO, Amicus O&M Cooperative

Abigail Campbell Singer

Head of Climate and Infrastructure Policy, Government Affairs, Siemens

Elizabeth Crouse

Partner, Perkins Coie LLP

Wanda Lee Florestine

Director, Outreach, GRID Alternatives

Sam Frick

Community Engagement & Impact Manager, Pivot Energy

Lauren Friedman

Solar Ambassador Program Manager, RE-volv

Crystal Green

Associate Director of Energy and Climate Equity, DNV Energy Insights USA Inc.

Penina Sara-Lynn Harding

Instructor & Indigenous Researcher, University of Northern British Columbia

Tonya Hicks

President/CEO, Power Solutions, Inc.; Managing Principal, Women Do Everything, LLC

Utopia Hill

Chief Executive Officer, Reactivate

Sierra Jackovics

UN, Energy Policy, and Project Manager, Mana Pacific Inc.

Andrea Johnson

Executive Director, Green Empowerment

Elizabeth Kaiga

Chief Commercial Officer, DNV North America

Rozina Kanchwala

Executive Director, Eco.Logic

Kelly Kneeland

Development Manager, Vineyard Offshore

Jessica Lawrence-Vaca

Vice President, Government Affairs, SOLV Energy

Tasha McCarter

Vice President of Project Engineering, RWE Renewables

Kathryn Meyer

Vice President of Development, GridStor

Demetria Miles-McDonald

Founder and CEO, Decide Diversity

Katrina Mora

Member of the Oglala Lakota Sioux Nation

Ornella Nicolacci

Director, Transaction Acceleration Group, Clean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA)

Remy Pangle

Executive Director, REpowering Schools

Angela Piner

Senior Vice President, Power Business Development Director, HDR

Pagan Poggione

Program Director, Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC)

Violeta Rabanal

Head of Corporate Development, Mitsubishi Power

Dana Clare Redden

Founder, Solar Stewards

Erica Reidy

Director of Investments, Leyline Renewable Capital, LLC

Sarah Salem

Director of Community Engagement and Partnerships, GRID Alternatives

Juli Shroeger

Project Manager, Offshore Wind, VHB

Chéri Smith

President & CEO, Alliance for Tribal Clean Energy; MIT Indigenous Communities Fellow

Anna Toenjes

Senior Director of Business Development, Sol Systems, LLC

H Trostle

Senior Policy Analyst, Center for Indian Country Development, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Molly Williams

Director of Residential Operations, Namaste Solar Electric, Inc

Glenna Wiseman

Head of Marketing & Communications, Origis Energy

Maureen Ochola-Hill

Director of Transmission. Lightsource BP

Maria Reyes

Deputy Director, Commission Shift

Alissa Jean Schafer

Managing Owner & Director Copper Stamp Strategy LLC

Victoria Johnson

Global Equity Director, HDR

Sarah Herman

Director of Business Operations, Nova Clean Energy

Mary Grikas

Vice President, Head of Marketing & Communications, Americas Lightsource bp

Lynn Appollis-Laurent

Principal Engineer Natural Power, Energy Storage

Dana Harmon

Owner and Principal, Juniper Advisory Group

Meghan Nutting

EVP of Government & Regulatory Affairs, Sunnova Energy Corporation

Steffanie Dohn

Director of State and Regulatory Affairs, SOLV Energy

Anna Bautista

Vice President, Construction, GRID Alternatives

Jen Bristol

Senior Director of Communications, Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)

Maranda Compton

Founder and President, Lepwe

Nakhia Crossley

Director, Government Affairs, ADT Solar

Wendy Huff

Board of Directors, Seneca Holdings

Brandy Hyatt

Education Manager, Access + Equity, Vote Solar

Tressa Lange

Environmental Consultant | Merjent

Jennifer Lee

Associate General Counsel , First Solar

Keara Mascareñaz

August Public

Anastasia Mayr

Vice President, Climate Finance, Enhanced Capital

Adaobi Oniwinde


Kristen Priddy

Vice President, Environmental Finance, US Bank

Leanne Russell Fate

Director Origination, Ambient Fuels, LLC

Lan Sasa

Director, Enhanced Capital

Morgan Pitts


Sarah Steiner

Vice President Investment Banking, Lazard

Joo Yong

Head of Section, DNV

Paula Garcia

Senior Bilingual Energy Analyst & Energy Justice Lead, Climate and Energy Program, Union of Concerned Scientists

Shanelle Montana

VP of Development | Lightsource BP

Claire Dittrich

Project Developer | Nova Clean Energy

Alexis Gonzales-Black

Empowered Decision Practice Lead | August Public Inc.

Rande Patterson

Senior Environmental & Permitting Specialist, Ørsted

Samantha Reifer

Director, Strategic Alliances, Scale Microgrid Solutions, LLC

Esther Morales

Executive Director, CELI (Clean Energy Leadership Institute)

Abigail Ross Hopper

President and CEO, Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)

María Belén Power

Undersecretary of Environmental Justice & Equity, Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs

AnneMarie Graves

Senior Director, Head of Midwest Region | Vestas-American Wind Technology, Inc.

Chelsea Stone

Vice President, Service Commercial, North America, Vestas

Lauren Haller

Senior Legal Counsel | Pattern Energy

Hema Gupta

Director of Procurement | Onyx Renewables

Alyssa Edwards

Senior Vice President, Government Relations and Environmental Affairs, Lightsource BP

Annika Colston

Founder and CEO | AC Power

Lydia Li

Senior Vice President, Investments | Arevon Energy

Anne-Marie Griger

Permitting Manager | RES

Rachel Petry

O&M Strategy & Support Manager | Southern Power

Julia Song

Co-founder and CTO, ESS

Lindsay Smith

Senior Director, Marketing & Communications | National Grid Renewables

Maggie Kristian

Regulatory Policy Manager for Clean Energy| National Grid Renewables

Nisha Thirumurthy

Founder & CEO | Vybe Energy, LLC

Tershara Matthews

SVP Offshore Wind Policy Lead | WSP USA

Zoe Folsom

Public Affairs Associate | Encore

Laura Phelan

Vice President, Strategy and Leadership | American Clean Power Association

Heidi Bergen

Head of Talent Acquisition, Americas Region, Global Talent Acquisition, People & Culture | Vestas

Sarah Oblon

Associate Director of Development| EDP Renewables North America

Bari Wren

Director, Renewable Energy & Environmental Finance | Wells Fargo

Ellen Anderson

Climate Program Director | Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy

Stephanie Judge

Head of Energy SaaS | NextEra Analytics

Anya Castillo

Director of Energy Management| NextEra Analytics

Sara Hambleton

Director, Field Operations and Services | SolarEdge Technologies, LLC

Carousel Gore

EEO Officer | CEC

Janette Freeman

Business Development Director | FabTech Solar Solutions

Nicole Bloom

Project Manager - Strategic Initiatives | GRID Alternatives

Jessica Dealy

Senior Advisor | Offshore Wind

Taylore Jarvis

Taylore Jarvis | Assistant General Counsel, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Crystal Pruitt

External Affairs Lead | Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind

Chante Condit-Pottol

Business Development Executive, Wind Energy | Mortenson

Jade Scheele

Senior Director of Project Development, Execution Team Lead | Steelhead Americas

Ankita Ajith

Associate | Purpose Venture Group

Alyssa Ingelido

Chapters and Membership Manager | WRISE

Lisa Magged


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