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Neema Rimber

Program Manager at Spring Activator

Kelly Gauthier

President at Rally Assets

Blair Miller

Managing Partner at the TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good

Olivia Hornby

Fund Manager at Spring Activator

Shafiq Vallani

Partner at TELUS Pollinator Fund for Good

Caroline von Hirschberg

Co-CEO at Spring Activator

Kristen Perry

Program Manager and Managing Director of SIC at Spring Activator

Chanddeep Madaan

CEO and Founder at Aya Payments

Leisa Hirtz

CEO and Founder at Women's Global Health Innovations

Samantha Diamond

CEO and Co-Founder at Bird&Be

Breanna Hughes

COO and Co-Founder at Bird&Be

Rachel Bartholomew

CEO and Founder at Hyivy Health

Vipan Nikore

CEO and Co-Founder at Homecare Hub

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Spring Activator

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